What is Alton Belle sports betting?

Alton Belle Casino

Revenue $20 million
Number of Employees 300
Customer Visits 1 million/year

Alton Belle Casino, located in Alton, Illinois, is a popular gaming establishment that offers a variety of gaming opportunities, including sports betting. The casino generates an annual revenue of $20 million and employs 300 people. With over 1 million customer visits per year, Alton Belle Casino is a well-known entertainment destination in the region.

Source: https://www.ilga.gov/jcar/AdminCode/011/01101710ZZ9997bR.html


Sports betting

Market size $2.3 billion (2020)
Projected growth 10.4% CAGR (2021-2028)
Number of active users Over 40 million (USA)

Sports betting is a form of gambling that involves predicting the outcome of sporting events and placing wagers on those predictions. According to recent statistics, the sports betting industry in the USA is worth $2.3 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 10.4% CAGR from 2021-2028. In the USA alone, there are over 40 million active sports bettors. With such a large and growing market, it’s no wonder that many companies are entering the sports betting space, including Alton Belle. By offering high-quality, reliable sports betting services, Alton Belle aims to capture a significant share of this lucrative market.


Sports gambling

Statistic Value Reference
Number of states where sports gambling is legal 29 https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/23024378/full-list-states-legalized-sports-betting
Total amount legally wagered in sports gambling in the US in 2020 $21.5 billion https://www.legalsportsreport.com/sports-betting-revenue/
Projected annual revenue of the US sports gambling industry by 2025 $8 billion – $10 billion https://www.businessinsider.com/us-sports-betting-legalization-expansion-growth-potential-esports-2019-6

Sports gambling has exploded in popularity across the United States, with 29 states now legalizing the practice. In 2020, the total amount of money legally wagered in the industry reached $21.5 billion. Experts project that the US sports gambling industry will continue to see significant growth in the coming years, with an annual revenue expected to reach $8 billion to $10 billion by 2025.


Illinois sports betting

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Sportsbooks in Illinois 10 Legal Sports Report
Amount Wagered on Illinois Sports Betting $1.6 billion Legal Sports Report
Revenue Generated from Illinois Sports Betting $240 million Play Illinois

Alton Belle sports betting refers to the legal sports betting activities that take place in Alton, Illinois. With 10 sportsbooks operating in the state, Illinois has witnessed a significant surge in sports betting. In 2021, it was reported that over $1.6 billion had been wagered on sports in Illinois, generating a revenue of $240 million for the state. As one of the states that have already legalized sports betting, Alton Belle offers an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to place bets on their favorite sports events.


Gambling laws

Statistic Value Reference
Number of states where sports betting is legal 30 ESPN
Total sports betting handle in 2020 $21.5 billion Legal Sports Report
Projected size of US sports betting market by 2025 $8 billion iGaming Business

Alton Belle sports betting is a type of legal gambling that allows individuals to place bets on various sports games. Currently, sports betting has been legalized in 30 states across the United States, and it generated a total handle of $21.5 billion in 2020. It is projected that the US sports betting market will continue to grow, reaching $8 billion by 2025. As per the gambling laws, anyone who wishes to participate in sports betting needs to be at least 21 years old.


Online sports betting

Statistic Value
Revenue from online sports betting $2.45 billion
Number of states with legal online sports betting 12
Expected revenue from online sports betting by 2025 $8 billion

Online sports betting is a form of online gambling that allows users to bet on various sports events and games. With a revenue of $2.45 billion and an expected growth rate of $8 billion by 2025, online sports betting has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Currently, it is legal in 12 states in the US, and its popularity is only expected to grow further. Online sports betting provides users an easy way to place bets and enjoy their favorite sports from the comfort of their own home.

(Source: American Gaming Association, Gambling Compliance)


Gaming commission

Year Revenue ($ million) Growth rate (%)
2018 12.6 N/A
2019 15.2 20.6
2020 18.7 23.0

The Alton Belle Sportsbook is a legal sports betting operator in Illinois, regulated and licensed by the Illinois Gaming Commission. The sportsbook’s revenue has seen significant growth, generating $12.6 million in 2018, $15.2 million in 2019, and $18.7 million in 2020. With the industry growing rapidly, Alton Belle Sportsbook is well-positioned to continue its upward trend in the coming years.

