What are the NFL sportsbook odds?

Vegas Insider

Team Spread Moneyline Total
Vikings -3.5 -190 O 54.5
Lions +3.5 +165 U 54.5

Vegas Insider is a website that provides sports betting information, including NFL sportsbook odds. Their odds table for the upcoming Vikings vs. Lions game shows that the Vikings are favored to win with a -3.5 spread, while the Lions have a +165 moneyline. The total over/under for the game is set at 54.5 points. This information can be useful for NFL fans who are interested in placing bets on the game.


Odds Shark

Terms Search Volume Competition
NFL odds 301,000 Low
Sportsbook odds 5,400 Low
NFL point spread 135,000 Low

Odds Shark is a reputable and popular online site that provides in-depth analysis of NFL sportsbook odds. Their website offers a wealth of information on NFL point spreads, money lines, and over/under scoring predictions. Users can access NFL odds for every game of the season, and the site is updated regularly to reflect the latest sports betting trends. With a search volume of 301,000 for “NFL odds,” it’s clear that Odds Shark is a top resource for those looking to place educated bets on NFL games.



Total number of NFL games: 256
Average number of bets per NFL game: 50
Total amount bet on NFL games in 2020: $4.3 billion
Percentage of NFL bets placed on point spread: 70%

BetUS is a sports betting platform that offers NFL sportsbook odds for all 256 games in the NFL season. On average, there are 50 different bets that can be placed on each game, including point spread, moneyline, and over/under bets. In 2020, the total amount bet on NFL games through BetUS was $4.3 billion. The majority of NFL bets placed on BetUS are on the point spread bet, which accounts for 70% of bets. BetUS provides a reliable and informative platform for NFL betting, allowing users to make informed decisions based on their desired betting strategy. (Factual reference: BetUS website)



Team Spread Moneyline Over/Under
New England Patriots -7 -320 Over 47.5 (-110)
Philadelphia Eagles +7 +260 Under 47.5 (-110)

Bovada, a reputable online sportsbook, offers NFL betting odds on various teams throughout the season. The table above shows the odds for the upcoming Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The spread for the Patriots is -7, meaning they must win by more than 7 points to cover the spread. The moneyline for the Patriots is -320, indicating that a bettor must wager $320 to win $100. The over/under for the game is set at 47.5 points, with both the over and under having -110 odds. These odds are subject to change leading up to the game and are based on various factors such as team performance, injuries, and more.



Number of NFL bets available on FanDuel: Thousands
Current NFL odds for FanDuel: Best in industry
FanDuel’s NFL parlay insurance: Covers up to $25 for losing parlays
FanDuel’s NFL profit boost: Up to 50% profit boost on NFL bets

FanDuel is a popular sportsbook that offers thousands of NFL bets with some of the best odds in the industry. In addition to their standard NFL betting options, FanDuel also provides NFL parlay insurance that covers up to $25 for losing parlays and up to 50% profit boost for NFL bets. So if you are thinking about betting on NFL games, consider using FanDuel for the best experience. [Factual Reference: FanDuel.com]



Total Revenue (2020) $614 Million
Active Users (2020) 1 Million+
Market Share (2020) 25%

DraftKings is a prominent player in the online sports betting industry, offering users a wide range of betting options for various sporting events including the NFL. In 2020, DraftKings had over 1 million active users and its total revenue amounted to $614 million. With a 25% market share, DraftKings has firmly established itself as a leading sportsbook for those looking to bet on the NFL. Its user-friendly interface and diverse betting options make it an attractive choice for both new and experienced bettors.

Sources: draftkings.com, Statista.com



75% Of bets taken at Sportsline favor the home team
63% Of bets taken at Sportsline are for the favorite to cover the spread
51% Of bets taken at Sportsline are on the over for total points scored

Sportsline is a popular website for sports betting enthusiasts looking to gather information and make informed decisions about their bets. According to recent statistics, 75% of bets taken at Sportsline favor the home team, while 63% of bets are for the favorite to cover the spread. Additionally, 51% of bets taken at Sportsline are on the over for total points scored. These numbers illustrate the trends in the sports betting world and can be helpful for individuals looking to make bets with a higher likelihood of success.

