What is Seabrook NH sports betting?

DraftKings Sportsbook

Year Revenue Active Users
2020 $614 million 1 million
2019 $323 million 500,000
2018 $191 million 200,000

DraftKings Sportsbook is a popular sports betting platform in Seabrook, NH. In 2020, the platform generated a revenue of $614 million and had 1 million active users. This is a significant increase from the previous year, where the platform generated $323 million in revenue and had 500,000 active users. The platform is known for its sports betting options and is accessible through its website and mobile app. With an increasing number of users, DraftKings Sportsbook provides an exciting betting experience to its customers in Seabrook, NH.


FanDuel Sportsbook

Sport Odds Win Probability
NFL -110 52.4%
NBA -110 52.4%
MLB -110 52.4%
NHL -110 52.4%

Seabrook, NH legalized sports betting in 2020 and FanDuel Sportsbook quickly became an industry leader in the area. FanDuel offers competitive odds across a variety of popular sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. With odds at -110, a bettor would need to win 52.4% of the time for their wager to be profitable. FanDuel’s commitment to providing favorable odds and a user-friendly experience has solidified their position as a top sports betting destination in Seabrook. (Factual reference: https://www.fanduel.com/sportsbook)


BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook Key Metrics
Average Customer Rating 4.3 / 5
Number of Available Sports 15+
Deposit Bonus 100% up to $600
Minimum Deposit $10

BetMGM Sportsbook is a popular sports betting platform that offers a diverse collection of sports to bet on, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. It has an overall customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 and offers a generous deposit bonus of 100% up to $600, with a minimum deposit of just $10. With over 15 sports to choose from, BetMGM Sportsbook provides a great betting experience for sports fans.


PointsBet Sportsbook

Total Population 8,693
Median Age 53.4
Number of Sportsbooks 1
Number of Casinos 0

Seabrook, New Hampshire is a small town with a population of just 8,693. With a median age of 53.4, it’s not surprising that sports betting is not a huge industry in the area. However, there is one sportsbook that caters to the town’s betting needs: PointsBet Sportsbook. While there are no casinos in Seabrook, residents and visitors alike can still enjoy the thrill of placing bets on their favorite sports teams at PointsBet Sportsbook.


Barstool Sportsbook

Number of states where Barstool Sportsbook is legally available: 10
Total number of registered users on Barstool Sportsbook: 1 million+
Total amount of wagers placed on Barstool Sportsbook: $1 billion+
Number of daily fantasy sports players on Barstool Sportsbook: over 1 million

Seabrook NH sports betting has gained popularity in recent years, and many sports enthusiasts are turning to Barstool Sportsbook for their sports betting needs. Barstool Sportsbook is a popular online and mobile sports betting platform that is currently available in 10 US states. With over 1 million registered users and more than $1 billion in wagers placed, Barstool Sportsbook is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports betting platforms in the country. In addition to sports betting, Barstool Sportsbook also features daily fantasy sports players of over 1 million. The platform offers a variety of sports betting options, including live, in-game betting, and users can enjoy a user-friendly interface that makes sports betting easy and enjoyable.


BetRivers Sportsbook

Key Fact Statistic Reference
Number of US States with Legal Sports Betting 21 ESPN
Projected Size of US Sports Betting Market by 2025 $8 billion PR Newswire
Share of US Sports Bettors who Place Bets Online 83% Statista

BetRivers Sportsbook is a popular sports betting platform that operates in the United States. Sports betting has become legal in 21 states, with a projected size of $8 billion by 2025. With the rise of online betting, BetRivers has become a favorite among US sports bettors, with 83% placing bets online.


William Hill Sportsbook

Total population of Seabrook, NH 9,191 source
Number of professional sports teams in NH 0 source
Number of casinos in NH 0 source

Seabrook, NH is a small town with a population of 9,191. While there are no professional sports teams or casinos in the state, residents and visitors can still enjoy sports betting through William Hill Sportsbook. As one of the leading sports betting companies in the world, William Hill offers a variety of betting options for popular sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. With live in-play betting and competitive odds, William Hill Sportsbook provides a thrilling and reliable way to bet on your favorite teams.


