NBC Sports Number of episodes: 14+ Original release: April 15, 2020 – present Network: NBC Sports NBC Sports Betting Show is a sports betting show that airs on

IRS Form W-2G Year Number of Tax Returns Gross Winnings Reported Federal Taxes Withheld State Taxes Withheld 2015 1,071,202 $11,577,998,774 $2,565,027,500 $648,958,634 2016 1,085,229 $11,263,903,208 $2,448,903,388 $617,430,746 2017

American Gaming Association Year Amount Wagered (in billions USD) 2017 $4.9 The American Gaming Association reported that the total amount of sports betting wagers in 2017 was $4.9

GAN Limited Year Revenue in million USD Net Income in million USD 2017 43.8 2.0 2018 47.7 2.7 2019 76.7 2.4 2020 149.5 11.9 GAN Limited is a

Las Vegas Las Vegas is a popular destination for sports betting enthusiasts, with the city’s sportsbooks handling billions of dollars in wagers each year. While many assume that

March Madness Year Participants (in millions) Total bet (in billions of dollars) 2019 47 8.5 2018 45 10.0 2017 40 10.4 Bracket sports betting refers to a type

Buffalo Wild Wings 65% of Americans support sports betting legalization. $150 billion is the estimated illegal sports betting market in the United States annually. 32 states have legalized

Palmetto State State Population Legalized sports betting South Carolina 5.15 million No Palmetto State, also known as South Carolina, currently does not permit sports betting. As of now,