What’s today’s Vegas sports betting?


Category Stats Reference
Website Traffic(rank by Alexa) 12,279 alexa.com
Twitter Followers 95.2K twitter.com/oddsshark
Facebook Likes 95.8K facebook.com/oddsshark

Oddsshark is a sports betting information website that provides up-to-date odds, picks, and predictions for a variety of sporting events. The website receives around 12,279 visits a month according to Alexa rankings. On Twitter, it has over 95.2K followers, while its Facebook page has over 95.8K likes. Oddsshark is a go-to destination for sports bettors as it offers comprehensive insights that enable them to make informed decisions.



Statistic Value Reference
Monthly searches 483,000 Google Keyword Planner
Website traffic 4.5 million SimilarWeb
Domain Authority 69 Moz
Number of articles 27,000 Covers
Twitter followers 123,000 Twitter

“Covers” is a popular website for sports betting enthusiasts in Vegas and around the world. With over 483,000 monthly searches and 4.5 million website visitors, “Covers” is a go-to source for odds, picks, and other useful information. The website has a domain authority of 69, according to Moz, and boasts over 27,000 articles on various sports. Additionally, “Covers” has a strong social media presence, with 123,000 Twitter followers. These statistics demonstrate that “Covers” is a well-respected and reliable source for sports betting information.



Number of daily visitors 1.5 million
Number of sports covered 30+
Number of betting tools offered 50+
Number of experts on staff 15+

Vegasinsider is an online destination for sports betting enthusiasts, attracting an impressive 1.5 million visitors daily. With over 30 sports covered and 50+ betting tools available, users have access to a wealth of data and insights to inform their gambling choices. Vegasinsider employs more than 15 experts dedicated to providing the latest information and analysis to its users. Its established presence in the market and valuable resources make it a go-to destination for serious sports bettors.



Sportsline Website Founded
Las Vegas Sports Betting sportsline.com 1997

Las Vegas Sports Betting website Sportsline was founded in 1997. The website provides sports betting news, analysis, and predictions for a variety of sports. Sportsline has established itself as a reliable source for sports enthusiasts. The website has a large following, with over 10 million visits every month, according to SimilarWeb. The website is recommended by 83% of its users, according to Trustpilot. Sportsline’s enduring popularity is a testament to its high-quality content and commitment to providing accurate sports information to its users.



1.4 million Monthly visits source
75% Visitors from United States source
42.43% Desktop traffic source
57.57% Mobile traffic source

Scoresandodds provides up-to-date and reliable information about today’s Vegas sports betting. With 1.4 million monthly visits, the website is a popular source for sports enthusiasts. It is mainly visited by users from the United States, accounting for 75% of the visitors. Scoresandodds is optimized for mobile devices, with 57.57% of its traffic coming from mobile devices. Additionally, desktop traffic accounts for 42.43% of the visits.


Doc’s Sports

What Where When
NFL Las Vegas Raiders vs. Denver Broncos Today, September 26, 2021
MLB Los Angeles Angels vs. Seattle Mariners Today, September 26, 2021
NHL Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks Today, September 26, 2021

Doc’s Sports provides today’s Vegas sports betting odds for NFL, MLB, and NHL games. On September 26, 2021, there will be an NFL game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos. In addition, there will be an MLB game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners, as well as an NHL game between the Vegas Golden Knights and the San Jose Sharks. Doc’s Sports can provide accurate and reliable odds for these games, making it a great resource for those looking to place bets on the outcome.

Statistics and data sources:
– NFL: Odds Shark (https://www.oddsshark.com/nfl/odds)
– MLB: Vegas Insider (https://www.vegasinsider.com/mlb/odds/las-vegas/)
– NHL: SportsLine (https://www.sportsline.com/nhl/odds/)



Total annual revenue $61 billion (Statista)
Number of casinos in Las Vegas 104 (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority)
Total amount wagered in 2019 $11.2 billion (Nevada Gaming Control Board)
Number of visitors to Las Vegas in 2019 42.5 million (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority)

Vegas.com is a website that provides information about sports betting in Las Vegas. As of 2021, there are 104 casinos in Las Vegas generating a total annual revenue of $61 billion. In 2019, the total amount wagered in Las Vegas sports betting was $11.2 billion, with 42.5 million visitors to Las Vegas.



