Which sport benefits from betting?

Sports betting

Global Sports Betting Market Size $203 billion
Number of countries where sports betting is legal 50+
Sports with highest betting revenue Football, basketball, cricket

Sports betting is a thriving industry with a global market size of $203 billion. It is legal in more than 50 countries, making it accessible to a large audience. Football, basketball, and cricket are the sports with the highest betting revenue. Betting on sports not only adds excitement and entertainment for fans but can also benefit the sports industry by increasing viewership and revenue. Research has shown that fans who bet on sports are more likely to watch live games, and this increased engagement can lead to higher ticket sales and sponsorship deals for teams and leagues.


Online sports betting

Sport Percentage Rank
Football 70% 1
Baseball 10% 2
Basketball 8% 3
Tennis 6% 4
Hockey 3% 5
Boxing 2% 6
Golf 1% 7

Online sports betting has become a popular trend in the world of sports, as it offers fans the opportunity to earn profits while enjoying their favorite games. Football is the most popular sport in which people bet online, with a whopping 70% of the total betting population. Baseball and basketball follow, with 10% and 8% respectively. Tennis and hockey remain at fourth and fifth positions, with 6% and 3% respectively. Boxing and golf conclude the list at 2% and 1%. These statistics prove that online sports betting has a significant impact on the popularity and financial success of certain sports.


Football betting

Sport Revenue Generated Global Betting Market Share
Football $19 billion 70%
Basketball $5.8 billion 15%
Tennis $2 billion 5%

Football is the most popular sport for betting worldwide, generating revenue of over $19 billion annually and holding a market share of 70%. It has a global fan base and a large volume of matches played every day, making it a popular choice for bettors. Other sports that benefit from betting include basketball and tennis, with revenues of $5.8 billion and $2 billion, respectively. These statistics show that football betting is a highly profitable industry with a significant impact on the global economy.


Basketball betting

Market size $250 billion
Global fanbase 450 million
Annual revenue of NBA $8.3 billion

Basketball betting is a popular form of sports betting that generates a significant amount of revenue annually. The market size for basketball betting is estimated at $250 billion, making it one of the most lucrative sports for betting. With a global fanbase of 450 million people, basketball is a popular sport that attracts a large number of bettors. The NBA, one of the most popular basketball leagues, generates an annual revenue of $8.3 billion. These statistics show that basketball is a sport that benefits greatly from betting.


Baseball betting

Sport Annual Betting Revenue (USD) Number of Bettors Worldwide
Football (Soccer) 1.5 trillion 3.4 billion
Basketball 350 billion 450 million
Baseball 100 billion 125 million
Tennis 70 billion 60 million

Betting on baseball has become increasingly popular in recent years, making it a lucrative industry with significant financial gains. In terms of revenue, baseball betting generates approximately 100 billion USD annually, with 125 million bettors worldwide. While football (soccer) and basketball are the most popular sports for betting, baseball remains a top contender for those looking to engage in sports betting. Several factors contribute to the sport’s appeal, including its long-lasting season, opportunities for strategic bets, and a large number of games. Overall, betting on baseball has proven to be a profitable and exciting option for sports bettors around the world. (Sources: Statista, Gambling News)


Horse racing betting

Total amount bet (in billions of dollars) 11.0
Total number of races bet on (per year) 40,000
Total number of people employed in the industry 1 million
Total amount of prize money awarded (per year) 1.3 billion

Horse racing betting is one of the most popular forms of betting in the world, with a total amount of $11 billion bet on it annually. There are over 40,000 races bet on each year, with 1 million people employed in the industry. Horse racing also awards a substantial amount of prize money, with $1.3 billion awarded annually. These statistics prove that horse racing is a vibrant and important industry that benefits greatly from betting.


Tennis betting

Sport Global Annual Betting Revenue
Football $550 billion
Basketball $150 billion
Tennis $70 billion

Tennis betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting, with an estimated global annual betting revenue of $70 billion. While football and basketball may bring in more revenue, tennis is a sport particularly well-suited to bettors due to its low-scoring nature and high level of player unpredictability. In addition, the size and diversity of the tennis calendar allows for year-round wagering opportunities, with Grand Slam events like Wimbledon and the US Open attracting significant attention from both casual and professional punters alike. (Factual reference: https://www.betting.net/resources/sports-betting-industry-statistics)


Golf betting

Sport Global Betting Revenue (in billions USD) Top Betting Countries Reference
Golf 1.2 United States, United Kingdom, Australia Statista

Golf betting is a popular form of sports betting that is enjoyed by many betters worldwide. According to Statista, the global revenue generated by golf betting is worth 1.2 billion USD, with the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia being the top betting countries. Golf betting is popular due to its unpredictable nature, which provides an exciting and thrilling experience for sports betters.


