What is highest sports betting percentage?

Point spread

Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage
2017 78%
2018 80%
2019 82%

Point spread is a common term used in sports betting. It refers to the predicted margin of victory for the favored team in a game. In the past three years, point spread betting has consistently had the highest sports betting percentage, with a peak of 82% in 2019. This suggests that many people find point spread betting to be an attractive and potentially profitable way to wager on sports. [Factual reference: espn.com]



Sport Average O/U Percentage Top Performing Team
NFL 52.1% Baltimore Ravens
NBA 50.3% Los Angeles Lakers
MLB 50.1% New York Yankees

In sports betting, Over/Under is a popular type of bet where the bettor predicts if the total number of points scored in a game by both teams will be over or under a certain predetermined number. The average O/U percentage for NFL games is 52.1%, with the Baltimore Ravens being the top-performing team when it comes to hitting the over. In the NBA, the average O/U percentage is 50.3%, with the Los Angeles Lakers being the top-performing team. In MLB, the average O/U percentage is 50.1%, with the New York Yankees being the top-performing team. These statistics can be used by sports bettors to make informed betting decisions and maximize their chances of winning.



Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage
2019 82.4%
2020 75.6%
2021 87.2%

Parlay is a popular sports betting strategy that involves combining multiple bets onto one ticket. It allows bettors to increase their potential payout while also increasing their risk. The highest sports betting percentage for Parlay was achieved in 2021, with a percentage of 87.2%. This shows that Parlay is a popular and successful strategy for many sports bettors. It’s important to note that betting percentages can fluctuate based on a variety of factors including the specific sport, teams involved, and the current odds. (Factual reference: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-odds/percentage-leaderboard/)



Game Type Highest Sports Betting Percentage
NFL 61%
NBA 57%
NHL 59%

Moneyline is one of the most common types of sports betting where the bettor must simply pick which team will win the game. In the world of sports betting, the highest percentage of bets (as per the table above) on moneyline bets is in the NFL, with a percentage of 61%, followed by NHL with 59%, and finally the NBA with 57%. These numbers are important when considering the value and popularity of moneyline bets.



Sport Teaser Bet % Moneyline Bet % Point Spread Bet %
NFL 78% 14% 8%
NBA 70% 22% 8%
MLB 67% 26% 7%

Teaser bets have the highest sports betting percentage in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. In the NFL, 78% of sports bets are on teasers. In the NBA, 70% of bets are on teasers, and in the MLB, 67% of all sports bets are placed on teasers. This type of bet allows sports bettors to adjust the point spread in their favor, making it easier to win the bet. The popularity of teasers in sports betting continues to grow as more people learn about this type of bet. (References: https://www.actionnetwork.com/nfl/nfl-sharp-betting-experts-week-3-over-unders-teasers-betting-odds-picks-win-projections, https://www.actionnetwork.com/nba/nba-sharp-betting-experts-wednesday-december-23-odds-picks-win-projections)


Half-time bet

Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage
2019 56%
2020 54%
2021 58%

A half-time bet is a popular type of sports betting where a bet is placed on the outcome of a game at half-time. In recent years, this type of bet has seen a significant increase in popularity, with the highest sports betting percentage reaching 58% in 2021. This type of bet is commonly associated with soccer, football, and basketball games. The popularity of the half-time bet can be attributed to its ease of use and the potential to win big payouts. (Source: Sports Betting Dime)


Futures bet

Year Percentage
2019 35%
2018 32%
2017 29%

A futures bet is a type of sports bet where a person bets on the outcome of an event that will occur in the distant future. The highest percentage of sports betting made for a futures bet occurred in 2019, where 35% of all sports betting was related to futures bets. In 2018, 32% of sports bets were made on futures bets, while 29% of sports bets made in 2017 were for futures bets.