Keyword Search Volume Ranking
Today’s Vegas sports betting 2400 #1
Sportsbookreview 4900 #3
Las Vegas sports betting 8100 #5

Today’s Vegas sports betting scene is in full swing, and many enthusiasts rely on Sportsbookreview, one of the most popular online resources for sports betting aficionados. With over 4900 searches per month and a ranking of #3, Sportsbookreview is trusted by countless users who seek big-time thrills and even bigger payouts. Boasting an impressive list of sportsbooks and betting options, Sportsbookreview delivers the ultimate user experience to ensure that even novice bettors can get in on the action. So whether it’s the NFL, MLB, NBA, or any other major sport, Sportsbookreview has got you covered.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of sports betting articles published today 34 ESPN Latest News
Average time spent on sports betting content 4 minutes ESPN Chourney Challenge Talent Survey
Most popular sports betting topic NFL Playoff Picks ESPN NFL Playoff Picks

ESPN.com is a popular sports news website that publishes numerous articles on sports betting. Today, ESPN.com has published 34 articles on the topic, with an average time spent of 4 minutes on their sports betting content. The most popular topic today is NFL Playoff Picks, which can be found on the website’s NFL section.



Total Vegas Sports Betting Market $154.7 million
Projected Annual Growth 7.2%
Actionnetwork Unique Visitors 2.8 million/month
Actionnetwork Twitter Followers 470,000

Actionnetwork is a popular destination for sports betting enthusiasts who enjoy the Vegas scene. With a staggering 2.8 million unique monthly visitors, it’s clear that there is a large market for this type of content. In fact, the total Vegas sports betting market is valued at $154.7 million with a projected annual growth rate of 7.2%. Actionnetwork has also built a strong social media following with 470,000 Twitter followers. These stats demonstrate the value of Actionnetwork’s content for those interested in informed sports betting.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of sports offered 26 https://www.betus.com.pa/sportsbook/
Maximum bet limit $50,000 https://www.betus.com.pa/sportsbook/
Withdrawal options Bitcoin, check, bank wire, Cash App, and more https://www.betus.com.pa/help/
Customer service availability 24/7 https://www.betus.com.pa/help/

BetUS is an online sports betting company that offers a wide range of betting options. With 26 sports available to choose from, customers can place bets on their favorite teams and events. The company also has a large maximum bet limit of $50,000, allowing high rollers to place large bets. Customers have multiple options for withdrawing their winnings, including Bitcoin, check, bank wire, and Cash App. In addition, customer service is available 24/7 for any issues or questions that may arise.

Reference: https://www.betus.com.pa/



Number of daily visitors: 1.5 million
Number of sports betting markets: up to 30,000
Average payout rate: over 98%

Betonline.ag is a popular online sports betting platform that attracts up to 1.5 million daily visitors. With over 30,000 sports betting markets, Betonline.ag is a top choice for many sports bettors. The platform offers an average payout rate of over 98%, making it a favorable option for those looking for high returns. So if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy platform for your sports betting needs, Betonline.ag is definitely worth considering.



Year Total Revenue (in millions) Total Number of Users (in thousands)
2017 27.8 321
2018 39.4 450
2019 48.2 540
2020 62.6 690
2021 78.9 816

Mybookie.ag is a popular and trusted online sportsbook that offers daily Vegas-style betting odds on sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and more. It provides a user-friendly experience and has been successful in the industry since its establishment. With millions of dollars in revenue each year, it is clear that Mybookie.ag attracts a large base of users who enjoy betting on sports. Its total number of users has steadily increased each year, with a significant jump from 2019 to 2020. Mybookie.ag is a reliable option for anyone looking to bet on sports in a safe and secure environment. (Sources: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1172159/global-online-gambling-market-gross-win/, https://www.statista.com/statistics/1186151/number-online-sports-betting-users-usa/)



Over 350 casino games available
Offers mobile betting
Allows betting on a variety of sports
Has a user-friendly interface

Bovada.lv is an online sports betting and casino website that provides a variety of options for users. With over 350 casino games, it offers a diverse selection for those interested in casino gaming. Additionally, mobile betting is available for those who want to access Bovada.lv on-the-go. Users are able to place bets on a variety of sports using this platform. The website is user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for. Overall, Bovada.lv provides a comprehensive and reliable sports betting and casino experience for users.



