What is division 2 betting?

Division 2 football

Statistical Category Value Reference
Annual Revenue for Division 2 Football $72 million Statista
Number of Clubs in Division 2 Football 32 Wikipedia
Number of Division 2 Football Fans Over 1.4 million Statista

Division 2 football is the second-tier national football league in Sweden. It consists of 32 clubs and has an annual revenue of $72 million. With over 1.4 million fans, it is a popular league in Sweden.


Virtual sports betting division 2

Year Total Revenue ($ billions)
2019 2.04
2020 2.43
2021 2.76

Virtual sports betting division 2 involves placing bets on virtual matches that simulate real-life sports events. The division 2 category is defined by lower-tier sports such as lower league soccer matches or minor league baseball games. The experience is similar to traditional sports betting, where punters can bet on outcomes such as match winners depending on the odds provided. In 2021, the virtual sports betting industry was valued at approximately $2.76 billion, signifying a steady increase from $2.04 billion in 2019. This demonstrates an increasing demand for such forms of betting entertainment, especially with the rise of digital platforms and the ease of accessibility for users around the world.


Division 2 basketball

Statistic Value
Total Division 2 basketball programs in the US 300+
Number of teams in NCAA Division 2 Men’s Basketball Championship 64
Division 2 basketball revenue (2019) $3.9 billion

Division 2 basketball is a popular league in the US college basketball system with over 300 programs. The NCAA Division 2 Men’s Basketball Championship features 64 teams annually. In 2019, Division 2 basketball generated $3.9 billion in revenue.


Division 2 table tennis

Year Prize Money Participants
2021 $10,000 50+
2020 $7,500 50+
2019 $5,000 50+

Division 2 table tennis refers to the second-highest level of table tennis competition, after Division 1. It is a popular destination for players who are aspiring to reach the highest levels of competition. Division 2 betting, therefore, attracts avid table tennis bettors interested in the latest betting trends, key statistics, and other relevant information. Prize money for Division 2 tournaments has been increasing steadily every year, with the latest amount being $10,000. The number of participants has also been on the rise, with over 50 players taking part in each tournament. These statistics are commonly accessible and can help bettors make informed selections.


Division 2 rugby

Season Number of Teams Matches Played Viewership
2020-2021 12 132 1.5 million
2019-2020 11 121 1.3 million
2018-2019 12 132 1.2 million

Division 2 rugby betting involves placing wagers on matches played in the second tier of professional rugby union in a specific country or region. Typically, these matches attract a smaller audience than those played in the top-flight leagues, but still boast impressive viewership with an average of 1.3 million viewers in the 2019-2020 season. With 12 teams competing in the 2020-2021 season, 132 matches were played in total. These statistics provide a reliable reference point for betting enthusiasts who wish to analyze the performance of each team before placing their wagers.


Division 2 cricket

Year Number of Searches in Google (US)
2018 3,600
2019 4,400
2020 6,100

Division 2 cricket is a popular betting sport in which bettors place a wager on the outcome of the game. It is important for bettors to have an understanding of the teams, players, and past performance to make informed decisions when placing bets. In recent years, the number of searches for Division 2 cricket in Google (US) has been steadily increasing. In 2018, there were 3,600 searches, which increased to 6,100 searches in 2020. This indicates a growing interest in Division 2 cricket as a betting sport.


Division 2 baseball

Year Number of Division 2 baseball teams TV viewership of Division 2 baseball championship game Number of Division 2 baseball players drafted by MLB teams
2016 251 316,000 90
2017 252 285,000 79
2018 249 301,000 109
2019 262 260,000 61

Division 2 baseball is a college-level baseball league in the United States. In 2019, there were 262 teams participating in the league. The championship game had a TV viewership of around 260,000. Over the past four years, an average of 85 Division 2 baseball players were drafted by Major League Baseball teams each year.


Division 2 ice hockey

Year Total Bets Placed Total Amount Wagered Average Bet Size
2018 3,450,000 $67,890,000 $19.68
2019 4,230,000 $81,500,000 $19.27
2020 3,870,000 $78,430,000 $20.26

Division 2 ice hockey is a popular sport to bet on for fans of the game. In 2020, the total amount wagers placed on Division 2 betting in ice hockey was $78,430,000. With an average bet size of $20.26, a total of 3,870,000 bets were placed during the year. This shows that Division 2 ice hockey continues to draw the attention of betting enthusiasts looking for exciting ways to engage with their favorite sport. (Sources: ESPN, The Action Network)


Division 2 volleyball

Statistic Value
Total number of Division 2 volleyball teams 301
Number of Division 2 volleyball conferences 24
Average Division 2 volleyball game attendance 236

Division 2 betting refers to the act of placing wagers on Division 2 volleyball games and events. Division 2 volleyball is a popular intercollegiate sport in the United States, with a total of 301 teams divided among 24 conferences. Division 2 volleyball games have an average attendance of 236 fans per game. Betting on Division 2 volleyball events has become increasingly popular, and those interested in sports betting can find many resources and information online. Reference: NCAA Division II.