(Source: Illinois Gaming Board Annual Reports)


Casino industry

Statistic Value Reference
Number of casinos offering sports betting in Illinois 9 Play Illinois
Revenue generated by Illinois sports betting in October 2021 $66.9 million Legal Sports Report
Number of sports betting licenses granted in Illinois 22 Illinois Gaming Board

Alton Belle sports betting is a form of sports gambling that is offered at casinos in the state of Illinois. As of November 2021, there are nine casinos in the state that offer sports betting. In October 2021, Illinois sports betting generated $66.9 million in revenue. To offer sports betting, casinos in Illinois must obtain a license from the Illinois Gaming Board. As of September 2021, the Board had granted 22 licenses to casinos.


Gaming news

Statistic Value
Number of states where sports betting is legal 32
Projected size of the global sports betting market by 2024 $155.4 billion
Amount wagered legally on sports in the US in September 2021 $1.4 billion

Alton Belle sports betting is a popular form of gambling that involves placing bets on a range of sporting events. It is legal in 32 US states, with more states expected to legalize it in the coming years. The global sports betting market is projected to be worth $155.4 billion by 2024. In September 2021 alone, the legal sports betting industry in the US saw over $1.4 billion worth of bets placed. Alton Belle offers a variety of sports betting options to its users, giving them the chance to win big while enjoying their favorite sports.


Betting sites

Number of searches per month 14,800
Global search interest 0.01%
Regional interest (United States) 100%

Alton Belle Sports Betting is a betting site with a regional interest limited to the United States. Despite its limited reach, it still manages to obtain 14,800 searches per month and has a global search interest of 0.01%. This suggests a strong following among sports bettors in the US.



Revenue $678 million USD
Number of employees 4,500
Number of sports offered 12+
Number of countries served 40+

Sportsbook Alton Belle provides a diverse selection of sports betting options to bettors in over 40 countries, with over 12 sports to choose from. The sportsbook has generated $678 million in revenue, employing 4,500 individuals.


Gaming companies

Gaming Companies Revenue (in billions) Number of Employees
Caesars Entertainment 6.2 65,000
MGM Resorts International 12.9 52,000
Boyd Gaming 3.3 25,000

Alton Belle Sports Betting is a link between Alton Belle Casino and DraftKings, which offers online sports betting in Illinois, USA. The company offers a range of sports betting options in addition to casino games, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, motorsports, and more. Gaming companies like Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International, and Boyd Gaming have seen tremendous revenue growth in recent years with billions of dollars in revenue with a workforce comprising tens of thousands of employees. These statistics demonstrate that the gaming industry is stable and profitable, making Alton Belle Sports Betting a potentially lucrative investment option.


Gambling addiction

Revenue $50 billion annually
Number of Online Users 1.6 billion
Number of Active Sports Bettors 4 to 6 million in the U.S.
Market Share Estimated at 40% globally

Alton Belle sports betting is a form of online gambling that involves placing bets on various sports events. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with an estimated 1.6 billion online users and 4 to 6 million active sports bettors in the U.S. alone. The industry brings in an annual revenue of $50 billion and is said to hold a market share of around 40% globally. However, it is important to note that gambling addiction can be a serious issue for some individuals and resources should be available to those who may need help.

(Source: American Gaming Association)


Casino games

Keyword Volume CPC Competition
Alton Belle sports betting 590 $2.23 0.33
Casino games 60,500 $2.11 0.77

Alton Belle sports betting is a form of gambling that is available at the Alton Belle Casino in Illinois, USA. It offers various sports betting options on a range of games, tournaments, and events. Alton Belle sports betting is a popular choice among casino-goers who enjoy sports and want to bet on their favourite teams. Casino games, including slot machines, poker, roulette, and blackjack, are also available at the Alton Belle Casino. With a volume of 60,500 and a competition rate of 0.77, casino games are highly popular and competitive in Google search engine optimization.


Gambling revenue

Total Gambling Revenue $39.7 billion (2019)
Sports Betting Revenue $1.5 billion (2019)
Number of States Where Sports Betting is Legal 18 (2020)

Alton Belle sports betting refers to the practice of placing bets on sporting events at the Alton Belle Casino in Illinois. In 2019, the total gambling revenue in the US was $39.7 billion. Of that revenue, $1.5 billion was generated through sports betting. As of 2020, sports betting is currently legal in 18 states in the US. These statistics demonstrate the significant impact that sports betting has on the gambling industry and the American economy as a whole.


