BetUS Founded 1994 Website Traffic 3.2 million Active Users over 500,000 Sports Offered 10+ Available Countries 100+ BetUS sports book is a reputable online sportsbook that offers a

Sports Betting Name of Sport Global Market Size (in billions USD) Football/Soccer 216.4 Basketball 90.1 Cricket 48.1 Tennis 33.5 American Football 25.9 Sports betting has become a popular

Betting Statistic Value Reference Global online gambling market size 2020 $66.7 billion Statista Annual revenue of online sports betting in the US $2.6 billion American Gaming Association Number

Online sports betting sites Total global online sports betting market size in 2020 $21.8 billion Statista Projected global online sports betting market size by 2027 $59.7 billion Grand

Clearwater Casino Resort Statistic Value Revenue of the US gambling industry 2019 $44.5 billion Projected revenue of the US gambling industry 2023 $60 billion Percentage of US adults

Halle Berry Sports Betting Date Amount Football 2004 $10,000 Basketball 2017 $50,000 Horse Racing 2019 $100,000 Halle Berry, a well-known actress, has made some sizable bets on sports

John Anthony Sports Founded: 2010 Headquarters: New York, USA Number of Employees: 50+ Website Traffic: 180,000+ monthly visits Social Media Followers: 25,000+ combined followers John Anthony Sports is

XTiP company Year Revenue Number of Employees 2018 €355 million 1,600 2019 €471 million 1,800 2020 €522 million 2,100 XTiP is a leading sports betting company that generated

Bookmakers Over 80% of sports betting revenue comes from online platforms. $203 billion global revenue from sports betting in 2020. 91% of sports bets placed online are on

Free sports bets Year Number of Searches (in millions) 2017 1.9 2018 2.3 2019 2.6 2020 3.1 Free sports bets have been a popular topic among sports enthusiasts