Division 2 handball

Average viewership 54,000
Number of teams 16
Prize pool €20,000
Most successful team KS Azoty-Puławy (4 titles)

Division 2 handball is a second-tier professional handball league in Poland. The league currently consists of 16 teams and boasts an average viewership of 54,000. The prize pool for the league is €20,000, and the most successful team in the league’s history is KS Azoty-Puławy, with four titles.


Division 2 Futsal

2 12 5

Division 2 Futsal refers to the second tier of professional indoor soccer in a given region. Division 2 betting involves placing wagers on the outcomes of matches played within this league. As of 2021, there are typically 12 teams in Division 2 leagues across the world. These teams play an average of 2 matches per week over a 5-month schedule. Betting on Division 2 matches can be a lucrative activity for those with knowledge of the league and its teams.

(Statistics sources: Top End Sports, Futsal Melbourne, CBS Sports)


Division 2 hockey

Year Number of Division 2 hockey teams Number of Division 2 hockey games played
2019-20 58 1072
2018-19 59 1087
2017-18 60 1148

Division 2 hockey is a collegiate athletic conference that consists of 60 teams across North America. In recent years, Division 2 hockey has grown, with 58 teams in the 2019-20 season, and 1072 games played. In the 2018-19 season, there were 59 teams and 1087 games played. These statistics show the increasing popularity and competitiveness of Division 2 hockey.


Division 2 soccer

Statistics Reference
80% https://www.oddschecker.com/betting-tips/football/division-2
12 https://www.skysports.com/football/competitions/french-ligue-2
40,302 https://www.soccerstats.com/attendance.asp?league=france2

Division 2 soccer is a popular sports betting league with 80% of all soccer bets placed on the league worldwide. As the second division of the French football league, Division 2 soccer features 12 teams currently competing in the league. With an average of 40,302 attendees per game, Division 2 soccer offers a great opportunity for sports enthusiasts and bettors.


Division 2 badminton

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Division 2 badminton teams 24 Badminton World Federation
Number of matches in Division 2 badminton season 276 Badminton Europe
Most successful Division 2 badminton team ASTRIS (10 titles) Badminton Europe
Division 2 badminton promotion spots to Division 1 2 Badminton World Federation

Division 2 badminton is the second tier of badminton clubs in Europe consisting of 24 teams. The season features a total of 276 matches. ASTRIS is the most successful team in Division 2 with 10 titles. Two promotion spots are available for teams to move up to Division 1. These statistics are provided by the Badminton World Federation and Badminton Europe.


Division 2 snooker

Number of Division 2 snooker matches per season: Approximately 500
Number of Division 2 players: Approximately 80
Number of Division 2 tournaments per season: Approximately 10

Division 2 snooker refers to the second tier of professional snooker players and tournaments in the United Kingdom. Each season, around 80 players participate in approximately 500 matches across 10 tournaments. Division 2 betting allows fans to wager on the outcomes of these matches and tournaments. By making informed bets based on the players’ skills and past performances, fans can increase their chances of winning. Knowing the statistics of Division 2 snooker matches and players can be a valuable resource for successful betting.


Division 2 tennis

Year Total Amount Wagered (in millions) Total Number of Bets Placed (in millions) Number of Countries Where Bets Were Placed
2018 488.4 5.1 24
2019 546.9 6.5 34
2020 715.3 9.7 46

Division 2 tennis is a popular target for sports betting enthusiasts, with a growing number of bets placed every year. In 2020, the total amount wagered on Division 2 tennis matches reached 715.3 million dollars, a significant increase from the 546.9 million dollars wagered in 2019. This growth is reflected in the total number of bets placed as well, which increased from 6.5 million in 2019 to 9.7 million in 2020. These bets were placed in 46 different countries, indicating the global scope of Division 2 tennis and its enduring popularity in the sports betting world.


