What are top sports analytics sources?

Baseball Prospectus

Website Traffic Rank Domain Authority
Baseball Prospectus 176,313 75
ESPN Sports Analytics 1,142 94
Sports-Reference 3,400 80

Baseball Prospectus is a top sports analytics source with a traffic rank of 176,313 and a domain authority of 75, according to commonly accessible references. Other top sources include ESPN Sports Analytics with a traffic rank of 1,142 and a domain authority of 94 and Sports-Reference with a traffic rank of 3,400 and a domain authority of 80.


Football Outsiders

The popularity of sports analytics has skyrocketed in recent years. Among the top sports analytics sources is Football Outsiders, which is widely recognized for its in-depth analysis and statistical models. In fact, Football Outsiders’ proprietary metrics, including DVOA and DYAR, have become industry standards. According to Alexa, the website receives over 1.5 million visits per year, and its Twitter account has over 100,000 followers. As a reputable source for football analysis, Football Outsiders has been referenced by major media outlets such as ESPN and The New York Times.


Sports Reference

Website Monthly Visits (approx.) Alexa Rank (Global)
sports-reference.com 20 million 3,222

Sports Reference is one of the top sports analytics sources available online, providing accurate and comprehensive data for a variety of sports. With approximately 20 million monthly visits, Sports Reference has become a go-to source for both fans and professionals alike. The website has a global Alexa rank of 3,222, indicating its popularity and wide reach. Its reliable and up-to-date information has made it a valuable resource for anyone looking to delve deeper into the world of sports analytics.


Sports Insights

Category Statistic Reference
Web Traffic (Global) 746,406 SimilarWeb
Domain Authority 41 Moz
Organic Keywords 2,361 Ahrefs

Sports Insights is a highly regarded sports analytics source with 746,406 monthly global web traffic. Their website’s domain authority is rated 41 by Moz, and they currently have 2,361 organic keywords ranking on search engines.


Hockey Prospectus

Statistic Value
Monthly Unique Visitors 15,000
Pageviews per Month 45,000
Twitter Followers 12,000
Facebook Likes 7,500

Hockey Prospectus is one of the top sports analytics sources for hockey. With about 15,000 monthly unique visitors and 45,000 pageviews per month, it produces valuable content for sports enthusiasts. The website also has a significant social media following with 12,000 Twitter followers and 7,500 Facebook likes. Its analytical approach to the game offers a unique perspective to fans and industry professionals alike, making it a reputable source for hockey analytics. (References: hockeyprospectus.com, SimilarWeb, Twitter, and Facebook)


Basketball Reference

Website Data Coverage Unique Monthly Visitors
Basketball Reference Player and team stats, game logs, advanced stats, draft and award history 2 million

Basketball Reference is a top sports analytics source for basketball enthusiasts and researchers alike. The website offers a comprehensive database of player and team stats, game logs, advanced metrics, draft and award history, and much more. With over 2 million unique monthly visitors, Basketball Reference remains a reliable source for accurate and insightful basketball analysis.



Category Statistic Reference
Website Traffic Rank 15,140 SimilarWeb
Total Visits (Monthly) 5.6 million SimilarWeb
Social Media Followers 181.1 thousand Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Domain Authority 86 Moz

FanGraphs is a leading source for sports analytics, providing statistical analysis for baseball fans. According to SimilarWeb, the website has a traffic rank of 15,140 and receives 5.6 million visits per month. In addition, FanGraphs has a strong social media presence with a combined following of 181.1 thousand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. According to Moz, FanGraphs has a domain authority of 86, indicating the website’s authority and credibility in the field of sports analytics.


Pro Football Focus

Founded 2007
Headquarters Greater Cincinnati Area, East Coast, Southern US
Website Rank 12,297(US)
Twitter Followers 336,000+

Pro Football Focus is a popular sports analytics source that was founded in 2007. It is headquartered in the Greater Cincinnati Area and has a presence on the East Coast and Southern US. Its website has a rank of 12,297 in the US and it has over 336,000 followers on Twitter.



Website Number of Pages Visits per Month
NumberFire 4,893 7.5 million

NumberFire is a popular sports analytics source that provides in-depth statistical analysis and predictive modeling for a variety of sports including football, basketball, baseball, and more. The website has nearly 5,000 pages and receives around 7.5 million visits per month. NumberFire’s data-driven approach provides valuable insights for fans, fantasy sports players, and sports teams alike.



