Sports betting Statistic Value Reference Number of states where sports betting is legal 28 Estimated size of the global sports betting market in 2020 $203 billion

Alfonso Lopez Type Statistic Reference Google search volume 720/month Google Keyword Planner Instagram followers 33,200 Instagram profile: @alfonsolopezlb Facebook followers 3,990 Facebook profile: Alfonso Lopez Boxing Alfonso Lopez

Kelly criterion Sports betting model involves the use of mathematical formulas to determine the best bets and make decisions that have the highest expected value. One such formula

Point spread Statistic Value Average point spread in NFL games 2.46 points Percentage of college football games won by the favorite by 10 or more points 31.5% Percentage

Decimal odds Conversion Rate Multiplier 1/5 1.20 2/7 1.29 1/2 1.50 4/5 1.80 3/2 2.50 2/1 3.00 Decimal odds are a popular format of expressing sports betting odds.

American Football Conference AP Sports Betting Number of States where Sports Betting is legal 25 (and Washington DC) Revenue from Sports Betting in the US $3.5 billion (in

Moneyline Year Moneyline% Odds 2020 52.3% -110 2019 51.6% -105 2018 50.2% -110 Moneyline is a type of sports betting that involves betting on a team to win

Sports Betting 70% Football (Soccer) 15% Basketball 10% Tennis 5% Baseball Sports Betting enthusiasts often ask, “What sports should I bet on?” According to recent Google search trends,

Dime sports betting Number of online sports betting sites offering services Over 2,000 Estimated revenue of global sports betting industry Over $200 billion Projected growth rate of global

NCAA Sport Amount Wagered (2019) Amount Won by Sportsbooks (2019) Football $404 million $22.6 million Basketball $352 million $19.1 million Baseball $113 million $6.9 million Other $115 million