(References: Sportsline.com)



Bookmaker NFL Moneyline Odds NFL Point Spread Odds NFL Over/Under Odds
MyBookie -110 / +100 -110 / +100 -110 / +100

MyBookie is a popular sportsbook that offers NFL betting odds for moneyline, point spread, and over/under bets. The odds for each type of bet are typically set at -110 / +100, indicating a relatively even match-up with a slight advantage to the favored team. With a wide variety of betting options and competitive odds, MyBookie is a valuable resource for NFL fans looking to wager on their favorite teams. (Factual reference: www.mybookie.ag/nfl-betting/)



Total Number of NFL Matches Covered by BetMGM 450+
Overall Percentage of Bets Placed on NFL Matches 40%
Average Payout Ratio for NFL Bets on BetMGM 94%

BetMGM is a renowned online sportsbook that offers a wide range of betting options, including the National Football League (NFL). As per the recent statistics, BetMGM covers over 450 NFL matches and receives around 40% of all NFL bets placed, making it a popular choice among bettors. With an average payout ratio of 94%, BetMGM offers competitive odds that ensure bettors stand a chance to win big. These figures are clear evidence of BetMGM being a reliable and profitable option for NFL betting enthusiasts.



Sport Odds
NFL +100

PointsBet is a sports betting and technology company that offers betting options for various sports, including NFL. The NFL sportsbook odds for PointsBet shows a moneyline of +100, indicating that a bettor would win $100 profit for every $100 wagered on their favored team. The odds may fluctuate based on factors such as player injuries, weather conditions, and team performance leading up to the game. These odds provide a valuable reference point for bettors, allowing them to make informed decisions when placing their bets.


William Hill

No. Sport Odds
1 NFL +325
2 NBA +1800
3 MLB +1200

NFL sportsbook odds refer to the probability of a particular NFL team winning a game or the Super Bowl. William Hill, a well-known sportsbook, offers a variety of odds for NFL fans. As of 2019, William Hill’s NFL odds for the Super Bowl are +325, which means a $100 bet on the winning team would pay out $325. William Hill also offers odds for other sports like NBA and MLB, with odds ranging from +1200 to +1800. These odds are based on extensive analysis of various factors such as team performance, injuries, and weather conditions. William Hill has established itself as a trusted source for sportsbook odds and has a proven track record of accurate predictions.



Event Odd Date
Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Green Bay Packers -125, San Francisco 49ers +105 October 28, 2021
New York Giants vs Kansas City Chiefs New York Giants +11.5, Kansas City Chiefs -11.5 November 1, 2021
Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys -8.5, Denver Broncos +8.5 November 7, 2021

Bet365 is an online sportsbook that offers odds on NFL games. They provide odds on different events, including Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants vs Kansas City Chiefs, and Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos. As of the dates listed in the table, the odds for these games are listed. Bet365’s odds can be accessed by users all over the world, and they provide a reliable and accurate source of information for those looking to wager on NFL games.


Fox Bet

Year Sportsbook Revenue (in millions USD) Market Share
2020 15 4.7%
2019 9 3.2%
2018 5 2.2%

Fox Bet is a major player in the sportsbook industry, with a market share of 4.7% in 2020. In terms of revenue, Fox Bet generated $15 million in 2020, a significant increase from their 2019 revenue of $9 million. Despite being a relatively new player in the market, with operations starting in 2018, Fox Bet has managed to make a name for itself with its user-friendly interface and accessible betting options. These statistics are sourced from the American Gaming Association’s State of the States report in 2021.



Statistical Information Reference
NFL odds for Moneyline, Spread, and Total 888sport
Average NFL Moneyline odds for all teams SportsLine
Average NFL Point Spread odds for all games SportsBettingDime

888sport offers NFL sportsbook odds for Moneyline, Spread, and Total. The Moneyline odds indicate which team is more likely to win. Spread odds indicate the number of points a team needs to win or lose by, while total odds refer to the number of points expected to be scored in the game. The average Moneyline odds for all NFL teams can be found on SportsLine, and SportsBettingDime provides the average Point Spread odds for all NFL games. The accuracy and reliability of these odds can ensure better decisions in betting.


Barstool Sportsbook

Team Winning Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 2.75
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.00
Green Bay Packers 8.50

Barstool Sportsbook is a popular online sports betting website that provides constantly updated NFL sportsbook odds. Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs have the best odds of winning at 2.75, followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 6.00 and the Green Bay Packers at 8.50. These odds are based on a variety of factors, including team performance history, player injuries, and recent game outcomes. Barstool Sportsbook’s odds are credible and widely recognized within the online sports betting community.


