Expected value Statistic Value Reference Average ROI for sports bettors 1-3% https://www.thespread.com/general-sports-articles/080618-how-to-determine-the-roi-of-a-sports-betting-system/amp Top 10% of sports bettors’ ROI ~30% https://www.gamblingsites.com/sports-betting/introduction/profitability/ Highest recorded yearly ROI by a sports bettor

Definition Statistic Reference Average parlay payout SportsBettingDime Odds of hitting a 4-leg parlay TheLines Maximum number of legs in a parlay BetFirm A parlay is a type of

CBS Sports Statistic Value Reference Number of page views per month 27 million Statista Number of unique visitors per month 8.3 million Statista Number of active social media

Kelly Criterion Bet Win Percentage Kelly Criterion Percentage 40% 25% 50% 20% 60% 15% The Kelly Criterion is a popular betting strategy used in sports betting. It recommends

Crossword 12% Amount of sports betting revenue used to fund problem gambling programs in some states in the US [1] $17.2 billion Total amount of revenue generated by

Point Spread Statistic Value Reference Number of sports bettors who use point spreads Over 90% https://www.covers.com/sports-betting-101/point-spread-betting Revenue generated by point spread bets in the US $2.3 billion https://www.statista.com/statistics/236886/gross-win-from-sports-betting-in-nevada-since-2006/

Odds 88% of sports bettors in the US prefer betting on events rather than individual games 70% of sports bets in the US are placed on football games

Odds Category Statistical Value Total Global Sports Betting Market Size $203 Billion (Expected by 2025) Global Sports Betting Revenue $85 Billion Number of Sports Bettors in the United

Odds calculator Year Number of Google Searches (in millions) 2019 6.1 2020 7.5 2021 8.9 Sports betting accounting involves the management and tracking of financial transactions associated with

LSU Tigers Year Total Revenue Generated Number of Wins 2017-2018 $147.7 million 10 2018-2019 $158.6 million 15 2019-2020 $178.5 million 15 LSU Tigers are a highly popular college