Website Founded Bonuses Customer Service Restricted Countries
Wagerweb 1994 50% first deposit bonus 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat None listed

Wagerweb is a popular online sports betting website that was founded in 1994. Offering a 50% first deposit bonus and around-the-clock support via phone, email, and live chat, Wagerweb is committed to providing a top-notch betting experience for its users. Furthermore, the website does not explicitly list any restricted countries, suggesting that it is widely accessible. All of these factors contribute to making Wagerweb a prominent and enduring presence in the world of online sports betting.



Intertops Value
Founded 1983
Accepted Countries Over 200
Casino Games 300+
Sports Betting Markets 50+
Customer Service 24/7 Support

Intertops is a casino and sports betting platform which was founded in 1983. It is available in over 200 countries and offers over 300 casino games and 50+ sports betting markets. Intertops also provides 24/7 customer support to its users.



Category Statistic Reference
Revenue $500 million Ibis World
Active Users 1.5 million Bookmaker.eu
Betting Options 30+ sports Bookmaker.eu
Mobile App Availability Available for iOS and Android Bookmaker.eu
Countries Available Over 100 Bookmaker.eu

Bookmaker.eu is a popular online sports betting platform with over 1.5 million active users. It offers over 30 sports to bet on and has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android. With over $500 million in revenue, it is available in over 100 countries.



Total Number of Sports Offered on 5Dimes Over 1,000
Average Payout for Sports Betting on 5Dimes 96.5%
Loyalty Program Offered on 5Dimes Yes
Accepted Payment Methods on 5Dimes Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders, Bank Wires, Person-to-Person Transfers

5Dimes.eu is a popular online sportsbook known for offering over 1,000 sports and leagues to bet on, with an average payout rate of 96.5%. In addition, 5Dimes offers a loyalty program to reward frequent users. The site accepts various payment methods, including Bitcoin, credit cards, checks, money orders, bank wires, and person-to-person transfers. These statistics are readily available on the 5Dimes.eu website.


Heritage Sports

Category Statistic Reference
Annual revenue $23.67 million ZoomInfo
Employees 87 ZoomInfo
Number of users over 100,000 Heritage Sports website
Types of sports offered 40+ Heritage Sports website

Heritage Sports is a popular Vegas sports betting platform with an annual revenue of $23.67 million and 87 employees. With over 100,000 users, Heritage Sports offers over 40 types of sports to bet on, making it a comprehensive betting platform for both casual and professional sports gamblers.



Statistic Value Reference
Monthly Visitors 310,000 SimilarWeb
Monthly Pageviews 2.1 million SimilarWeb
Global Alexa Rank 901,393 Alexa
Number of Sports Offered 14 Betnow.eu
Bonus Offer 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 Betnow.eu

Betnow.eu is a popular online destination for sports betting enthusiasts. With over 310,000 monthly visitors and 2.1 million monthly pageviews, the site offers a variety of sporting events to bet on, with 14 different sports available. Betnow.eu also offers a generous welcome bonus of 50% up to $1,000 for new users. According to Alexa rankings, the site has a global rank of 901,393.



90% Odds offered for NFL games
80% Odds offered for NBA games
70% Odds offered for MLB games

Sportsbetting.ag is one of the most popular online sports betting platforms, offering odds for a range of sports events including NFL, NBA, and MLB games. With a success rate of 90% in providing odds for NFL games, Sportsbetting.ag gives its customers a competitive edge in the betting market. Their offerings of 80% and 70% for NBA and MLB games respectively, make them one of the top providers in the industry. If you are looking for Vegas-style sports betting at your fingertips, Sportsbetting.ag is the way to go. (References: Statista, Sportsbetting.ag)



Category Statistics Reference
Number of visitors per month 1.2 million SimilarWeb
Betting options available Over 20 sports Justbet.cx
Bonuses available for new users Up to $1000 Justbet.cx
Customer service options 24/7 live chat, phone, email Justbet.cx

Justbet.cx is a popular online sports betting website that receives an average of 1.2 million visitors per month. They offer a wide range of betting options for over 20 sports. New users are also eligible for bonuses up to $1000. Customer service is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email.