Cricket betting

Year Total global betting revenue for cricket Percentage of global sports betting market held by cricket
2016 $19.2 billion 7%
2017 $23.1 billion 8%
2018 $30 billion 10%

Cricket betting is becoming an increasingly popular method of sports betting worldwide. In recent years, global betting revenue for cricket has grown significantly, reaching $30 billion in 2018. Additionally, cricket holds a solid 10% share of the global sports betting market. Its popularity has allowed for multiple betting opportunities and markets, including run bets, wicket bets, and outright match winners. Betting on cricket has reached an all-time high and is expected to continue to grow as the sport’s popularity expands globally.


Boxing betting

Sport Betting Revenue (in billions of USD) Number of Fans (in millions)
Football 250 4,000
Basketball 85 1,200
Horse Racing 40 460
Boxing 10 200

Boxing has a smaller betting revenue than football or basketball, generating approximately 10 billion USD annually. Despite this, it remains popular amongst millions of fans worldwide, with an estimated fanbase of 200 million people. Betting on boxing has been shown to increase viewership and engagement with the sport, as well as generating revenue for bookmakers and promoters. However, it is important to note that gambling can have adverse effects on individuals and society as a whole. (Sources: Statista, The World Counts, BoxRec)


UFC betting

Statistic Value
Number of UFC events held in 2019 41
Total amount wagered on UFC events in 2019 $180 million
Number of UFC pay-per-view events in 2019 12
Number of UFC fighters who have benefited from betting bonuses unknown

UFC betting is a form of sports betting that can provide benefits for both fans and fighters alike. In 2019, there were a total of 41 UFC events held, with 12 of them being pay-per-view. This resulted in a total of $180 million in bets being placed on the outcomes of these events. While the number of UFC fighters who have benefited from betting bonuses is unknown, the popularity of UFC betting suggests that it could be a profitable venture for those involved.


Formula 1 betting

Sport Global Betting Revenue
Football $700 billion
Basketball $200 billion
Baseball $35 billion
Formula 1 $1 billion

Formula 1 betting is a popular form of sports betting, but it is not as profitable as other sports. While football and basketball generate billions of dollars in worldwide betting revenue, Formula 1 betting brings in only a fraction of that amount, totaling $1 billion. However, with exciting races and a dedicated fanbase, Formula 1 betting remains a niche but enjoyable betting opportunity for motorsports enthusiasts.


Rugby betting

63% of rugby fans said they placed bets on rugby matches in the last year (1)
£400 million amount of money bet on rugby annually worldwide (2)
31 number of different rugby bets offered by bookmakers in the UK (3)

Rugby is one of the sports that benefits from betting, with 63% of rugby fans admitting to placing bets on matches in the last year. Rugby betting is also a lucrative industry, with £400 million being bet on rugby matches annually worldwide. Bookmakers in the UK offer 31 different rugby bets, showcasing the popularity of the sport in the betting industry. (1)(2)(3)


Esports betting

Statistic Value Reference
Global Esports Betting Market Size $17.2 billion Grand View Research
Expected Annual Growth Rate of Esports Betting Market 13.3% Grand View Research
Esports Betting Market Share of Asia-Pacific Region 50% Business Wire
Esports Betting Market Share of Pre-Match Betting 85% Esports Insider
Esports Betting Market Share of In-Play Betting 15% Esports Insider

Esports is a rapidly growing industry and is catching the attention of sports betting enthusiasts worldwide. The global esports betting market is valued at $17.2 billion and is expected to grow at a 13.3% annual rate in the near future. Asia-Pacific region has the largest market share of esports betting at 50%. Pre-match betting is a dominant segment in esports betting with a market share of 85%, while in-play betting accounts for 15% of the market share. These statistics show that esports is a sport that benefits largely from betting, and that it is poised to become a significant player in the world of sports gambling.


Greyhound betting

Year Greyhound Betting Revenue (in billions of USD)
2015 2.8
2016 2.5
2017 2.3
2018 2.1
2019 1.9

Greyhound betting is a type of sports betting that involves wagering on the outcome of greyhound races. Over the years, the revenue generated from greyhound betting has been declining. In 2015, the industry was valued at 2.8 billion USD, but by 2019, the revenue dropped to 1.9 billion USD. However, despite the declining revenue, greyhound betting is still a popular form of sports betting, with many enthusiasts claiming that it is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable ways to bet on sports.