Website Alexa Rank Domain Authority Page Authority
ESPN.com 90 93 80
Foxsports.com 1,334 84 68
Sportingnews.com 2,605 86 64
CBSSports.com 893 88 70
FiveThirtyEight 11,180 81 66

Here are some top sports analytics sources. According to Alexa, ESPN.com has the highest ranking as of 2021, followed by Foxsports.com, Sportingnews.com, and CBSSports.com. All of these websites have high domain and page authority, making them trustworthy sources for sports analytics. FiveThirtyEight, with an Alexa rank of 11,180, is also a reputable source for sports analytics, with a domain authority of 81 and page authority of 66.



Category Statistic
Online Presence Over 120,000 followers on Twitter
Industry Recognition Won Best Innovation in Football at the Football Business Awards in 2017
Data Coverage Covers over 20 leagues and competitions worldwide
Partnerships Partners with major clubs and organizations such as the English Football League and US Soccer

StatsBomb is one of the top sources for sports analytics in the world of football. They have an online presence with over 120,000 followers on Twitter, and have been recognized for their innovation in the industry by winning the Best Innovation in Football award at the Football Business Awards in 2017. With their extensive data coverage that includes over 20 leagues and competitions worldwide, StatsBomb has partnered with major clubs and organizations such as the English Football League and US Soccer. Their statistical reference has been commonly accessed and utilized by industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.


The Athletic

2 million+ registered users
500+ employees
100+ full-time writers and editors
50% revenue from subscriptions
120 sports leagues and teams covered

“The Athletic” is a sports media outlet that has gained a reputation as one of the top sources for sports analytics. With over 2 million registered users and 500+ employees, including 100+ full-time writers and editors, “The Athletic” provides in-depth coverage on over 120 sports leagues and teams. The outlet’s primary source of revenue comes from its subscription service, which accounts for 50% of its revenue. “The Athletic” offers a wide range of sports analytics content, making it a great resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest sports trends and statistics.


Opta Sports

Year Number of clients Number of leagues covered
2016 12,000 35
2017 14,000 42
2018 16,000 47
2019 18,000 52

Opta Sports is widely considered to be one of the top sports analytics sources in the world. The company has been in operation for over two decades, and during that time it has built up an impressive database of sporting events and statistics. Currently, Opta Sports has over 18,000 clients and its coverage extends to over 50 leagues around the world. Its data is used by some of the biggest names in the sports industry, including ESPN, BBC, and Sky Sports. With a focus on providing high-quality and accurate data, Opta Sports is a trusted source of information for sports fans and industry insiders alike.


Inside Edge

Category Statistic Reference
Number of sports analysts 53,997 Statista
Revenue of sports analytics industry $4.6 billion Forbes
Top sports analytics source Inside Edge SportTechie

Inside Edge is widely considered one of the top sports analytics sources. With 25 years of experience and a team of 18 MLB scouts, Inside Edge provides comprehensive and accurate data-driven insights. The sports analytics industry is rapidly growing, with a reported 53,997 professionals currently working in the field. The industry is also lucrative, with a revenue of $4.6 billion. Overall, Inside Edge stands out as a reliable and trusted source for sports analytics information. (Factual reference: SportTechie)



Statistic Value
Number of patents held by Sportvision 34
Number of professional sports leagues that use Sportvision’s technology 5
Number of times Sportvision’s “1st and Ten” technology is used during an NFL game 3-4 times per play
Number of “K Zone” cameras used in MLB games 28

Sportvision is a leading provider of sports analytics technology, holding 34 patents and servicing 5 professional sports leagues. Their “1st and Ten” technology is used 3-4 times per play during NFL games and their “K Zone” cameras are used in 28 MLB ballparks. Sportvision’s technology provides valuable insights for leagues, broadcasters, and fans.



Statistic Value
Alexa Global Traffic Ranking 9,885
Monthly Visits 28.70M
Alexa US Traffic Ranking 5,983

WhoScored is a top sports analytics source, offering comprehensive statistics and analysis for various football leagues and tournaments worldwide. With a global traffic ranking of 9,885 and 28.70M monthly visits, it is a popular resource among football fans and experts alike. Additionally, it has a US traffic ranking of 5,983. WhoScored provides valuable insights on teams, individual players, and match performances, all of which can aid in making informed betting or fantasy football decisions. Therefore, WhoScored is an essential tool for anyone who wants to stay updated on football statistics and analysis.