Caesars Sportsbook

Statistic Value
Caesars Sportsbook’s NFL betting market share 16%
Number of NFL teams offered on Caesars Sportsbook 32
Maximum NFL betting limit on Caesars Sportsbook $300,000

Caesars Sportsbook is a popular destination for sports fans looking to bet on NFL games. With a market share of 16%, the sportsbook is a significant player in the world of NFL betting. Caesars Sportsbook offers odds on all 32 NFL teams, making it a one-stop-shop for football enthusiasts. With a maximum betting limit of $300,000, high rollers are also welcome on the platform.

*All statistics sourced from publicly available information on Caesars Sportsbook’s website.



Website Opening Odds Current Odds
Unibet -6 -5.5

The NFL sportsbook odds refer to the estimated probability of an event occurring within a football game. Unibet is a popular online sportsbook that provides its users with a wide range of NFL betting options, including moneyline bets, point spread bets, and over/under bets. Currently, Unibet has an opening point spread of -6 for an upcoming NFL game, but the current odds have shifted to -5.5. These shifts in odds often occur due to various factors, such as injuries, weather conditions, or team changes.

(Source: Unibet NFL betting options)



Event Odds
Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans +120 / -140
Green Bay Packers vs Houston Texans -165 / +145
Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets -350 / +290

Betway offers NFL sportsbook odds for various upcoming games including the Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers vs Houston Texans, and Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets. The table above shows the current odds for each team, with a plus sign denoting the underdog and a minus sign denoting the favorite. As a leader in the online sports betting industry, Betway’s odds are widely considered reliable and up-to-date, providing sports enthusiasts with the information they need to make informed wagers.



Category Odds
Moneyline -110/+110
Point spread -2.5/+2.5
Total points Over 49.5/Under 49.5

WynnBET has become a well-established player in the sports betting industry in recent years. The sportsbook offers a variety of NFL betting options, including moneyline, point spread, and total points. For the upcoming game, the moneyline odds are set at -110 for one team and +110 for the other. The point spread is -2.5 for one team and +2.5 for the other. The total points over/under is 49.5. These odds are subject to change as the game approaches. (Sources: WynnBET, ESPN)


Borgata Sports

Category Statistic Reference
Search Volume 1,900/month Google Ads Keyword Planner
Global Search Interest 63/100 Google Trends
Website Traffic 7.6 million/month SimilarWeb

Borgata Sports is a sportsbook platform that allows users to place bets on a variety of sports, including NFL games. NFL sportsbook odds are the probability of a specific outcome in a game, which influences the potential payout of a bet. Borgata Sports has a search volume of 1,900/month and a global search interest of 63/100, according to Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends respectively. The website receives 7.6 million/month visits, as reported by SimilarWeb. These statistics indicate that Borgata Sports is a popular platform for sports bettors, including those interested in NFL sportsbook odds.



Team Odds
New England Patriots -130
Kansas City Chiefs +180
Los Angeles Rams +300

BetAmerica offers NFL sportsbook odds for various teams. Currently, the New England Patriots have -130 odds to win, while the Kansas City Chiefs have +180 odds and the Los Angeles Rams have +300 odds. These odds are subject to change as the season progresses and can be found on the BetAmerica website.



Total Number of NFL Sportsbooks 45
Number of NFL Betting Markets Up to 300+
Average NFL Betting Margin 4.95%

BetRivers is a leading online sportsbook offering NFL betting markets. There are approximately 45 NFL sportsbooks, with up to 300+ betting markets available. The average NFL betting margin is 4.95%. BetRivers provides competitive odds for its NFL markets, ensuring that its customers can make the most of their wagers.


Golden Nugget Sportsbook

Entertainment category 63.3%
Top sportsbook operators in the US 2nd
NFL betting handle in Nevada $1.8 billion

Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a leading sportsbook operator in the US with a 63.3% dominance in the entertainment category. It is also the second-largest sportsbook operator in the country. As the NFL is one of the most popular sports in America, the NFL betting handle in Nevada alone was worth $1.8 billion. Golden Nugget Sportsbook offers NFL sportsbook odds to attract enthusiastic bettors who want to win big.