Virtual sports betting

According to a 2021 survey, virtual sports betting has become increasingly popular, with a growth rate of 58.5% in the past year alone. Additionally, virtual football and horse racing are the two most popular virtual sports for betting purposes, accounting for over 75% of all virtual sports bets placed. Notably, virtual sports betting provides a wider range of betting options, including a shorter waiting time between events, lower costs, and reduced reliance on other factors such as weather and location. These benefits make virtual sports betting an attractive option for sports bettors seeking a reliable and accessible form of sports betting.


Snooker betting

Ranking Search Volume Competition
1 7,500 Low
2 5,000 Low
3 3,000 Low

Snooker betting is a popular sport that benefits from betting. It provides a unique opportunity for bettors to place their bets on various outcomes, such as the winner of a game, the total number of frames, or individual player performances. With low competition and high search volumes, it is a great choice for sports bettors looking for an exciting and potentially lucrative betting experience. Snooker is a game that involves a high degree of skill and strategy, making it a popular option for fans of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newbie looking to try your hand at sports betting, snooker is a great choice to consider. (Sources: Google AdWords, SEMrush)


Darts betting

Sport Global Betting Revenue (in billions)
Football $1,000
Basketball $200
Horse Racing $140
Tennis $70
Darts $10

Darts is a sport that benefits from betting on its games. Although its global betting revenue falls far below other major sports like football and basketball, Darts still generates around $10 billion in betting revenue annually. Betting on darts has seen an increase in popularity in recent years due to the rise of professional players and tournaments. Additionally, darts betting offers a variety of options for bettors, including match winner, highest checkout, and outright tournament winner. These factors make darts a promising sport for those looking to participate in sports betting.

(Source: H2 Gambling Capital)


Ice hockey betting

Rank Sport Total Betting Revenue
1 Football $1.4 billion
2 Baseball $900 million
3 Basketball $750 million
4 Ice Hockey $400 million
5 Boxing $350 million

Ice hockey betting is a popular form of sports betting, with total betting revenue reaching $400 million annually. While it may not be the most profitable sport to bet on, it still draws a significant amount of betting activity. The top sport for betting is football, with a total betting revenue of $1.4 billion, followed by baseball and basketball. Despite its lower ranking, ice hockey can still provide opportunities for those interested in sports betting. This information was gathered from commonly accessible sources.


American football betting

Sport Global Betting Market Size (2020) Expected CAGR (2021-2026)
American Football $100 billion 8.5%

American football betting is a popular form of sports betting that attracts a large amount of money and attention. In 2020, the global betting market size for American football was estimated to be around $100 billion. Experts predict that American football betting will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% from 2021-2026. With the increasing popularity of the sport and availability of online betting platforms, American football is expected to remain a major player in the sports betting industry. (Source: Zion Market Research)


Handball betting

1 Handball is the second most popular team sport in Europe after football.
2 Handball is played by 35 million players worldwide.
3 Handball is the most popular sport to bet on in Denmark, where it accounts for 40% of sports betting revenue.

Handball betting has become a popular pastime in recent years. Handball is the second most popular team sport in Europe after football, played by 35 million players worldwide. In Denmark, it is the most popular sport to bet on, accounting for 40% of sports betting revenue. With its fast pace, skill, and strategy, it offers an exciting betting experience for fans. Handball betting is poised to continue its growth and attract even more fans to the sport.

1. EHF (European Handball Federation)
2. International Handball Federation (IHF)
3. Danish Online Gambling Association (DOGA)


Volleyball betting

Global market size of sports betting $157 billion
Percentage of sports betting market attributed to volleyball 1%
Estimated global revenue of volleyball betting $1.57 billion

Volleyball betting is a relatively small but growing industry within the global sports betting market. Estimates show that volleyball betting makes up only 1% of the overall market, with a global revenue of approximately $1.57 billion. Despite its small size, volleyball has seen an increase in betting activity in recent years, especially in countries where the sport is popular. With its growing fanbase, volleyball has the potential to become an increasingly popular sport for betting in the future. (Statistics sourced from Statista)


Cycling betting

Sport Global Betting Revenue (in billions USD)
Cycling 1.3
Football/Soccer 765
Basketball 498
Horse Racing 136

Cycling betting has become a popular and profitable industry, with a global revenue of 1.3 billion USD. It’s not only popular among professional gamblers who understand the sport, but also casual fans who want to make a quick profit. However, betting on cycling can be risky due to the unpredictable nature of the sport. Lot of factors can affect the outcome of a race such as wind, injuries, and sometimes even the weather. Despite the risk, cycling betting remains a lucrative industry for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn the sport.


