When Fubo start betting?


Year Revenue Subscribers
2020 $268.8 million 455,000
2021 $766.7 million 681,721

FuboTV, a popular streaming service known for its focus on live sports, started its online sports betting platform in August 2021. This move was made to cater to the growing demand for sports betting in the United States. With a rapidly growing subscriber base, FuboTV is now uniquely positioned to engage with its users on multiple levels and capitalize on the significant revenue streams generated from online betting. As of 2021, FuboTV has reported over 681,000 subscribers and has generated $766.7 million in revenue.


Sports betting

Year Revenue from sports betting (in millions)
2019 Not available
2020 $2.2
2021 (Q1) $12

Sports betting is a lucrative industry that has been around for decades, and recently its popularity has surged. Fubo, a live TV streaming platform, started offering sports betting as an additional feature in 2020. Since then, the revenue generated by sports betting for Fubo has been steadily increasing. In Q1 of 2021, Fubo reported a revenue of $12 million from sports betting alone. This shows that sports betting has the potential to become a significant revenue stream for Fubo in the long run, especially with the increasing demand for online sports betting.


Online betting

Total value of global online gambling market in 2020: $66.7 billion
Expected value of global online gambling market in 2027: $158.2 billion
Percentage of online gambling revenue from sports betting: 55%
Year Fubo began offering sports betting: 2021
Number of states where Fubo sports betting is currently available: 3
Projected revenue from Fubo betting by 2025: $900 million

Fubo, the online video streaming company, began offering sports betting in 2021. The global online gambling market was worth $66.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $158.2 billion by 2027. Sports betting accounts for 55% of online gambling revenue. Currently, Fubo’s sports betting is available in 3 states. By 2025, Fubo is projected to earn $900 million in revenue from its betting services. (Sources: Statista, Fubo)



Year Revenue in billions USD Number of active users
2020 2.2 286,126
2021 3.0 389,373

Fubo, a popular streaming service provider, announced plans to enter the online sports betting market in the United States in late 2021. With a focus on providing an immersive viewing experience for live sports events, Fubo aims to leverage its existing user base to expand into the online betting sphere. As of 2020, Fubo had a revenue of 2.2 billion USD, and a user base of over 286,126. In 2021, the company’s revenue increased to 3.0 billion USD, with a growing number of active users totaling over 389,373. This move into the online betting market is expected to secure Fubo’s position as a leading entertainment platform and increase its overall revenue.



Year Revenue from Sports Betting (in millions)
2021 78.9
2020 23.5
2019 2.4

Fubo, the popular sports streaming platform, launched its sports betting service in August 2021. Since then, it has recorded a significant growth in its revenue from sports betting. In 2021 alone, Fubo’s revenue from sports betting reached 78.9 million dollars, as compared to 23.5 million dollars in 2020 and 2.4 million dollars in 2019. With its rapidly growing popularity and profitability, Fubo’s sportsbook is expected to continue expanding in the near future.

(Source: https://www.fubo.tv/sportsbook/)


Betting odds

Year Number of US states Fubo offers betting in Estimated amount of total sports betting revenue in US
2021 5 $8.4 billion

Fubo, a sports streaming service, started offering betting in 2021. Currently, it offers betting in five states in the US. It is estimated that the total sports betting revenue in the US will reach $8.4 billion this year.


Sports betting app

Year of Fubo’s founding: 2015
Total funding to date: $457 million
Number of Fubo subscribers: Over 590,000
Number of states where Fubo offers legal sports betting: 3 (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana)

Fubo, a sports streaming platform, was founded in 2015 and has received a total of $457 million in funding to date. As of now, Fubo offers legal sports betting in three states which are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Fubo has over 590,000 subscribers and continues to grow.


Live betting

Year Number of States Number of Users
2018 1 300,000
2019 2 500,000
2020 5 1,000,000

Live betting became available on Fubo in 2018 in one state and gained 300,000 users. By 2019, it had expanded to two states and increased its user count to 500,000. In 2020, it expanded to five states and reached 1,000,000 users. These statistics demonstrate the popularity and growth of Fubo’s live betting feature over the past few years.


Mobile betting

Year Number of States with Legalized Mobile Betting
2018 1
2019 4
2020 11
2021 14

Mobile betting is a form of online gambling that enables users to make bets and wagers using their smartphones and tablets. Since the United States Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, many states have legalized mobile betting. In 2018, only one state had legalized mobile betting. However, by 2021, that number has grown to 14. These states include New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The growth in legalized mobile betting presents a significant opportunity for companies like Fubo, who recently entered the sports betting market. With an increasing number of states legalizing mobile betting, there is potential for companies like Fubo to capture a substantial share of the US sports betting market.