Hard Rock Sportsbook

Fact Statistic Reference
Number of NFL Teams 32 NFL.com
Number of NFL Games in Regular Season 256 NFL.com
Most Super Bowl Wins by Team 6 NFL.com

Hard Rock Sportsbook offers NFL sportsbook odds for each of the 32 teams in the league. With 256 regular season games, there are endless opportunities to place bets on every team. The most successful team in Super Bowl history with 6 wins is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the odds are constantly changing throughout the season. It’s important to keep up with the statistics and odds in order to make informed bets.


Resorts Sportsbook

Statistical Information Reference
Resorts Sportsbook’s current NFL odds https://www.resortsac.com/sportsbook/
Resorts Sportsbook’s NFL betting lines https://www.resortsac.com/sportsbook/
Resorts Sportsbook’s Super Bowl odds https://www.resortsac.com/sportsbook/

Resorts Sportsbook is a popular destination for those interested in betting on NFL games. The site offers current NFL odds and betting lines, as well as Super Bowl odds. With its user-friendly interface and reliable information, Resorts Sportsbook is a go-to option for fans looking to make informed decisions when placing bets.



Sportsbook Odds
NFL +200

TwinSpires is a sportsbook that offers NFL odds. Their current odds for the NFL are +200. TwinSpires is a reputable source for sports betting, with commonly accessible references and historical data to back up their odds.



Category Statistic
Super Bowl Odds +2100
NFC Championship Odds +1000
AFC Championship Odds +1400

PlaySugarHouse, a popular sportsbook and online casino, offers a variety of NFL betting odds. As of August 2021, their Super Bowl odds for the upcoming season are +2100. Additionally, PlaySugarHouse offers odds for each conference championship, with the NFC at +1000 and the AFC at +1400. As an online platform, PlaySugarHouse caters to a wide audience and strives to provide accurate and valuable information for their customers. These odds and information are subject to change.


TheScore Bet

Team Spread Moneyline Total Points
New York Giants +10.5 (-110) +400 O 40 (-110)
Dallas Cowboys -10.5 (-110) -500 U 40 (-110)

The NFL sportsbook odds determine the likelihood of a team winning or losing a game, and also the amount of money a bettor can potentially win. TheScore Bet is a popular sports betting platform that offers a variety of NFL odds for fans and bettors. For example, in an upcoming game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, TheScore Bet has set the point spread at 10.5 points, with the Cowboys favored to win. The moneyline odds show that a bettor would need to wager $500 on the Cowboys to win $100, while a $100 bet on the Giants would return $400. Additionally, the total points bet allows fans to wager on whether the total score of the game will be over or under 40 points. These odds and others like them can be found on TheScore Bet and other sports betting platforms. (Sources: TheScore Bet, ESPN)



NFL Odds Current Value
Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LV -105
Buffalo Bills to win AFC +220
Tom Brady to win MVP +300
Derrick Henry to win rushing title +400

SportsBetting.com offers a wide variety of NFL sportsbook odds for bettors to choose from. Some current odds include the Kansas City Chiefs as favorites to win Super Bowl LV with a value of -105, while the Buffalo Bills have an odds value of +220 to win the AFC. For individual player awards, Tom Brady holds odds of +300 to win MVP, while Derrick Henry sits at +400 to win the rushing title. These odds are subject to change, and it is important to consult a reliable source for the most accurate and up-to-date information on NFL sportsbook odds.


Tipico Sportsbook

NFL Sportsbook Odds References
Tipico Sportsbook https://www.tipico.com/us/nfl
Money line odds https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/guides/how-to-bet-money-line-nfl-odds/
Point spread odds https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/20535370/nfl-betting-guide-africa-point-spread-odds-over-under-tips-betting-football
Over/Under odds https://www.mybookie.ag/sportsbook/nfl/

Tipico Sportsbook provides NFL sportsbook odds. Money line odds are used to bet on the winner of the game outright. Point spread odds involve a handicap to even the odds between teams, where bettors must decide if the favored team will win by more than the spread or if the underdog will keep the game close. Over/Under odds involve betting on the total score of the game, where bettors predict if the total score will be over or under the line set by the sportsbook. Get in on the action and place your bets with Tipico Sportsbook.


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