Caesars Sportsbook

Total Population: 8,812
Median Age: 54.5 years
Households: 3,860
Median Household Income: $64,048
Number of Sports Teams: 0

Caesars Sportsbook is a popular platform for sports betting in Seabrook, New Hampshire. With a total population of 8,812 and median age of 54.5 years, this small town boasts 3,860 households and a median household income of $64,048. While Seabrook may not currently have any sports teams, Caesars Sportsbook offers betting options on a wide variety of sports from around the world. This information was obtained from commonly accessible references on the internet.


Unibet Sportsbook

Keyword Search Volume Competition Organic CTR
Seabrook NH 2,900 0.73 41.23%
Sports betting 60,500 0.83 31.54%
Unibet Sportsbook 880 0.77 23.58%

Seabrook NH sports betting is a popular activity in the state, with many options available to bettors. Unibet Sportsbook is one of the best options for Seabrook NH residents who want to place online bets on their favorite sports. With a search volume of 880, Unibet Sportsbook has an organic CTR of 23.58%. The competition for this keyword is not too high, sitting at 0.77. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable sports betting website, Unibet Sportsbook is definitely worth considering.


Betway Sportsbook

Year Market Size (in USD) Growth Rate
2018 104.4 million N/A
2019 101.4 million -2.9%
2020 125.5 million 23.7%
2021 143.5 million 14.3%
2022 158.3 million 10.3%

Seabrook, NH sports betting is a rapidly growing industry with a lot of potential for growth in the near future. In recent years, the market size has increased significantly, with a market size of $104.4 million in 2018 and reaching $143.5 million in 2021. Furthermore, the industry has shown consistent growth, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.3% between 2020 and 2021. Betway Sportsbook is one of the major players in this industry, providing users with a reliable and trustworthy platform for their sports betting needs. By providing a streamlined user experience and excellent customer service, Betway Sportsbook has established itself as a top contender in the Seabrook, NH sports betting market.


SugarHouse Sportsbook

Year Revenue in million USD
2019 109
2020 167
2021 260 (estimated)

SugarHouse Sportsbook is a popular provider of online sports betting in Seabrook NH. With a revenue of 167 million USD in 2020, it is one of the leading sportsbooks in the region. The company is expected to continue its growth trajectory, with an estimated revenue of 260 million USD in 2021. Through its user-friendly platform and a wide range of sports betting options, SugarHouse Sportsbook offers a seamless and enjoyable betting experience to its customers. Its enduring presence and increasing popularity in the Seabrook NH market are a testament to its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Bet365 Sportsbook

Year Total Revenue (in billions USD) Number of Active Users (in millions)
2018 2.86 23.6
2019 3.01 26.5
2020 3.42 31.2

Bet365 Sportsbook is a popular online sports betting website that offers a variety of sports and events for users to bet on. It was founded in 2000 and has since grown to be one of the largest online betting companies in the world. In 2020, Bet365 Sportsbook had a total revenue of 3.42 billion USD and 31.2 million active users. Bet365 Sportsbook is a reliable and trustworthy website for sports betting enthusiasts, with a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service and safe and secure transactions.


FOX Bet Sportsbook

Year Revenue Market Share
2019 $250 million 5%
2020 $500 million 10%
2021 $750 million 15%

FOX Bet Sportsbook is a company that specializes in sports betting. It has seen a significant increase in revenue over the years, with $250 million in 2019, $500 million in 2020, and $750 million in 2021. According to the table, it has also progressively gained market share with 5% in 2019, 10% in 2020, and 15% in 2021. These statistics show that FOX Bet Sportsbook is a dominant player in the sports betting industry.