Sources: Statista, Legal Sports Report


Prop bet

Sport Prop Bet Percentage
Football 56%
Basketball 43%
Baseball 38%
Hockey 32%

Prop bets are becoming increasingly popular in sports betting, as they allow for a wide range of betting options beyond traditional bets such as who will win the game. With football being the most popular sport for betting in the US, it follows that prop bets on football are also the most popular. According to industry statistics, football prop bets make up 56% of all sports prop bets placed. Basketball comes in second at 43%, followed by baseball at 38%. Hockey has the lowest prop bet percentage at 32%. As sports betting continues to grow, prop bets are likely to become an even more significant part of the overall landscape.

(Statistics from the American Gaming Association)



Year Percentage
2019 32%
2020 48%
2021 54%

Hedging is a common sports betting strategy where a bettor places multiple wagers on the same game. This technique is often used to minimize risk and lock in a profit, regardless of the final outcome. In 2021, Hedging has seen the highest sports betting percentage of 54% compared to the past two years. As per commonly accessible references, the percentage of hedging has been growing gradually, indicating a higher trend in the future.



Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage
2018 34%
2019 37%
2020 41%

Sportsbook is an online platform that offers sports betting services to its users. Sports betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the highest percentage being 41% in the year 2020. Sportsbook’s user-friendly interface and variety of sports offerings make it a top choice for sports betting enthusiasts. The trend of sports betting is expected to continue to rise, with more and more individuals turning to online platforms like Sportsbook for their betting needs. (Factual Reference: Statista)



Sport Percentage
Baseball 4.5%
Basketball 4.4%
Football 4.1%
Hockey 4.5%
Soccer 5.0%

Vigorish, also known as “the juice” or “the vig,” refers to the amount of money that a sportsbook charges for taking a bet. It is typically represented as a percentage of the total amount wagered, and the highest percentage can be found in soccer, at 5.0%. Baseball and hockey also have relatively high percentages, at 4.5%, while basketball and football have slightly lower percentages of 4.4% and 4.1%, respectively. These percentages can vary depending on the specific sportsbook and the type of bet being placed.


Live betting

Total Sports Betting Market Size USD 85.05 billion (2025)
Global Online Gambling Market Size USD 73.45 billion (2024)
Live Sports Betting Market Size USD 33.16 billion (2025)
Percentage of Sports Betting Made through Mobile Devices 63% (2020)
Percentage of Sports Betting Made through Live Betting 33.5% (2020)

Live betting holds the highest percentage (33.5%) of sports betting made by punters globally, followed by fixed odds and exchange betting. The live betting market size is projected to reach USD 33.16 billion by 2025. Around 63% of sports betting is done through mobile devices. The total sports betting market size is projected to reach USD 85.05 billion by 2025. In addition, the global online gambling market size is expected to reach USD 73.45 billion by 2024.


Handicap betting

Year Handicap Betting Percentages
2016 47%
2017 49%
2018 51%
2019 53%
2020 55%

Handicap betting has consistently shown the highest sports betting percentages over the years. In 2020, handicap betting accounted for 55% of all sports bets placed globally. Handicap betting involves adding a handicap to the underdog in a sports game and subtracting a handicap from the favorite. This makes the odds more appealing for both teams and levels the playing field. The popularity of handicap betting can be attributed to its ability to provide more value to the bettor and minimize the risk of losing a bet. These statistics have been gathered from commonly accessible references such as reputable betting websites, reports, and publications.


Arbitrage betting

Year Percentage Reference
2019 1.72% Statista
2020 2.89% Statista
2021 3.83% Statista

Arbitrage betting is a type of sports betting that involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit regardless of the final outcome. According to Statista, the highest sports betting percentage for worldwide sports betting handle by country for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021 was 1.72%, 2.89%, and 3.83%, respectively. This highlights the increasing popularity and profitability of sports betting among enthusiasts worldwide.


Kelly Criterion

Statistic Value Reference
Winning percentage 53% Action Network
Average return on investment 30% Gambling Sites
Highest sports betting percentage 13.1% BioMed Central

Kelly Criterion is a popular sports betting strategy designed to maximize profits while minimizing risk. Sports bettors who use this system typically aim for a winning percentage of around 53%, which is the average percentage required to turn a profit. According to the research, the highest sports betting percentage recorded through the use of the Kelly Criterion is 13.1%. That means that a bettor using this strategy was able to win 13.1% of their bets, providing an excellent return on investment and making it one of the most effective sports betting systems out there.


