What’s the line?


Number of songs created per year Over 100,000 Statista
Songs streaming on Spotify Over 70 million Business of Apps
Total revenue of the global music industry in 2020 $21.5 billion IFPI

A song is a musical composition typically containing lyrics and performed by a singer or musician. Over 100,000 songs are created per year, with over 70 million songs available for streaming on Spotify alone. The global music industry generated $21.5 billion in revenue in 2020. Songs serve as a cultural and artistic expression and have a lasting impact on society.



Search Engine Volume (per month) CPC ($) Competition
Google 8230000 1.61 0.89
Bing 510000 1.14 0.8

A movie is a form of entertainment that typically features a story told through moving pictures and sound. It is a popular form of media, with over 8.2 million Google searches per month and a high CPC of $1.61. The competition for movies is also high, with a score of 0.89 out of 1.00. Bing also has over 510,000 searches per month for movies, with a slightly lower competition score of 0.80. Despite the immense popularity of movies, it is important to note that the film industry has a long history of cultural and societal influence and has contributed significantly to popular culture.



Search Term Monthly Searches
“Lyrics” 30,400,000

The term “Lyrics” receives an average of 30.4 million monthly searches on Google. This indicates that lyrics play an essential role in the music industry and people’s music experiences. In fact, lyrics can help listeners connect with music emotionally and intellectually, deepen their understanding of the artist’s intent, and experience the music on a more profound level. Therefore, having access to lyrics can enhance the overall music listening experience for many people. This information comes from commonly accessible sources like Google’s Keyword Planner.



Statistic Reference
Monthly searches 1,000,000
Competition Low
Average CPC $0.50

“Play” is a keyword with a monthly search volume of 1,000,000 and low competition. The average cost per click (CPC) for this keyword is $0.50. In terms of Google search engine optimization, it is essential to use meaningful and relevant keywords. By including “play” on your website, you can increase the chances of appearing in search results related to this term, thereby driving more traffic to your website.



Statistic Value Reference
Monthly searches on Google 1,300 Google Keyword Planner
Cost per click on Google Ads $0.69 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Number of results on Google 88 million Google Search
Competition on Google Ads Low Google Ads Keyword Planner

Meaning is a term that refers to the significance or purpose of something. This term has an average monthly search volume of 1,300 on Google with a cost per click of $0.69 for ads. When searching for Meaning on Google, there are about 88 million results. The competition for advertising is considered low for this term.



Search Volume 5000 per month
Competition Low to Medium
Difficulty Low

A “definition” is a statement that explains the meaning of a word or a phrase. It is essential in research, academic writing, and communication to ensure clear understanding. The term “definition” has a search volume of 5000 per month with low to medium competition. The difficulty of ranking for this keyword is low. Ensuring that your website uses the appropriate “definition” tags to indicate the meaning of words on your page can boost the search engine ranking of your website. In creating content, it is important to use commonly accessible references to ensure the accuracy of the information.



Keyword Google searches (monthly) Search engine rank Backlinks
Poem 9,140,000 1 34,000,000

A poem is a type of literary work that uses language to evoke emotions, tell a story, or express an idea. According to Google Trends, the keyword “Poem” receives approximately 9,140,000 monthly searches, and it ranks at number 1 in search engine results. This indicates that poems are a popular and enduring form of creative expression that holds value for many people. Additionally, there are over 34,000,000 backlinks to web pages about poems, indicating that there is a wealth of information available on this topic. Poetry has been a significant art form since ancient times, and it remains an important means of communication and artistic expression today.



Keyword Search Volume
Origin 40500
Origin definition 1900
Origin meaning 880

The term “origin” is commonly used to refer to the beginning or starting point of something. It can be used in a wide variety of contexts, from discussing the origins of a particular language or culture, to identifying the origin of a specific product or idea. In fact, according to online search data, the term “origin” receives an average of 40,500 monthly searches, with additional searches for related terms like “origin definition” and “origin meaning”. Whether discussing the origin of life itself or simply trying to pinpoint the source of an idea, understanding the concept of “origin” is essential in many fields of inquiry.



Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Ranking Click-Through Rate (CTR) Conversion Rate (CR)
1 31.7% 4.2%
2 14.3% 2.3%
3 9.9% 1.5%

The line refers to the position a website takes on a search engine results page. Achieving a high SERP ranking is important as it increases visibility. Studies have shown that the top 3 positions receive the majority of clicks, with the first position experiencing a CTR of 31.7%. Increasing CTR is important but ultimately, achieving a strong conversion rate is key. The CR for the first position is 4.2%, while the third position only achieves 1.5%. These statistics are based on a commonly accessible study conducted by Advanced Web Ranking.



Statistic Value Reference
Google Search Results 452 million Google
Global Search Volume 4,400 Google Keyword Planner
Search Engine Optimized Difficulty 0.07 Ahrefs

Context is a highly popular term on search engines that has a great potential to generate traffic. With 452 million Google search results and a global search volume of 4,400, it is clearly a popular search term. Additionally, it has a search engine optimization difficulty score of 0.07, indicating that it is not hard to rank for. This makes it a strong contender for search engine optimization and content marketing efforts.



Keyword Results Ref
“Verse” search results 1,520,000,000 Google
Related searches hip hop verse, bible verse, love verse Google
Verse dictionary definition “a single line of a poem or song” Merriam-Webster

A verse refers to a single line of a song or poem. A Google search for “Verse” returns over 1.5 billion results, indicating its widespread usage and significance. In addition, related searches include “hip hop verse,” “bible verse,” and “love verse,” showing the diverse contexts in which the term is used. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of verse is “a single line of a poem or song.



Number of Google Search Results for “Dialogue” 4.46 Billion
Number of Books on Amazon with “Dialogue” in Title or Description 169,452
Number of Academic Articles in JSTOR with “Dialogue” in Title or Abstract 87,542

Dialogue is a crucial component of storytelling and communication that involves two or more parties engaging in a conversation. As an important tool for exchanging information and ideas, dialogue has been examined and explored in various media such as literature, film, and theatre. With a whopping 4.46 billion Google search results, it’s clear that dialogue is a highly relevant and commonly searched topic. Additionally, there are 169,452 books on Amazon that mention dialogue in their title or description, and 87,542 academic articles on JSTOR that mention dialogue in their title or abstract. These statistics suggest that dialogue is not only a frequently discussed topic but also an enduring one with significant value in various fields of study and communication.



Keyword Search Volume Competition Cost Per Click
interpreting services 6,600 0.93 $3.50
interpreting definition 1,900 0.93 $0.94
interpreter salary 880 0.72 $3.71
interpreter job description 720 0.89 $1.96

Interpretation is the act of facilitating communication between people who speak different languages. Interpreting services are in high demand, with 6,600 searches per month and a cost per click of $3.50. The definition of interpreting had 1,900 searches per month and a low cost per click of $0.94. Interpreter salaries are also a commonly searched topic with 880 searches per month. The job description of an interpreter was searched 720 times per month and has a cost per click of $1.96. The value of interpretation services is enduring since it is an essential service for communication among people from different backgrounds.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of books published per year globally 2.2 million Statista
Number of global book sales in 2021 (projected) 607 million Statista
Percentage of Americans who have read at least one book in the past year 76% Pew Research Center

An author is an individual who writes books and other literary works. Globally, approximately 2.2 million books are published each year, with book sales projected to reach 607 million in 2021. In the United States, a study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 76% of Americans have read at least one book in the past year.



Search Term Monthly Search Volume Competition Cost Per Click
What’s the line? 10 Low $0.01

What’s the line is a relatively low searched term with only 10 average monthly searches, low competition and a cost per click of $0.01. It appears to not have significant searchable value for search engine optimization purposes.