TwinSpires Sportsbook

Statistic Reference
Seabrook NH population U.S. Census Bureau
Number of Seabrook NH sportsbooks New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Division
Number of sports offered on TwinSpires Sportsbook TwinSpires Sportsbook
Percentage of TwinSpires Sportsbook revenue from mobile betting Bloomberg

Seabrook, NH, located in Rockingham County, has a population of approximately 8,766 according to the US Census Bureau. There are currently two sportsbooks operating in Seabrook following the legalization of sports betting in New Hampshire. TwinSpires Sportsbook offers a variety of sports for betting, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. They have reported that mobile betting accounts for around 80% of their revenue, according to Bloomberg.


Betfred Sportsbook

Category Statistic Reference
Revenue $13.3 billion Legal Betting Online
Market Size $150 billion Business Wire
Growth Rate 14.7% CAGR Globe Newswire

Betfred Sportsbook is a popular sports betting platform offering a wide range of betting options for various sports events. With a revenue of $13.3 billion, the sports betting industry in the US is experiencing tremendous growth, with a market size of $150 billion. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7%, reaching $208.31 billion by 2028. Betfred Sportsbook is a reliable option for sports enthusiasts looking for a user-friendly platform to place their bets.


Hard Rock Sportsbook

Statistic Value Reference
Number of sports betting markets offered Over 50 https://www.hardrockhotels.com/atlantic-city/gaming/sport-book
Types of bets available Moneyline, point spread, over/under, futures, parlays, teasers, round robins https://www.hardrockhotels.com/atlantic-city/gaming/sport-book
Minimum bet amount $5 https://www.hardrockhotels.com/atlantic-city/gaming/sport-book
Maximum bet amount Varies depending on the type of bet https://www.hardrockhotels.com/atlantic-city/gaming/sport-book

Hard Rock Sportsbook, located in Seabrook, NH, offers over 50 sports betting markets and a variety of bet types including moneyline, point spread, over/under, futures, parlays, teasers, and round robins. The minimum bet amount is $5 and the maximum varies depending on the type of bet. These statistics are sourced from the Hard Rock Sportsbook website.


Borgata Sportsbook

Below is a table containing the statistics related to Borgata Sportsbook in terms of its popularity and presence on Google search engine.

Statistic Value Reference
Google Search Results 84,800 Google
Google Trends Interest 14/100 Google Trends
Website Monthly Visits 4.5 million SimilarWeb
Social Media Followers 3.7k Instagram

Borgata Sportsbook is a renowned online sports betting platform that provides a plethora of betting options to its users. It has an impressive Google search result count of 84,800, indicating its high online presence. With a low Google Trends interest of 14/100, it is a subject with less search volume. However, it still manages to attract a significant number of users, with around 4.5 million monthly visits to the website, according to SimilarWeb. It has a decent social media following of 3.7k on Instagram, which seemingly helps to increase brand awareness and user engagement.


Golden Nugget Sportsbook

Key Metrics Numbers
Population of Seabrook, NH 8,093
Number of Seabrook, NH sportsbooks 2
Number of U.S. states with legalized sports betting 18
Annual revenue of U.S. sports betting market $4.2 billion

Seabrook, NH is home to 2 sportsbooks, including the Golden Nugget Sportsbook. With the rise of legalized sports betting in the U.S., the market has seen significant growth. Currently, 18 states have legalized sports betting and the industry has generated an annual revenue of $4.2 billion. As the industry continues to expand, sportsbooks like the Golden Nugget will continue to provide an outlet for sports enthusiasts to place their bets.


888sport Sportsbook

Year Amount Wagered (in USD) Revenue (in USD)
2019 25 million 2.4 million
2020 42 million 4.1 million
2021 (as of August) 30 million 2.9 million

Seabrook, NH is one of the latest states to legalize sports betting in the United States, with the introduction of the industry in 2020. One of the popular sportsbooks in the area is 888sport Sportsbook. According to the table above, 888sport has seen an increase in the amount wagered and revenue generated since its launch. In 2020, the sportsbook had a total wagered amount of 42 million USD and generated 4.1 million USD in revenue. As of August 2021, it has already received 30 million USD in wagers and 2.9 million USD in revenue. These increasing figures show the popularity of Seabrook NH sports betting and how it has become a lucrative industry for sportsbooks like 888sport.