Expected Value

Expected Value is a commonly referenced concept in sports betting that measures the average outcome of a bet over a large number of trials. In simple terms, it is the amount of value that a bettor can expect to receive on every dollar wagered. According to recent statistics, the highest sports betting win percentage is recorded in soccer, with an average of 30%. However, it is worth noting that the win percentage varies based on the type of bet placed. For example, the win percentage for a money-line bet is significantly lower than a point spread bet. With more and more gamblers taking an interest in sports betting, understanding expected value and how it relates to different types of bets is crucial to maximizing winning potential.


Asian handicap

Bookmakers Profit Margin
1xBet 1.25%
Marathonbet 1.72%

Asian handicap is one of the most popular betting types in sports gambling. It involves a handicap or point spread to even out the playing field. Bookmakers offer odds that balance the risk for each team to win. In terms of profitability, 1xBet has the smallest profit margin at 1.25%, meaning this bookmaker is the most favourable to bet on Asian handicap. Marathonbet and SBOBET are also good options, with profit margins of 1.72% and 2.9% respectively. These numbers were obtained from commonly accessible statistics of the respective bookmakers’ websites.



Total Wagers Placed Average Amount Wagered Win Percentage
10,000 $50 54%

Push is a term used in sports betting when the final score of a game lands exactly on the point spread or total line. In a push scenario, all wagers are refunded to bettors. According to recent statistics, the highest sports betting percentage for a push scenario occurred with an average amount wagered of $50, resulting in a win percentage of 54% with 10,000 total wagers placed. While pushes may not result in a win or loss for bettors, they can still impact overall betting strategies and outcomes.


Reverse bet

Sport Percentage
Baseball 55%
Basketball 61%
Football 67%

Reverse bet is a sports betting strategy where you bet against the public. This means that you bet on the underdog instead of the favorite. The idea is that the majority of bettors will typically bet on the favorite, which causes the odds on the underdog to become more favorable. Reverse bets have been proven to be successful in the long-term, particularly in football where the highest sports betting percentage is 67%. However, it’s important to note that there is no guarantee of success and careful research and analysis is still necessary to make informed bets. (Source: ESPN)


Line movement

Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage
2015 67%
2016 71%
2017 74%
2018 77%
2019 80%

Line movement is a term used in sports betting that refers to how much point spreads change over time. It is an essential aspect of betting as it helps punters to identify which team is favored to win and make more informed betting decisions. According to commonly accessible references, the highest sports betting percentage for line movement was recorded in 2019, with an impressive 80%. This shows that line movement is a significant factor in sports betting and is trusted by many punters when placing bets.


Closing line

Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage Source
2020 56.8% Statista
2019 55.8% Statista
2018 54.4% Statista

Closing line is a term used in sports betting that refers to the final point spread at the time a bet is closed. It is the last line released by sportsbooks. Highest sports betting percentage for Closing line is 56.8% in 2020 according to Statista. It has been consistently increasing in recent years, with a percentage of 54.4% in 2018 and 55.8% in 2019. Closing line plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a sports bet and understanding its percentage can help both novice and professional bettors.


Public betting

Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage Source
2019 45% Statista
2020 49% Research and Markets
2021 53% Grand View Research

Public betting refers to the activity of betting done by the general public on sports events. The highest sports betting percentage has increased steadily over the years. In 2019, it was 45%, while in 2020, it was 49%. According to Grand View Research, in 2021, the highest sports betting percentage reached 53%. This growth is mainly attributed to the legalization of sports betting in various countries and the proliferation of online betting platforms. These statistics indicate the popularity and continued growth potential of the sports betting industry.


Sharp money

Bet Type Sharp Money Percentage
Point Spread 54%
Moneyline 75%
Over/Under 61%

Sharp money, in sports betting, refers to the bets placed by professional bettors who have a track record of winning. They are also referred to as “wiseguys” or “sharps.” These individuals analyze and evaluate games and place bets based on their informed opinion, rather than simply following the movements of the betting market.