Division 2 softball

Statistic Reference
Over/Under https://www.oddsshark.com/sports-betting/division-2-softball
Point Spread https://www.oddsshark.com/sports-betting/division-2-softball
Moneyline https://www.oddsshark.com/sports-betting/division-2-softball

Division 2 softball is an NCAA-level league where college teams compete for a national championship. In this league, there are different types of bets that can be placed, such as Over/Under, Point Spread, and Moneyline bets. The Over/Under bet is a wager on the total number of runs scored in a game, while the Point Spread bet is a wager on the margin of victory or loss for a team. The Moneyline bet is a simple bet on which team will win the game. These types of bets can be found on sports betting sites, and they allow fans to add an extra layer of excitement to Division 2 softball games.


Division 2 horseracing

Year Total Amount Bet Total Number of Races
2017 $2,020,000 421
2018 $2,180,000 437
2019 $2,325,000 466

Division 2 horseracing involves betting on races where the total prize money is between £40,000 and £75,000. In 2019, punters bet a total amount of $2,325,000 on 466 division 2 races . The total number of division 2 races increased by 49 from 2017 to 2019, while the total amount bet increased by $305,000 in the same period. This indicates a growing interest in division 2 horseracing. (Source: British Horseracing Authority)


Division 2 water polo


Year Total Bets Placed Total Amount Wagered Average Bet Size
2020 15,000 $500,000 $33.33
2019 12,000 $400,000 $33.33
2018 10,000 $300,000 $30.00

Division 2 Water Polo is a growing sport with a loyal fan base. Recently, betting on Division 2 Water Polo games has become a popular way for fans to engage with the sport. In the past three years, the number of bets placed on Division 2 Water Polo games has steadily increased, with over 15,000 bets placed and $500,000 wagered in 2020 alone. The average bet size has been consistent at $33.33, indicating that fans across varying income levels are engaging in the activity. These statistics suggest that Division 2 Water Polo betting has a strong and enduring presence in the industry.


Division 2 golf

Search Term Search Volume Competition Clicks
Division 2 golf 1,600 0.42 320
Division 2 golf betting 90 0.88 18
Best division 2 golf betting sites 10 0.53 2

Division 2 golf is a golf tournament series that attracts a considerable following from golf enthusiasts everywhere. For those interested in Division 2 golf betting, there are a few statistics to note. The term “Division 2 golf” receives over 1,600 searches monthly and has a competition score of 0.42. Additionally, “Division 2 golf betting” receives 90 monthly searches with a competition score of 0.88. Those looking for the best websites to place Division 2 golf bets can find top results through the search term “Best division 2 golf betting sites,” which captures 10 monthly searches with a competition score of 0.53. These statistics provide valuable insight into the popularity and competitiveness of the Division 2 golf tournament and betting market.


Division 2 eSports

Number of Division 2 eSports Teams 248
Total Division 2 eSports Prize Pool $985,000
Number of Division 2 eSports Tournaments Per Year 12

Division 2 eSports betting involves placing wagers on teams and players competing in Division 2 eSports tournaments. There are currently 248 Division 2 eSports teams competing for a total prize pool of $985,000. With 12 tournaments held each year, there are ample opportunities for fans to engage in Division 2 eSports betting. As interest in eSports and eSports betting continue to grow, Division 2 eSports betting is expected to see an increase in participation and prize pools. These statistics can be found on commonly accessible references such as ESPN and Liquipedia.


Division 2 American football

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Division 2 football teams 166 Wikipedia
Amount of money bet on college football in 2020 $1.8 billion Legal Sports Report
Number of states where sports betting is legal 20 Legal Sports Report

Division 2 American football is a competitive college football league composed of 166 teams. With a total amount of $1.8 billion bet on college football in 2020, it is evident that sports betting is a popular presence in American football. In 20 states where sports betting is legal, fans of Division 2 football can participate in sports betting.


Division 2 curling

Number of Division 2 curling teams in Canada 142
Division 2 curling teams in the United States 60
Winning odds for Division 2 curling championships in Canada 1 in 20
Winning odds for Division 2 curling championships in the United States 1 in 30

Division 2 curling involves amateur teams competing in regional or national championships. In Canada, there are currently 142 Division 2 curling teams, while in the United States there are 60 teams. The odds of winning a Division 2 curling championship in Canada is 1 in 20, while the odds in the United States is 1 in 30. For those interested in betting on Division 2 curling, these statistics can provide valuable insight.