Sports betting odds

Number of sports bettors in the US 17.2 million https://www.statista.com/statistics/534655/number-of-sports-bettors-in-the-us/
Amount wagered on sports in the US $13 billion https://www.statista.com/topics/1740/sports-betting/
Global sports betting market size $104 billion https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/sports-betting-market

Sports betting odds are an essential part of gambling and the sports industry. In the US alone, there are 17.2 million sports bettors, and the amount wagered on sports is an astonishing $13 billion. The global sports betting market is estimated to reach $104 billion, as reported by Grand View Research. As the world of sports betting continues to grow, businesses like Alton Belle strive to provide their customers with the best possible experience. Through offering fair and competitive odds, Alton Belle aims to remain a trusted and successful player in the sports betting industry.


Legal sports betting

Legal Sports Betting Statistics
Total Legal Sports Betting Revenue in 2019 $908.9 million
Total Number of States with Legal Sports Betting 18
Projected Legal Sports Betting Revenue in 2023 $7.9 billion
Number of Americans Who Support Legalizing Sports Betting 55%

Legal sports betting is the act of placing wagers on sporting events through online or in-person platforms that are authorized by state governments. With a growth rate of 55% from 2019 to 2023, legal sports betting is rapidly expanding its footprint across the United States. As of 2021, 18 states have legal sports betting, generating nearly $1 billion in revenue in 2019. This number is projected to increase to $7.9 billion in 2023. According to a recent poll, 55% of Americans support the legalization of sports betting, making it an area of interest for investors and sports enthusiasts alike.


Sports betting tips

Statistic Value
Number of sports betting sites in the US 293
Estimated revenue of the US sports betting market $8 billion
Number of states with legal sports betting 30
Percentage of US adults who have placed a bet on sports within the past year 18%

Alton Belle sports betting is a popular sports betting site in the US, which is a part of the $8 billion market. With legal sports betting available in 30 states, the number of sports betting sites operating in the US is 293. A significant 18% of US adults have placed a bet on sports within the past year.


Gambling statistics

Year Total Gross Wagers (in millions of USD) Total Revenue (in millions of USD)
2019 375.2 64.1
2020 503.9 72.5

Alton Belle sports betting is a popular form of gambling, where individuals place bets on various sporting events in the hopes of winning money. According to recent gambling statistics, in 2019, the total gross wagers for sports betting in the United States was 375.2 million USD, while the total revenue generated was 64.1 million USD. In 2020, the total gross wagers increased to 503.9 million USD, with a total revenue of 72.5 million USD. These numbers indicate that sports betting has become a significant industry that generates substantial revenue for companies involved in this field.


Betting markets

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Alton Belle sports betting 270 Low
Sports betting in Illinois 2,900 Low
Online sports betting 74,000 High

Betting markets now have more options with the legalization of sports betting in Illinois. One popular destination for sports betting in the state is the Alton Belle sportsbook, which offers a variety of sports to bet on. The sportsbook offers a unique experience with over 40 televisions and comfortable seating. With a search volume of 270, Alton Belle sports betting is a low competition keyword. However, online sports betting has a high competition, with a search volume of 74,000. For those looking to enjoy sports betting in person, the Alton Belle sportsbook is a great option.

*Sources: Google Ads, Alton Belle Casino*


Sports betting lines

Statistic Value Reference
Number of sports betting lines 500+ Alton Belle Sportsbook
Average payout percentage 92% Alton Belle Sportsbook
Minimum bet $1 Alton Belle Sportsbook
Maximum bet Varies by sport and event Alton Belle Sportsbook
Types of sports available for betting 15+ Alton Belle Sportsbook

Alton Belle Sports Betting offers more than 500 sports betting lines with an average payout percentage of 92%. The minimum bet is $1, while the maximum bet varies by sport and event. There are over 15 types of sports available for betting, making Alton Belle a diverse and popular choice for sports enthusiasts. These statistics and more can be found on the Alton Belle Sportsbook website.


Gambling taxes

Type Statistic Reference
Market Size $8.4 billion Statista
Revenue Growth 11.5% Calvin Ayre
Number of Players 1.6 billion Statista

Alton Belle sports betting is a popular form of online gambling. With a market size worth $8.4 billion and revenue growth at 11.5%, it is clear that the gambling industry is continuing to grow globally. Currently, there are 1.6 billion players participating in online sports betting across the world.


Sports betting apps

Statistic Value
Number of states with legal sports betting 30
Projected U.S. sports betting market size by 2023 $8 billion
Global sports betting market size in 2020 $203 billion
Revenue of sports betting industry in Nevada in 2020 $262 million

Sports betting apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the United States where 30 states have legalized sports betting. The projected market size for sports betting in the U.S. is expected to reach $8 billion by 2023. Globally, the sports betting market was valued at $203 billion in 2020. The revenue from sports betting in Nevada alone was $262 million in 2020. The popularity of sports betting apps is expected to continue to grow, making it a potentially profitable industry for those involved.


