Credit card fraud Statistic Reference Over 20% of online sports bets are made with credit cards. Credit card fraud in sports betting results in an average loss

Cuomo Sports betting lottery sales in New York Revenue generated from sports betting lottery in New York Number of sports betting operators in New York $1.3 billion (2019)

Legal requirements 63% Of Americans approve of legalized sports betting (American Gaming Association) 22 States have legalized sports betting (Legal Sports Report) $1.5 billion Nevada’s sports betting revenue

DraftKings Year Number of States Legalizing Sports Betting 2018 2 2019 5 2020 5 2021 6 DraftKings, a popular online sports betting platform, is legal to use in

Indiana Gaming Commission Year Revenue # of Operating Facilities 2019 $447.8 million 13 2020 $1.81 billion 10 The Indiana Gaming Commission regulates the state’s sports betting industry, which

License Year Number of Sports Bettors (in millions) Total Amount Wagered on Sports (in billions) Revenue of Sports Betting Industry (in billions) 2018 18.2 149.5 50.6 2019 19.3

Department of Justice Year Amount Bet on Sports in US Number of States with Legal Sports Betting 2018 $5 billion 8 2019 $13 billion 13 2020 $21.5 billion

Mastercard Statistic Value Reference Number of Mastercard users worldwide 2.8 billion Statista Revenue generated by Mastercard in 2020 $15.3 billion Mastercard Investor Relations Number of countries where Mastercard

Affiliate marketing programs Statistic Reference 81% Percentage of brands facing problems with mismanaged affiliate programs 58% Percentage of affiliates that have suffered from non-payment or delayed payment 55%