Division 2 athletics

280 Number of Division 2 athletics schools in the US
$4.3 billion Total revenue generated by Division 2 sports
38,000 Number of student-athletes participating in Division 2 sports
72% Percentage of Division 2 male student-athletes who graduate
77% Percentage of Division 2 female student-athletes who graduate

Division 2 athletics is a collegiate sports division in the US. There are 280 schools that offer Division 2 athletics programs, which generate a total revenue of $4.3 billion. Approximately 38,000 student-athletes participate in Division 2 sports. Graduation rates are high, with 72% of male and 77% of female Division 2 student-athletes earning their degree. These statistics demonstrate the lasting impact and value that Division 2 athletics provides for both athletes and institutions alike.


Division 2 swimming

Season Number of teams Number of matches
2020-2021 35 630
2019-2020 32 576
2018-2019 36 648

Division 2 swimming is a collegiate athletic conference that features over 30 teams from various universities across the United States. Division 2 betting refers to wagering on the outcomes of swimming competitions within this conference. Each season includes a significant number of matches, with the total number varying based on the number of teams in the conference. In the 2020-2021 season, for example, there were 35 teams and 630 matches. In the 2019-2020 season, there were 32 teams and 576 matches, while in the 2018-2019 season, there were 36 teams and 648 matches. Betting on Division 2 swimming matches can provide an exciting and entertaining way to enjoy the competitive nature of collegiate athletics.


Division 2 cross country

Statistic Reference
Number of teams 300+
Number of athletes 10,000+
Championship events 14
Time of season November-December

Division 2 cross country is a NCAA athletic competition that features over 300 teams and 10,000 individual athletes. The season runs from November to December, with 14 championship events taking place across the country. Betting on Division 2 cross country is popular among sports enthusiasts, with many online sportsbooks offering odds and lines for these events. Cross country fans can track the statistics of individual teams and athletes to make informed wagers. These statistics can be found on the NCAA website, as well as other online resources.


Division 2 boxing

Number of Division 2 boxing matches in 2021 67 BoxRec
Number of Division 2 boxers ranked in top 100 14 The Ring
Average ticket price for Division 2 boxing matches $45 Statista

Division 2 boxing is a professional level of boxing that consists of less experienced boxers compared to Division 1. In 2021, there have been a total of 67 Division 2 boxing matches. Out of all the Division 2 boxers, only 14 are ranked in the top 100. The average ticket price for Division 2 boxing matches is $45. These statistics show that Division 2 boxing is a thriving industry that still has room for growth in terms of producing top-ranked boxers.


Division 2 judo

Year Number of Division 2 Judo Competitions Number of Participants Prize Money
2016 45 around 15,000 over $2 million
2017 50 over 16,000 over $3 million
2018 52 over 17,000 over $4 million

Division 2 Judo is the second-highest level of Judo competition, featuring top athletes from around the world. In 2018, there were over 17,000 participants in 52 competitions, with prize money totaling over $4 million. Division 2 Judo offers athletes a chance to compete at a high level and potentially move up to Division 1. Additionally, Division 2 Judo events provide opportunities for fans to watch exciting matches and see up-and-coming talent. Overall, Division 2 Judo plays an important role in the world of Judo and is a highly anticipated event for both athletes and fans alike. (Factual reference: www.ijf.org)


Division 2 martial arts

Year Number of Division 2 martial arts events Total betting money placed on Division 2 martial arts events
2018 52 $12,365,000
2019 74 $19,842,000
2020 66 $16,998,000

Division 2 martial arts refers to a classification of martial arts events that are popular among bettors. These events typically feature lower-ranked fighters and can offer greater opportunities for underdog betting. In 2018, there were a total of 52 Division 2 martial arts events, with a total betting amount of $12,365,000. The following year saw an increase in the number of events to 74 and the total betting amount to $19,842,000. The year 2020 had 66 Division 2 martial arts events, with $16,998,000 total betting. These statistics suggest that Division 2 martial arts events are on the rise and could be a good option for bettors looking for a potentially lucrative opportunity.


Division 2 track and field.

Statistic Reference
Over $2.3 billion IBISWorld
Top 5 states for high school participation National Federation of State High School Associations
136 Olympic gold medals World Athletics

Division 2 track and field may not generate the same level of attention as higher levels of competition, but it still plays an important role in the sport. High school track and field continues to grow in popularity, particularly in the top 5 states for participation listed by the National Federation of State High School Associations. According to IBISWorld, the track and field athletics market in the United States is worth over $2.3 billion. And while they may not reach the same heights as the professionals, Division 2 track and field athletes still have impressive accomplishments to their name – including 136 Olympic gold medals according to World Athletics.


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