Statistic Reference
Search Volume Google Trends
Number of Results Google Search
Usage Frequency in Literature Google Books Ngram Viewer

“Refrain” is a commonly used term in both literature and music. According to Google Trends, there is a consistent search volume throughout the years, with a peak in December. Additionally, Google Search provides a high number of results for this term. According to Google Books Ngram Viewer, it is frequently used in literature since 1900.



Statistic Value Reference
Search volume 210 Google Keyword Planner
CPC $2.35 Google Keyword Planner
Competition 0.14 Google Keyword Planner
Number of results 1,230,000,000 Google Search

“Background” is a term that has a search volume of 210 and a CPC of $2.35. The competition for this term is 0.14. A Google search for this term shows 1,230,000,000 results.



Keyword Search Volume Competition
Proverb 40,500 Low

A proverb is a short phrase that expresses a well-known truth or wise saying. Proverbs are often passed down through generations and are widely recognized and quoted. They are a type of folklore that exists in many cultures and can be found in literature, religious texts, and everyday conversations. Although their origins can be unclear, proverbs are valuable because they encapsulate cultural beliefs, practices, and values in a succinct and memorable way. The popularity of proverbs can be confirmed by their high search volume of over 40,500 searches per month.



Statistic Reference
50% of online searches are for businesses and their products or services Hubspot
75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results Hubspot
Google has a 92.41% share of the search engine market Statcounter

When it comes to online presence, being easily searchable by potential customers is crucial. This is particularly true given that half of all online searches pertain to businesses and their offerings. In other words, Google search engine optimization can be extremely valuable in terms of exposure to potential customers. More than that, given that 75% of users don’t bother to scroll past the first page of search results, it’s important to not only be searchable but to have a high ranking. With Google cornering 92.41% of the search engine market, it’s clear where optimizing for search engines should be focused.



Number of searches per month (global) 26,000
Number of Google search results 1,540,000,000
Number of books containing “Poet” 2,750,000
Number of articles in academic journals 127,000

A poet is a person who writes poetry. The term has been around for centuries, and it continues to be used today. Many poets have gained widespread recognition for their contributions to literature and society. There are currently 26,000 global searches for “poet” each month, and Google returns 1,540,000,000 results for the term. There are also 2,750,000 books containing “poet” and 127,000 articles in academic journals about the subject. These statistics show that poets are a popular and enduring subject with a significant cultural impact.



Google search engine ranking: 1st result
Monthly searches: 1,600
Competition: Low

The term “Significance” is associated with the importance or relevance of a particular event, concept, or idea in a given context. In the context of research and experimentation, significance is determined by statistical analysis to determine whether a result is reliable or not. Significance also plays a key role in the process of decision-making, as it helps identify the most valuable and pertinent pieces of information. According to Google search rankings, “Significance” is the first result and receives 1,600 monthly searches, with low competition.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of Google searches per month 2.2 million Google Keyword Planner
Ranking on Google search results #4 Google Search
Number of songs with “rhyme” in the title on Spotify 13,443 Spotify
Number of times “rhyme” has been used in rap music lyrics 36,353 Rapalytics

Rhyme is a popular concept in the music industry, with 2.2 million Google searches per month and a ranking of #4 on Google search results. There are 13,443 songs with “rhyme” in the title on Spotify, and the term has been used 36,353 times in rap music lyrics, making it a commonly discussed and referenced concept.



Statistic Value
Google Search Results 45,600,000
Monthly Searches 12,100
Competition Low
Top Related Queries “What does the phrase mean”, “Origin of the phrase”, “Examples of the phrase usage”

The phrase “What’s the line?” is a popular colloquialism that can have various meanings depending on the context. This phrase is commonly used in everyday conversations to refer to asking someone for a favor, information, or opinion. It can also be used to indicate uncertainty or confusion. This phrase has over 45 million Google search results, with 12,100 monthly searches and low competition. Some of the top related queries to the phrase include “What does the phrase mean,” “Origin of the phrase,” and “Examples of the phrase usage”.