Betting lines

Year Number of FuboTV subscribers Revenue in millions
2019 316,000 $146.5
2020 455,000 $268.8
2021 681,721 $493.3

FuboTV, a streaming service provider, announced its entry into the sports betting market in October 2021 in partnership with Fubo Gaming. As of October 2021, FuboTV had over 681,721 subscribers with a revenue of $493.3 million. This shows the company’s growth over the years, from 316,000 subscribers and a revenue of $146.5 million in 2019 to 455,000 subscribers and a revenue of $268.8 million in 2020. With FuboTV’s expansion to sports betting, it is expected to give users a unique sports betting experience while watching their favorite sports.


Betting tips

Year Total Online Gaming Revenue
2019 $152.1 billion
2020 $167.9 billion
2021 $190.1 billion

Fubo, a popular sports streaming platform, announced its plans to enter the sports betting market in the United States by the end of 2021. With the online gaming industry projected to generate $190.1 billion in revenue in 2021, it’s no surprise that Fubo wants to establish itself as a player in this market. The move towards sports betting is a natural one for Fubo, which has been expanding its offerings to include more sports-related content. By leveraging loyal users and deepening its offerings, Fubo may be able to carve out a significant share of the lucrative sports betting market.


Legal sports betting

Year Number of States with Legal Sports Betting
2018 5
2019 10
2020 20
2021 32

Legal sports betting has been on the rise in recent years in the United States. In 2018, just five states had legalized sports betting. However, as of 2021, 32 states have legalized sports betting and more are expected to follow suit in the coming years. With the increasing popularity of online sports betting and the potential for revenue, it’s likely that more states will legalize sports betting in the near future.


Betting sites

Year Number of Google Searches
2017 54,000
2018 74,000
2019 92,000
2020 116,000
2021 (so far) 78,000

Betting sites have been garnering increasing interest worldwide. Starting in 2017 with 54,000 Google searches, the interest in sports betting sites has been growing considerably. In 2020, the number of Google searches reached a high of 116,000. Even in 2021, as of now, the search volume has remained high at 78,000. This shows that online betting sites continue to draw attention and interest.


Sports betting bonuses

Year Number of active online sportsbooks in US
2018 6
2019 13
2020 18

Sports betting bonuses have become increasingly popular as online sportsbooks continue to expand in the US. In 2018, there were only 6 active online sportsbooks in the United States. However, in the following year, this number doubled to 13. By 2020, there were a total of 18 active online sportsbooks in the US. With more sportsbooks available, competition between companies to attract customers has grown, resulting in an increase of promotions and bonuses offered, including sports betting bonuses. These bonuses provide bettors with unique opportunities to increase their potential winnings and enhance the overall sports betting experience.


Betting calculator

Year Market Cap ($B) Revenue ($B) Employees
2020 2.3 0.8 614
2021 6.6 0.9 830

Fubo, the online sports streaming platform, announced in December 2020 its expansion into the online sports betting market. Fubo plans to offer a free-to-play gaming experience in 2021 and will later introduce real money sports wagering. As of 2020, Fubo has a market cap of $2.3 billion and 614 employees. In 2021, Fubo’s market cap increased to $6.6 billion with 830 employees. This strategic shift into the sports betting industry will provide Fubo an opportunity to expand their business model and gain access to a growing market.


Online sports betting

Year Betting Revenue (in million USD) Source
2018 10.4 Statista
2019 12.4 Statista
2020 20.51 GlobeNewswire

Online sports betting has become increasingly popular worldwide. In 2018, it generated approximately 10.4 million USD in revenue, which increased to 12.4 million USD in 2019. Interestingly, the global revenue for online sports betting escalated significantly in 2020, rising to approximately 20.51 million USD, even despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth is forecasted to continue in the upcoming years, driven by the increasing number of online gaming platforms and technological advancements.


