Presque Isle Downs & Casino Total number of sportsbooks: 1 Total number of betting terminals: 50 Size of the sportsbook: 1,275 square feet Types of bets offered: Moneylines,

Pari-Mutuel betting Number of sports bars with Pari-Mutuel betting nearby: 23 Percentage of sports bars with Pari-Mutuel betting: 5.3% Number of Pari-Mutuel betting facilities in the US: 131

Expected value Statistic Value Reference Average ROI for sports bettors 1-3% Top 10% of sports bettors’ ROI ~30% Highest recorded yearly ROI by a sports bettor

IRS Form W-2G Year Number of Tax Returns Gross Winnings Reported Federal Taxes Withheld State Taxes Withheld 2015 1,071,202 $11,577,998,774 $2,565,027,500 $648,958,634 2016 1,085,229 $11,263,903,208 $2,448,903,388 $617,430,746 2017

Betting exchanges 80% of winning bets on betting exchanges are placed by bettors who are in a profit 40% lower commission rate compared to traditional sportsbooks 14% increased

NBC Sports Number of episodes: 14+ Original release: April 15, 2020 – present Network: NBC Sports NBC Sports Betting Show is a sports betting show that airs on

Bodog Company Name Bodog Industry Sports Betting Number of Users Over 3 million Available in Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe Currency Accepted CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, HKD,

Kelly Criterion Bet Win Percentage Kelly Criterion Percentage 40% 25% 50% 20% 60% 15% The Kelly Criterion is a popular betting strategy used in sports betting. It recommends

Free Spins Number of online searches per month: 12,100 (Source: Google) Average monthly revenue: $50,000 (Source: Statista) Number of active users: 3,000 (Source: Casino Encyclopedia) Free Spins is

Betting spreads Year March Madness Betting Handle (in billions) Number of Bets Placed (in millions) 2018 10.4 47 2019 8.5 47.4 2021 8.4 49.2 Betting spreads refer to