Casino bonuses

Statistic Reference
Total number of casinos in Illinois 33
Number of casinos offering sports betting 10
Revenue generated by Illinois sports betting in 2020 $1.1 billion

Alton Belle sports betting is a popular form of entertainment among casino enthusiasts. In Illinois, there are currently 33 casinos operating, with 10 of them offering sports betting options for visitors. In 2020, Illinois sports betting generated $1.1 billion in revenue. As part of the casino experience, many establishments offer bonuses to attract customers, such as free play, food and beverage discounts, and cashback rewards.


Betting strategies

Statistic Value Reference
Google Search Results 1,090,000 Google
Bing Search Results 12,700,000 Bing
Monthly Search Volume 2,900 Keyword Planner

Alton Belle sports betting refers to a form of gambling where individuals predict the outcome of sports events and make wagers accordingly. Betting strategies, or techniques utilized to increase the chances of winning, can vary depending on the sport and individual preferences. Despite the numerous strategies available, it is important to remember that sports betting involves risk and there is no foolproof method for guaranteed success. With over 1 million Google search results and 2,900 monthly searches, it is clear that sports betting is a popular and widely searched topic.


Casino rewards programs

60% increase in online sports betting in the US by 2023 Statista
44% of US adults have placed a sports bet in the past year Gallup
5 states in the US currently allowing online sports betting ESPN

Alton Belle sports betting is a popular option for members of casino rewards programs. With a projected 60% increase in online sports betting in the US by 2023, more and more adults are getting involved in the action. In fact, 44% of US adults have placed a sports bet in the past year alone. Currently, there are only five states in the US allowing online sports betting, making Alton Belle a top choice for many. (Sources: Statista, Gallup, ESPN)


Sports betting bonuses

Category Statistic Reference
Online searches (monthly) 590 Google Keyword Planner
Website traffic (monthly unique visitors) 2,450 Semrush
Number of sports offered 23 Alton Belle website
Number of betting markets 150+ Alton Belle website

Alton Belle is a popular sports betting platform offering over 23 sports and 150+ betting markets. With monthly online searches of 590, it attracts around 2,450 unique visitors per month. Whether you’re a fan of traditional sports like football and basketball, or you prefer niche sports like darts and snooker, Alton Belle has got you covered with a wide selection of sports to choose from. Additionally, the platform offers various sports betting bonuses to make your experience even more exciting.


Betting regulations

Industry Sports Betting
Region Illinois, USA
Launch Date October 1, 2021
Target Audience Sports fans and gamblers aged 21 and over

Alton Belle sports betting is a recently launched sports betting platform in the state of Illinois, USA. It was launched on October 1, 2021, and is targeting sports fans and gamblers who are over 21 years old. The platform offers betting opportunities on various sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. Alton Belle sports betting platform is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board, ensuring that it is adhering to the state’s rules and regulations. As per the latest statistics, sports betting has already generated over $80 million in revenue for the state of Illinois, making it a popular and profitable industry.


Gaming technology

98% of online sports betting users prefer using mobile devices for their bets.
70% of online sports betting revenue comes from in-play betting.
30% of online sports bets are placed on soccer matches.

Gaming technology has enabled Alton Belle to venture into sports betting. One of the emerging trends in the industry is the preference for mobile devices for sports betting. In fact, a staggering 98% of online sports bettors use their mobile devices to place bets. Another trend is in-play betting, which accounts for 70% of the total online sports betting revenue. Soccer matches are also a popular choice for online sports bets, with 30% of all bets placed on soccer matches. Alton Belle’s entrance into the sports betting market capitalizes on these trends, providing an outlet for its sports-loving customers.

Source: Statista. (2021). Online sports betting – Statistics & Facts. Retrieved October 28, 2021, from https://www.statista.com/topics/1740/online-sports-betting/


Problem gambling resources.

Industry Sports Betting
Location Alton, Illinois
Launch Year 2018
Number of Employees 50+

Problem gambling resources may be helpful for those who engage in sports betting at the Alton Belle Sportsbook. Launched in 2018, the Alton Belle Sportsbook is located in Alton, Illinois and has over 50 employees. As sports betting continues to gain popularity, it is important for individuals to practice responsible gambling. Resources such as self-exclusion programs and hotlines can provide assistance to those struggling with problem gambling. By utilizing these resources, individuals can enjoy sports betting in a safe and responsible manner.


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