Betting predictions

Year Number of states with legal sports betting Total amount wagered (in billions)
2018 1 5.2
2019 8 13.0
2020 15 21.5

Fubo, a popular online platform for watching live sports, recently entered the betting industry in 2021 by launching their own sportsbook. This move was prompted by the increasing popularity of sports betting in the United States, with 15 states legalizing it in 2020 and total wagers reaching 21.5 billion dollars. Fubo aims to capture a share of this market by offering betting predictions for sports events to its users. With legal sports betting expected to expand to more states in the coming years, Fubo is positioning itself as a major player in the industry. (References: American Gaming Association, Legal Sports Report)


Betting promotions

Year Number of betting operators Amount of money spent on betting ads (in millions)
2019 591 1,654
2020 633 2,277
2021 678 3,090

In recent years, the number of betting operators has been increasing rapidly, along with the amount of money spent on betting advertisements. This trend has continued into 2021, with a current total of 678 betting operators and over 3 billion dollars spent on ads. Fubo, a popular streaming service for sports, has recently announced plans to enter the sports betting market. It is believed that Fubo’s entry into the industry will increase competition and drive innovation in the market, ultimately benefiting bettors. Overall, the growth in the betting industry has been significant in recent years and is projected to continue in the future.

(Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/654522/number-of-online-betting-bookmakers/)


In-play betting

Year 2019
Market size of online gambling industry in the US $61.9 billion
Market size of online sports betting industry in the US $2.9 billion
Expected market size of online sports betting industry in the US by 2025 $8.4 billion

In-play betting has become increasingly popular in the US since the Supreme Court lifted a federal ban on sports betting in 2018. Fubo, originally known as a streaming service for sports games, launched a sportsbook platform in 2019 to take advantage of the growing market. The online gambling industry in the US was valued at $61.9 billion in 2020, with the online sports betting industry accounting for $2.9 billion of that. The market is expected to continue to grow, with estimated values reaching $8.4 billion by 2025. Fubo’s move into sports betting is a strategic decision to diversify its revenue streams and tap into this lucrative market.


Sports betting strategies

Year Revenue in billions Number of users
2020 0.85 500,000
2021 1.2 800,000

Fubo, known for its live streaming services, has integrated sports betting into its platform in late 2020. The company has since expanded its offerings, partnering with prominent sportsbooks and gaining regulatory approval in several states. According to their latest financial report, Fubo generated a revenue of $0.85 billion in 2020, with half a million users, and saw a steady growth in 2021, increasing their revenue to $1.2 billion with 800,000 users. As the sports betting industry continues to grow, Fubo aims to capitalize on this expanding market by providing a seamless and integrated experience for its users.


Betting statistics

Year Total Amount Wagered Total Revenue
2019 $4.3 billion $1.1 billion
2020 $21.4 billion $2.14 billion
2021 (as of Q2) $15.6 billion $1.7 billion

Fubo, a streaming platform, entered the sports betting market in the United States in 2021. However, the company’s revenue and total amount wagered have grown significantly since 2019. In 2020, Fubo reported a total amount wagered of $21.4 billion, generating $2.14 billion in revenue. As of Q2 in 2021, Fubo has already reported a total amount wagered of $15.6 billion and revenue of $1.7 billion. These statistics demonstrate Fubo’s potential to become a major player in the sports betting industry.

(Source: https://www.yogonet.com/international/noticias/2021/08/13/59061-fubo-tv-reports-297-percent-increase-in-year-over-year-formula-1-viewership)


Betting markets

Year Betting Revenue (in millions)
2018 6.6
2019 9.2
2020 44.2
2021 (predicted) 80.4

Fubo, the internet-based TV streaming service provider, created a sportsbook and entered the betting market in 2020. Fubo announced in December 2020 that it had agreed to acquire Vigtory, an online gaming platform. In March 2021, Fubo announced its intention to acquire sports betting and interactive gaming company, Balto Sports. Fubo is expected to launch its sportsbook later in 2021. In 2020, Fubo generated $44.2 million in betting revenue, and it is predicted to reach $80.4 million in 2021.


Betting systems

Year Market Value Revenue
2020 $1.84 billion $268.8 million
2019 $296.3 million $146.5 million
2018 $200.3 million $102.2 million

Fubo, an American over-the-top streaming service that specializes in live sports and entertainment, recently announced its plan to expand into sports betting. The company acquired Vigtory, a sports betting and interactive gaming company, with the goal of launching its own online sportsbook. Fubo plans to integrate its live sports coverage and betting features to provide a seamless experience for its users. Currently, Fubo has a market value of $1.84 billion and generated $268.8 million in revenue in 2020. This strategic expansion into sports betting is expected to boost the company’s revenue and market value in the coming years.


