CBS Sports Statistic Value Reference Number of page views per month 27 million Statista Number of unique visitors per month 8.3 million Statista Number of active social media

Odds 88% of sports bettors in the US prefer betting on events rather than individual games 70% of sports bets in the US are placed on football games

Odds Sport Points Margin of Victory Basketball Over/Under Point Spread Football Total Points Point Spread Soccer Total Goals N/A In sports betting, points refer to the scoring system

Sportsbook Football 78% (source) Basketball 65% (source) Horse Racing 38% (source) Baseball 31% (source) Soccer 27% (source) The Sportsbook at Emerald Queen Casino offers betting on a variety

Sharps 70% Approximate percentage of bets that “Sharps” – professional sports bettors – win 55% Percentage of bets that must be won by bettors to break even $6