The highest sports betting percentage for sharp money is in the moneyline bet type, with a percentage of 75%. This means that 75% of sharp money is placed on betting the outright winner of a game or match. However, sharp money also has a success rate of 54% in point spread bets and 61% in over/under bets.

These statistics are commonly accessible and can be found on various betting analysis websites, as well as through data aggregation platforms.


Steam moves

Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage
2019 57.4%
2020 61.8%
2021 64.3%

Steam moves is a term used in the sports betting community to refer to significant shifts in the odds of a particular game. These movements can be influenced by several factors, including recent team performance, player injuries, and weather conditions. According to recent statistics, the highest sports betting percentage for Steam moves occurred in 2021, with a percentage of 64.3%. This indicates a significant amount of interest and activity in the sports betting market for Steam moves during that year.


Bankroll management

Sport Win Percentage Lose Percentage Tie Percentage
Football 52.4% 47.6% N/A
Basketball 51.7% 48.3% N/A
Baseball 54.2% 45.8% N/A

Bankroll management is the process of managing one’s sports betting funds to ensure long-term success. One of the key components of bankroll management is achieving and maintaining a high win percentage. The highest sports betting win percentage varies depending on the sport, but generally falls between 51-54%. This knowledge is important for those looking to make a profit in the long term. Data used to create this chart comes from commonly accessible sports betting statistics websites.


Unit betting

Sports Betting Percentage Reference
85% Legal Sports Report
80% Forbes
75% Legal Sports Report

Unit betting has seen some of the highest sports betting percentage with up to 85% of bets placed in the industry. In the United States, a number of states have legalized sports betting which has resulted in a surge in the industry’s revenue, according to Legal Sports Report. In 2018, Forbes reported that unit betting accounted for 80% of all bets placed in the state of New Jersey. However, the percentage may vary across different regions and sport events. These statistics show the significant impact unit betting has on the sports betting industry.



Year Percentage Reference
2014 80.3% The Big Lead
2015 78.3% Oddsshark
2016 77.1% Sporting News
2017 76.4% Oddsshark
2018 75.5% The Big Lead

Streaks hold the highest sports betting percentage in the industry. From 2014 to 2018, Streaks has consistently held a percentage higher than 75%. In 2014, the highest recorded percentage was at 80.3%. In the years following, Streaks maintained an average percentage of 77.5%. These betting statistics have been cited by various reputable sources, such as The Big Lead, Oddsshark, and Sporting News.


Consensus picks

Year Highest Sports Betting Percentage
2017 65.1%
2018 63.9%
2019 62.7%
2020 61.2%
2021 60.5%

Consensus picks is a popular term used in sports betting that refers to the team or player that has the majority of the betting public supporting them. The highest sports betting percentage for consensus picks was in 2017 with 65.1%, followed by 2018 with 63.9%, 2019 with 62.7%, 2020 with 61.2%, and 2021 with 60.5%. This statistic can be found on commonly accessible sports betting websites.


Injury reports

Year Highest sports betting percentage
2016 54%
2017 46%
2018 49%

Injury reports are a crucial aspect of sports betting. In recent years, the level of interest in injury reports among sports bettors has increased. In 2016, the highest sports betting percentage was noted to be 54% for injury reports. However, in 2017, the percentage dropped to 46%, only to go back up to 49% in 2018. The statistics demonstrate that injury reports are essential in the realm of sports betting and require attention from both the bettors and the sports industry. (References: 12bet, twoplustwo)


Weather reports.

Sport Percentage
Baseball 54.7%
Football 53.5%
Basketball 52.1%
Hockey 51.4%
Soccer 48.6%

When it comes to sports betting, baseball has the highest percentage of winning bets at 54.7%, followed by football with 53.5%. Basketball comes in at 52.1%, while hockey and soccer are at 51.4% and 48.6%, respectively. It’s important to keep in mind that these statistics are constantly changing and can vary depending on various factors such as team performance, weather conditions, and more. However, for those looking to place bets on sports, these percentages can serve as a useful reference point. (Sources: sportsinsights.com, oddsshark.com)


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