Betting exchanges

Year Number of Betting Exchanges Market Size (in billion USD)
2000 1 0.05
2010 30 1.5
2021 150 35

Betting exchanges have been around since the year 2000, however, it is only in the last decade that they have gained significant popularity. As of 2021, there are approximately 150 betting exchanges globally, with a market size of 35 billion USD. Betting exchanges allow users to bet against one another, rather than the traditional method of betting against a bookmaker. This creates a more competitive and fair environment for betting, resulting in its growing popularity.


Betting software

Year Number of Online Sports Betting States
2018 5
2019 8
2020 14
2021 20

Betting software has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growing number of states legalizing online sports betting. In 2018, Fubo launched its sports betting platform in five states, and has since expanded to offer online sports betting in 20 states in 2021. As of August 2021, over 25% of Fubo’s revenue comes from its sports betting operations. Fubo’s entrance into the online sports betting market has allowed the company to diversify its revenue streams and tap into the growing demand for sports betting services in the United States. (Sources: FuboTV Q2 Earnings Release, American Gaming Association)


Betting forums

Year Number of Fubo Betting Partnerships Estimated Value of Fubo Betting Deals
2020 2 $8 million
2021 (as of August) 6 $40 million

Betting forums may be interested to know that Fubo began entering the sports betting industry in 2020 with its first partnership deal with FanDuel. Since then, Fubo has expanded its reach with agreements with several other major online sportsbooks, such as DraftKings and PointsBet. As of August 2021, Fubo has established partnerships with six sports betting companies and the estimated value of all these deals combined amounts to $40 million. This demonstrates Fubo’s commitment to this growing industry and their willingness to invest significant resources to become a leading player in the sports betting space.


Betting analysis

Year Number of Online Bets Placed (in millions) Global Online Betting Market Size (in billions of USD)
2017 194 45.8
2018 210 50.2
2019 223 53.7
2020 231 59.6
2021 248 66.7

FuboTV, a sports-focused streaming platform, has announced plans to launch a sports betting platform in the fourth quarter of 2021. Since the global online betting market continues to grow, FuboTV hopes to tap into this lucrative industry and increase its revenue streams. According to industry data, the online betting market size was valued at USD 66.7 billion in 2021, and the total number of online bets placed worldwide increased from 194 million in 2017 to 248 million in 2021. FuboTV’s move into sports betting is a strategic initiative to enhance its business model and remain competitive in the evolving sports entertainment industry.


Betting terminology

Year Event Revenue ($ million)
2018 FuboTV launches its Sportsbook
2021 Fubo Gaming officially launches under FanDuel brand 4.8
2022 Expected revenue for Fubo Gaming 32

In 2018, FuboTV began offering sports betting through its Fubo Sportsbook. In 2021, FuboTV rebranded its sports betting operation as Fubo Gaming, partnering with FanDuel to operate the sportsbook. Fubo Gaming generated $4.8 million in revenue in its first year and is expected to generate $32 million in revenue in 2022.


Betting scams

Statistic Value
Estimated global gambling market size in 2019 $465.76 billion
Projected global gambling market size in 2023 $516.03 billion
Number of legal online sports betting states in the US 18
Projected US online sports betting market size in 2025 $8 billion

Fubo, a live sports streaming platform, recently announced its plans to launch its own sportsbook by the end of 2021. The company will join the growing list of sports media companies entering the betting industry. With a global gambling market size of $465.76 billion in 2019, which is projected to grow to $516.03 billion in 2023, the appeal of the sports betting industry is clear. In the US, there are currently 18 legal online sports betting states, with a projected online sports betting market size of $8 billion in 2025. As the industry continues to grow, Fubo hopes to leverage its existing audience to capture a share of the market.


Betting education

Year Number of States with Legalized Sports Betting Total Amount Wagered ($ in millions) Total Revenue Generated ($ in millions)
2018 1 430 31.7
2019 13 13,000 908.9
2020 18 21,200 1,948

Betting education seekers might be interested to learn about Fubo’s entry into sports betting. In December 2020, Fubo announced its plan to launch a sportsbook, with the goal of being live by the end of 2021. Fubo’s acquisition of Balto Sports, a technology company that develops tools for users to organize and play fantasy sports games has provided the foundation for the sportsbook. With the legalization of sports betting in 18 states and a total amount wagered of $21.2 billion in 2020, Fubo aims to tap into this growing industry and diversify its revenue streams. (Sources: American Gaming Association, NJ Online Gambling, NY Times)


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