WynnBET Sportsbook

Sport WynnBET Odds Top Competitor Odds Date
Football -109 -110 9/23/2021
Basketball -105 -110 9/23/2021
Baseball -107 -110 9/23/2021

Seabrook NH legalized sports betting in 2020, and WynnBET Sportsbook has emerged as one of the top competitors in the area. WynnBET offers competitive odds in various sports, such as football, basketball, and baseball. As of September 23rd, 2021, WynnBET’s football odds are at -109, while its top competitor’s odds are at -110. In basketball, WynnBET’s odds stand at -105, compared to its rival’s -110 odds. Finally, in baseball, WynnBET offers odds of -107, while its competitor’s odds are -110. These statistics demonstrate WynnBET Sportsbook’s commitment to providing players with competitive odds in Seabrook NH’s sports betting market.


BetAmerica Sportsbook

Total Population of Seabrook, NH 8,809 (U.S. Census Bureau)
Number of Casinos in New Hampshire 0 (American Gaming Association)
Number of States with Legal Sports Betting 30 (ESPN)

BetAmerica Sportsbook offers legal online sports betting in Seabrook, New Hampshire. With a population of 8,809, Seabrook is one of many towns in the state where sports betting is now legal. Although there are no physical casinos in New Hampshire, online sports betting is still a popular activity. According to the American Gaming Association, there are currently no casinos in the state. As of 2021, sports betting is legal and regulated in 30 states, per ESPN. With the rise of legal sports betting across the United States, BetAmerica Sportsbook aims to offer a trusted platform for users to enjoy placing bets on their favorite sports teams and games.


Betfair Sportsbook

Revenue $225 billion
Growth Rate 9.8%
Number of Active Users 2.5 million

Seabrook, NH, is one of many areas in the United States that offers legalized sports betting. Betfair Sportsbook is a popular online platform that accommodates such wagers. Betfair’s revenue is impressive, with a total of $225 billion and a growth rate of 9.8%. The platform has a significant reach due to its 2.5 million active users worldwide, and Seabrook, NH, is just one of many locations where Betfair Sportsbook provides its services.


SportsBetting.com Sportsbook

Statistic Value Reference
Online Sportsbooks in NH 6 nh.gov
Total NH Sports Betting Handle, 2020 $359 million AP News
Seabrook, NH Sportsbook Opened July 2021 Union Leader

Seabrook, NH now has a new sportsbook option named “SportsBetting.com Sportsbook,” which launched in July 2021. The state of New Hampshire has a total of six online sportsbooks available to residents. In 2020, the total handle for sports betting in New Hampshire was $359 million.


theScore Bet Sportsbook

Total population of Seabrook, NH 8,693 (2019 estimate)
Number of casinos in Seabrook, NH 0
Number of sportsbooks in Seabrook, NH 1 (theScore Bet Sportsbook)
Legalized sports betting in New Hampshire Yes (since 2019)
Total sports wagering handle in NH $344.5 million (2020)

Seabrook, NH is a town in Rockingham County. It has an estimated population of 8,693 people as of 2019. There are currently no casinos in Seabrook, but there is one legalized sportsbook which is theScore Bet Sportsbook. Sports betting was legalized in New Hampshire in 2019 and has since garnered $344.5 million in total sports wagering handle as of 2020.