Total Number of Bets Offered Over 500,000 daily
Minimum Bet Amount $1 online, $50 phone
Max Bet Amount $5,000 online, $20,000 phone
Payout Speed 24-48 hours

Youwager.eu is a popular online sports betting destination, offering over 500,000 bets daily for players worldwide. With a minimum bet amount of $1 online and $50 over the phone, players have the flexibility to make wagers according to their budget and preferences. The max bet allowed online is $5,000 while bets over the phone can go as high as $20,000. In terms of payout speed, Youwager.eu processes withdrawals within 24 to 48 hours. These statistics make it a reliable and popular option for players looking to bet on sporting events.



Total number of sports offered 23
Average time to process withdrawals 48 hours
Number of active users 500,000+
Mobile compatibility score 9/10

Xbet.ag is a popular sports betting website in Las Vegas, offering a wide variety of sports to bet on. With a total of 23 sports to choose from, users can enjoy betting on anything from football to horse racing. The website is also mobile-friendly, with a compatibility score of 9 out of 10. Xbet.ag has over 500,000 active users, and withdrawals are processed on average within 48 hours.



Stats Values
Total Sports Offered 25+
Bonuses Up to $2500
Deposit Methods Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer
Withdrawal Methods Bitcoin, Bank Wire, Check
Minimum Deposit $20
Minimum Bet $1
Mobile Betting Yes

BetDSI.eu is a popular online sportsbook where you can place bets on various sports and gaming events. With over 25 different sports to bet on, including football, basketball, and baseball, there are plenty of options to choose from. BetDSI.eu also offers bonuses of up to $2500, making it a great place to get started with sports betting. You can deposit funds through Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and wire transfer, and withdraw winnings through Bitcoin, bank wire, or check. The site has a minimum deposit of $20 and a minimum bet of $1, and is also accessible through mobile devices. With its wide range of sports, payment options, and bonuses, BetDSI.eu is a great choice for sports betting enthusiasts.

– https://www.betdsi.eu/
– https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/betting-sites/betdsi/



Category Statistic Reference
Revenue $98.93 million Statista
Market Share 3.2% iGaming Business
Number of Employees 150-200 LinkedIn

GTbets.eu is a sports betting website that has a revenue of $98.93 million and a market share of 3.2%. It has an estimated 150-200 employees.



Total number of sports available for betting: 60+
Average betting odds: -110
Live betting available: Yes
Mobile betting available: Yes
Minimum bet amount: $1

Betphoenix.ag offers more than 60 sports to bet on with an average betting odd of -110. Live and mobile betting are both available for users. The minimum bet amount is $1. Betphoenix.ag provides users with a variety of options for sports betting.



Category Statistic
Website Rank 2,137,540
Estimated Visitors 1,010
Pageviews 1,293

Jazzsports.ag is a popular online sports betting website that offers a variety of betting options on various sports events including NBA, NFL, and MLB. As of now, the website ranks at 2,137,540 and is estimated to receive 1,010 visitors with 1,293 pageviews per day. Jazzsports.ag provides users with betting odds, up-to-date news and match analysis that could help them make informed betting decisions. With its user-friendly interface and reliable service, Jazzsports.ag has become one of the top choices for sports bettors looking for a trustworthy platform to place their bets.



Total number of sports betting options available on Betalliance.ag 1,000+
Number of featured sports leagues on Betalliance.ag 20+
Average payout percentage on Betalliance.ag 94.5%
Number of active users on Betalliance.ag 50,000+

Betalliance.ag offers over 1,000+ sports betting options on their platform with more than 20+ featured sports leagues. The average payout percentage on Betalliance.ag is 94.5%. The platform has over 50,000+ active users. These statistics demonstrate the comprehensive coverage and appeal of Betalliance.ag to sports betting enthusiasts.



Category Statistic Reference
Sports Betting Over 90 sports available for betting https://www.betmania.ag/sportsbook
Live Betting More than 50,000 live events offered each month https://www.betmania.ag/live-betting
Casino Games Over 200 casino games available https://www.betmania.ag/casino
Promotions Up to $1,000 welcome bonus for new customers https://www.betmania.ag/promotions

Betmania.ag is a top-tier sports betting platform that offers over 90 different sports to bet on. With more than 50,000 live events offered each month, Betmania.ag is a premier choice for live betting. In addition to sports betting, Betmania.ag also features over 200 casino games for players to enjoy. For new customers, Betmania.ag offers a generous welcome bonus of up to $1,000. With its vast offerings and competitive promotions, Betmania.ag is the go-to destination for sports betting enthusiasts. References for these statistics can be found on the Betmania.ag website.


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