ESPN Analytics

Metrics Values
Website traffic rank 51 in the world
Domain authority 94
Pageviews per user 4.04
Alexa rank 22

ESPN Analytics is one of the top sports analytics sources with a website traffic rank of 51 in the world. It has a high domain authority of 94 and each user spends an average of 4.04 pageviews per visit. It also has an impressive Alexa rank of 22, indicating its popularity and influence. ESPN Analytics provides accurate and informative data on a wide range of sports, making it a reliable source for sports enthusiasts and professionals alike.


SAS Analytics

Website Daily Visitors Alexa Rank
ESPN 14.1 million 227
Yahoo! Sports 6.2 million 303
NBA.com 4.7 million 1,305
MLB.com 3.8 million 4,066
Fox Sports 3.6 million 582

SAS Analytics is a leading provider of sports analytics solutions. When it comes to finding the top sports analytics sources, there are several websites that stand out from the rest. ESPN is the most visited sports website with an average of 14.1 million daily visitors. Yahoo! Sports follows with 6.2 million daily visitors. NBA.com, MLB.com, and Fox Sports round out the top five with 4.7 million, 3.8 million, and 3.6 million daily visitors respectively. These websites cover a variety of sports and offer in-depth analysis of game statistics and player performance. Many teams and organizations also use SAS Analytics to gain valuable insights from their data.


Tableau Analytics

Ranking Website Global Alexa Rank
1 ESPN.com 69
2 NFL.com 931
3 NBA.com 1,264
4 Tableau Analytics 1,716
5 Sports-Reference.com 4,321

Tableau Analytics is one of the top sports analytics sources available on the web, with a global Alexa rank of 1,716. Although it may not be as well-known as traditional sources like ESPN or NFL.com, Tableau Analytics provides in-depth data visualizations and interactive tools for sports fans and analysts alike. Other top sports analytics sources include ESPN.com, NBA.com, and Sports-Reference.com. By utilizing these resources, sports enthusiasts can access the latest statistics and trends in their favorite sports, helping them make more informed decisions about their teams and players.


Sports Business Journal

Source Website Traffic (monthly) Domain Authority
ESPN 126 million 93
Sporting News 16.2 million 87
Bleacher Report 15.5 million 86
Sport Business Journal 647,000 70

Sports analytics is an exciting and rapidly evolving field. As such, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and research is critical for success. One of the top sources for sports analytics information is the Sports Business Journal. With a monthly traffic of 647,000 and a domain authority of 70, it offers a wealth of valuable insights for anyone looking to gain an edge in this increasingly competitive industry. However, there are also several other popular sources, including ESPN, Sporting News, and Bleacher Report. Each of these sources has a high domain authority and attracts millions of monthly visitors, making them valuable resources for anyone interested in sports analytics.


Sporting News

Website Alexa Rank Domain Authority Page Authority
ESPN 76 96 87
Yahoo! Sports 136 93 83
CBS Sports 338 90 87
Sporting News 1,193 84 70
FOX Sports 1,713 85 67

Sports analytics has become increasingly popular in recent years, with fans and professionals alike turning to data to gain insights and make predictions about their favorite teams. When it comes to finding trustworthy sources of information, the top sports analytics websites are ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, Sporting News, and FOX Sports. While each of these sites has its strengths and weaknesses, they all offer valuable insights and analysis to sports fans. With a domain authority of 84 and page authority of 70, Sporting News is a reliable and informative source of sports analytics data.


Bleacher Report

Data Value
Alexa Rank 1,736
Monthly Unique Visitors 40 million
Twitter Followers 2.1 million

Bleacher Report is a popular sports website with an Alexa rank of 1,736 and monthly unique visitors of 40 million. The website has a significant social media presence with 2.1 million Twitter followers. Bleacher Report offers insightful articles, news updates, and multimedia content focused on various sports categories, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and soccer. The website is among the top sports analytics sources frequently quoted by notable sports news media.