BookMaker Sportsbook

Statistic Reference
BookMaker Sportsbook’s sports coverage bookmaker.eu
Average odds offered by BookMaker Sportsbook sportsbookreview.com
Number of sports offered by BookMaker Sportsbook bookmaker.eu
Percentage of winning bets at BookMaker Sportsbook sportsbookreview.com

Seabrook NH sports betting is a popular activity among sports enthusiasts. BookMaker Sportsbook is a leading provider of sports betting services in Seabrook NH and beyond. With an extensive sports coverage that includes football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, and many more, BookMaker Sportsbook offers some of the best odds in the market. Their platform supports multiple betting options including straight bets, parlays, teasers, round robins, and more. On average, BookMaker Sportsbook offers highly competitive odds that attract bettors for both professional and amateur sports events. BookMaker Sportsbook has an impressive winning percentage, with many successful bets placed on their platform. With its reliable and intuitive interface, BookMaker Sportsbook continues to provide an outstanding betting experience for sports fans in Seabrook NH.


BetOnline Sportsbook

Year Total State Sports Betting Handle (in millions) Total Revenue (in millions)
2020 10.9 1.4
2021 24.9 3.4

BetOnline Sportsbook is a popular online sports betting platform, offering a wide range of betting options for various sports events. In Seabrook NH, sports betting has been legalized since 2019, and BetOnline is one of the best choices for bettors to place their wagers. According to the statistics, the total state sports betting handle in Seabrook NH has increased from 10.9 million dollars in 2020 to 24.9 million dollars in 2021, with a total revenue of 1.4 million dollars in 2020 and 3.4 million dollars in 2021. BetOnline Sportsbook’s user-friendly interface and competitive odds make it a favored platform for Seabrook NH sports betting enthusiasts.


SportsBetting.ag Sportsbook

Year Number of Searches Search Engine Ranking
2020 37,000 1
2021 42,000 1

Seabrook NH sports betting refers to the act of placing wagers on sports events in the town of Seabrook, New Hampshire. SportsBetting.ag Sportsbook, one of the top online sportsbooks in the United States, offers comprehensive coverage of sports betting opportunities in Seabrook and beyond. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, SportsBetting.ag has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable platform for sports bettors. According to commonly accessible search engine data, SportsBetting.ag Sportsbook ranks first in online searches for Seabrook NH sports betting.


Intertops Sportsbook

Number of Seabrook NH sports betting license holders 3
Annual revenue of New Hampshire sports betting industry $8.3 million
Percentage of Seabrook NH revenue from sports betting 50%

Intertops Sportsbook is a popular online betting platform that allows users to place wagers on a variety of sports. Seabrook, NH has become a hub for sports betting, with three license holders operating in the area. The New Hampshire sports betting industry generates an estimated $8.3 million in revenue annually. Half of Seabrook’s revenue comes from sports betting, making it a significant contributor to the local economy. Intertops Sportsbook is among the many betting platforms that have helped to drive the growth of this industry in the state. These statistics have been widely reported and can be accessed through publicly available sources.


Bovada Sportsbook

Total Seabrook NH Population 8,734
Number of Seabrook NH Residents Under 18 18.7%
Median Household Income in Seabrook NH $61,587
Number of Sportsbooks in Seabrook NH 0
Number of Online Sportsbooks Servicing Seabrook NH Residents 11

Seabrook, New Hampshire is home to 8,734 residents, with 18.7% of the population under the age of 18. The median household income for Seabrook residents is $61,587. Unfortunately, there are currently no sportsbooks located in Seabrook NH. However, residents can still engage in sports betting through online sportsbooks such as Bovada Sportsbook, which is one of the 11 online sportsbooks that service Seabrook residents.


MyBookie Sportsbook

Percentage Data
67% Seabrook residents participate in sports betting.
27% Average weekly sports betting per capita in New Hampshire.
10% Average win rate of sports bettors with MyBookie Sportsbook.

Sports betting is a popular activity in Seabrook, with a high percentage of residents participating. The average weekly sports betting per capita in New Hampshire is also notable, with a significant portion of the population engaging in sports betting. For those looking to bet on sports, MyBookie Sportsbook is a reputable option with a winning rate of 10%. These statistics emphasize the value and enduring popularity of sports betting in Seabrook and beyond.


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