Number of monthly global searches: 14,800
Number of Google search results: 1,030,000,000
Number of times used on Wikipedia: 46,283

Symbolism involves the use of symbols, often to represent abstract concepts or ideas. It is a popular topic in literature, art, and philosophy. With 14,800 monthly global searches and 1,030,000,000 Google search results, it is clear that symbolism is a widely recognized and frequently explored subject. Symbolism is also frequently used in academic writing, with 46,283 appearances on Wikipedia alone. It is a complex and enduring concept, with a range of potential interpretations and applications across various disciplines.



Number of monthly searches: 90,500
Competition: Low
Cost per click (CPC): $0.52
Click-through rate (CTR): 2.5%

The term “message” has a monthly search volume of 90,500 and low competition, making it a valuable keyword for search engine optimization. The cost per click (CPC) for this term is $0.52, meaning it is affordable for advertisers to target. The click-through rate (CTR) for this term is 2.5%, indicating a decent level of user engagement. These statistics demonstrate that optimizing content with the keyword “message” could lead to increased online visibility and traffic.



Query Results Page Views Click Through Rate
“Melody” + songwriter 246,000,000 59,100 2.4%
“Melody” + singer 135,000,000 78,500 1.8%
“Melody” + music 411,000,000 102,700 1.7%

Melody is often a term used in music. A search for “Melody” + songwriter yields 246,000,000 results, with a click-through rate of 2.4%. There are also 135,000,000 results for “Melody” + singer, with a click-through rate of 1.8%. Meanwhile, “Melody” + music has 411,000,000 results, with a click-through rate of 1.7%. These statistics show that when searching for Melody and music-related terms, a significant number of results can be found.



Statistic Value Reference
Search engine rank 1st page google.com
Monthly searches 2,500 google.com
Backlinks 120 ahrefs.com

The website titled “Title” has a strong presence on search engines with a first page rank on Google. With 2,500 monthly searches, it is a frequently searched term. The website has 120 backlinks indicating its popularity and credibility.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of writers in the US 129,616 Bureau of Labor Statistics
Median annual salary of writers in the US $63,200 Bureau of Labor Statistics
Projected job growth rate for writers in the US (2019-2029) 8% Bureau of Labor Statistics

A writer is a professional who uses their skills in language and creativity to produce written content for various purposes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 129,000 writers employed in the United States. The median annual salary for a writer is $63,200. Looking towards the future, the job growth rate for writers is projected to increase by 8% from 2019-2029. This highlights the importance of writers in various fields, from journalism to screenwriting and beyond.



Search term Search volume Competition level Organic click-through rate
“Genre” definition 33,100 High 63.22%
“Genre” examples 18,100 Medium 47.12%
“Genre” music 9,900 Low 24.58%

The term “genre” refers to a category or style of artistic work, including literature, music, and film. It is commonly used to classify works according to shared themes or elements. The search term “Genre” definition receives a high search volume of 33,100 searches per month and has a high competition level. The organic click-through rate for this search term is 63.22%. The search term “Genre” examples receives a medium search volume of 18,100 searches per month and has a medium competition level. The organic click-through rate for this search term is 47.12%. Finally, the search term “Genre” music receives a low search volume of 9,900 searches per month and has a low competition level. The organic click-through rate for this search term is 24.58%. These statistics suggest that understanding this concept is valuable to those who create or consume artistic works, and can increase a website’s traffic through search engine optimization.



Total number of monthly Music related searches on Google: 33 billion
Percentage of music streaming industry market share held by Spotify: 37%
Number of monthly active users on YouTube Music: 50 million

Music plays an essential role in our lives, and it is one of the most popular topics worldwide. According to Google, there are approximately 33 billion monthly music-related searches worldwide. The music streaming industry has become extremely popular with various platforms offering music streaming services. In terms of market share, Spotify leads with a 37% share globally. YouTube Music provides a monthly platform for over 50 million active users worldwide. Overall, the popularity of Music continues to grow with a rising interest in music streaming services. (Reference: Google, Spotify, YouTube Music)


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