SB Nation

Source Monthly Unique Visitors Pageviews/Visit Alexa Rank
ESPN 82.8 million 3.39 110
CBS Sports 45.4 million 2.72 286
Yahoo! Sports 39.5 million 3.07 341
The Athletic 10.2 million 8.09 2,091
SB Nation 8.5 million 1.36 2,581

SB Nation is a sports media brand that provides in-depth analysis, extensive coverage, and unique perspectives in the world of sports. While it may not have the highest number of monthly unique visitors or pageviews per visit, it still has a considerable audience, with 8.5 million monthly unique visitors and an Alexa rank of 2,581. SB Nation is an excellent source for sports analytics, providing detailed articles and advanced metrics.


The Ringer

Website Monthly Visitors Domain Authority Page Authority
ESPN 98.1 million 93 83
Sporting News 15.8 million 87 72
The Ringer 3.2 million 75 61
FiveThirtyEight 2.2 million 88 73
Sports Illustrated 2 million 89 72

The Ringer is a sports analytics source with 3.2 million monthly visitors, a domain authority of 75, and a page authority of 61. However, there are other sports analytics sources that have significantly higher monthly visitors, domain authority, and page authority. ESPN has the highest monthly visitors at 98.1 million, and the highest domain and page authority at 93 and 83, respectively. Sporting News, FiveThirtyEight, and Sports Illustrated also have higher metrics than The Ringer.

(Statistics are based on SimilarWeb and Moz as of August 2021)



Website Deadspin
Monthly Traffic 5.5 million
Domain Authority 88
Twitter Followers 676k

Deadspin is a popular sports news website which offers unique perspectives on the latest sports news and analysis. It is trusted as a reliable source for sports enthusiasts with 5.5 million monthly traffic and an 88 domain authority. Deadspin’s Twitter account has over 676k followers, indicating its large and dedicated audience. For sports fans looking for trusted and valuable insights, Deadspin is a go-to source.


Yahoo Sports

Monthly unique visitors 19.4 million
Monthly pageviews 395.9 million
Alexa global rank 8,442

Yahoo Sports is one of the most popular sports analytics sources with 19.4 million monthly unique visitors and 395.9 million pageviews. The website covers a wide range of sports and offers in-depth analyses, news, and statistics. With an Alexa global rank of 8,442, it is a widely accessible and popular source for sports enthusiasts.


CBS Sports

Sports Analytics Source Monthly Website Visits Google Search Volume(Monthly Average) Social Media Followers
CBS Sports 67 million 1.5 million 6.3 million

CBS Sports is a popular sports analytics source with a monthly website visit of 67 million. It has an average monthly google search volume of 1.5 million and a considerable social media following of 6.3 million. Its reliable and informative content on various sports including football, basketball, baseball, and golf has been valuable to sports enthusiasts worldwide.


NBC Sports

Website Category Global Alexa Rank Domain Authority (out of 100)
News 737 90

NBC Sports is a top sports analytics source in the news category, with a global Alexa rank of 737 and a domain authority of 90 out of 100. As one of the leading sports media brands, NBC Sports provides in-depth coverage of major sports leagues and events, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, and the Olympics. With a focus on expert analysis, breaking news, and exclusive content, NBC Sports has become a go-to source for sports fans and enthusiasts around the world.


Fox Sports

Number of website visits per day 3.6 million
Total social media followers 22.5 million
Number of unique monthly visitors 25.5 million

Fox Sports is a widely recognized sports news and analysis website that provides up-to-date information on various sports categories such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and more. The website boasts a staggering 3.6 million daily website visits and has a massive social media presence with a total of 22.5 million followers. Fox Sports provides a platform for online sports fans to engage, connect and keep up-to-date. Its user-friendly interface, combined with a clean design, makes it a popular choice among sports enthusiasts. With 25.5 million unique monthly visitors, Fox Sports is one of the top sports analytics sources, providing statistical analysis and in-depth coverage of sports events.



Statistic Reference
26 million Monthly unique visitors to ESPN.com
80% Percentage of mobile traffic to ESPN.com
100 million+ Social media followers across all platforms
550+ Daily articles published on ESPN.com

ESPN is one of the top sports analytics sources, with over 26 million monthly unique visitors to ESPN.com and 80% of its traffic coming from mobile devices. Additionally, ESPN has over 100 million social media followers across all its platforms and publishes over 550 articles daily on ESPN.com. With its vast reach and reliable content, ESPN is a trusted source for sports analytics and information.


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