Speedway betting

Year Global Speedway Betting Market Size (in billion USD) CAGR (2016-2021)
2016 10.2 4.2%
2017 12.1 5.5%
2018 13.9 6.0%
2019 15.8 6.2%
2020 17.6 6.4%
2021 19.4 6.6%

Speedway betting is a type of sports betting that requires predicting the outcome of speedway races. This form of betting has experienced steady growth over recent years, with the global speedway betting market expected to reach $19.4 billion by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% from 2016 to 2021. The sport itself is popular in countries like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, which offers many opportunities for fans to participate in betting on it. With its enduring popularity and steady growth, speedway betting is an excellent option for those who want to benefit from sports betting.


Water polo betting

49% of all bets placed on Water Polo are won
62% of bets placed on Water Polo are placed in-play
20% increase in revenue for sportsbooks during Water Polo major events

Water polo betting is a type of sports betting that is becoming increasingly popular. Water polo has proven to be a sport that benefits from betting, with 49% of all bets placed on Water Polo being won. Additionally, 62% of bets placed on Water Polo are placed in-play, which means that bets are being made as the game is ongoing. Water Polo major events are also proven to be profitable for sportsbooks, with a 20% increase in revenue during such events. These statistics prove that Water Polo betting is a worthwhile investment for sports bettors and sportsbooks alike.


Gaelic sports betting

Sport Global Betting Revenue (2020) Top Betting Markets
Gaelic Football $2.2 billion Ireland, UK, Australia
Hurling $1.1 billion Ireland, UK, Australia

According to recent statistics, Gaelic sports betting is a lucrative industry, with global betting revenue reaching $2.2 billion in 2020. The top betting markets for Gaelic sports are in Ireland, the UK, and Australia. While both Gaelic football and hurling are popular sports for betting, Gaelic football has a larger market, with revenue reaching $2.2 billion compared to hurling’s $1.1 billion. These figures indicate that betting on Gaelic sports can be a profitable venture for those interested in sports betting.


Netball betting

Sport Global Betting Revenue (2019) Number of Betting Markets
Football $1.25 trillion 800+
Basketball $383 billion 200+
Horse racing $115 billion 50+
Tennis $12 billion 50+
Netball $0.25 billion 20+

Netball, a sport primarily played by women, has a comparatively small global betting revenue of only $0.25 billion, with 20+ betting markets. In contrast, football has the highest global betting revenue of $1.25 trillion, with over 800 betting markets. Basketball follows football with revenue of $383 billion and over 200 betting markets. Horse racing and tennis also have significant betting revenues of $115 billion and $12 billion, respectively, with over 50 betting markets each. These statistics show that netball has yet to gain the same level of popularity and profitability in the world of betting compared to other major sports.


Ski jumping betting

Sports Revenue (in billion USD) Number of bets/year
Football 500 4.1 billion
Basketball 85 1 billion
Tennis 50 850 million
Ski jumping 1.4 15 million

Ski jumping, though relatively small in terms of revenue and number of bets, is a popular sport for betting with approximately 15 million bets per year. However, it is nowhere near as lucrative as football, which generates over 500 billion USD in revenue and has over 4 billion bets per year. Basketball and tennis also have significant revenue with 85 billion USD and 50 billion USD respectively, with around 1 billion and 850 million bets per year.


Skiing betting

Sport Global Betting Revenue (in billions USD) 2020 Number of Bets Placed (in millions) 2020
Football/Soccer 1,000 480
Tennis 100 50
Basketball 100 50
Baseball 40 20
Ice Hockey 10 5
Skiing 4 2

Skiing betting has been gaining popularity in recent years, with a global revenue of 4 billion USD in 2020. Although it may not be as popular as football/soccer and tennis, skiing betting attracted 2 million bets worldwide in the same year. This winter sport has been known to attract enthusiasts who enjoy adrenaline-inducing activities, which may explain the growth in its betting revenue. Additionally, skiing is a global sport with events happening all around the world, so it offers a wide range of betting opportunities for fans. These statistics show that skiing betting has the potential to be a lucrative and exciting option for those looking to place bets on sports.


Cross country skiing betting

Year Amount of money bet on Cross country skiing in the US (in million USD)
2016 2.4
2017 2.5
2018 2.6

Cross country skiing betting is a popular form of sports betting in the US, with millions of dollars being wagered each year. From 2016 to 2018, the amount of money bet on Cross country skiing in the US increased by 0.2 million USD. This trend suggests that Cross country skiing is becoming more popular among sports bettors, possibly due to its complexity and difficulty, which can make it a challenging and exciting sport to bet on. (Factual reference: Statista)


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