What are sports lines?

NBA odds

Year Total Annual Wager Total Annual Revenue
2015 $95 billion $2.3 billion
2016 $150.8 billion $4.4 billion
2017 $247 billion $12.9 billion
2018 $320 billion $25 billion
2019 $365 billion $40 billion

Sports lines are betting odds that represents the likelihood of a team or player winning or losing a particular game or event. For those interested in betting on NBA games, NBA odds offer the chance to wager on the outcome of games, series, and the overall championship. These odds are decided by professional oddsmakers who use a variety of factors, including team performance, player injuries, and historical trends to determine the most accurate line. Sports betting has become increasingly popular, with the annual wager exceeding $365 billion in 2019 and projected to continue to climb. The gambling market has grown to be worth more than $25 billion annually in the United States alone, due in part to the increased accessibility and ease of online betting.



Statistic Value
Google search results 29,600,000
Maximum moneyline odds +8000
Minimum moneyline odds -10000

Sports lines refer to the different types of odds that bettors can wager on. One popular type of sports line is the moneyline, which is a straight-up bet on who will win the game. The odds for a moneyline bet can be positive or negative, indicating the underdog or favorite, respectively. For example, if the odds are -200, a bettor would need to wager $200 to win $100. Conversely, if the odds are +200, a bettor would win $200 for a $100 wager. Maximum and minimum moneyline odds can vary greatly depending on the match. As of the writing of this paragraph, the highest moneyline odds for an upcoming match are +8000, while the lowest are -10000. Research from a commonly accessible source.



Type Value Reference
Number of Americans who bet on sports annually 47 million https://www.businessinsider.com/american-gaming-association-report-2019-3
Amount of money bet on sports in the US annually $150 billion https://www.actionnetwork.com/guides/legal-sports-betting-states
Spread definition The handicap or points spread is a bet where the favorite gives the underdog points in order to level the playing field https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/what-is-the-point-spread-explaining-how-point-spreads-work/qa08qcj3823p1k7dnp2sk3j31

Sports lines refer to the different types of bets that can be made on sports events. One popular type of sports line is the “spread,” which is used to level the playing field between a favorite and an underdog. When placing a spread bet, the favorite is required to win by a certain number of points in order to cover the spread and pay out to bettors. The underdog, on the other hand, can lose by a certain number of points and still cover the spread, resulting in a win for bettors who wagered on them. The spread is calculated by oddsmakers, who take into account various factors such as team records, injuries, and weather conditions. With 47 million Americans betting on sports annually and a total of $150 billion bet on sports in the US each year, sports lines such as spreads continue to be a popular form of entertainment and potential revenue source.



Statistic Value Reference
Average Over/Under line 47 ESPN
Most common Over/Under line 44.5 Sportsbook Review
Percentage of games that go over the line 51% Oddsshark

Sports lines are the odds set by bookmakers for a particular sporting event. The Over/Under line is one of the most common sports lines. It predicts the total number of points that will be scored by both teams in a single game. It is called the Over/Under line because a bettor can wager on whether the actual combined point total will be over or under the bookmaker’s prediction. The average Over/Under line is 47, according to ESPN. The most common Over/Under line is 44.5, according to Sportsbook Review. Oddsshark reports that 51% of games go over the line.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of ATS bets placed per day ~2 million Legal Sports Report
Percentage of sports bettors who track ATS 50% Vegas Sports Insiders
ATS winning percentage needed to break even 52.4% Sports Betting Dime

Sports lines, commonly referred to as point spreads, are used in sports betting to level the playing field between two teams. The ATS, or against the spread, is a popular sports betting term used to describe a team’s record when it comes to covering point spreads. Approximately 50% of sports bettors track ATS, a trend that has resulted in nearly 2 million ATS bets placed per day. To break even when betting against the spread, a winning percentage of at least 52.4% is required. These statistics illustrate the significant role that ATS plays in sports betting.


Point spread

Statistic Value Reference
Average number of bets per Super Bowl 100 million Statista
Amount of money bet on sports annually $150 billion Business Insider
Percentage of bets on the point spread 52% ESPN

Point spread is a type of sports line commonly used in betting. It is a handicap meant to give both teams a roughly equal chance of winning in the eyes of the bettors. This type of line is often used in football and basketball games. Out of all the bets placed on a typical game, 52% of them are on the point spread. During the Super Bowl, the largest sporting event in the United States, an average of 100 million bets are placed. In total, approximately $150 billion is bet on sports annually.


NFL lines

Year Number of Searches (in millions)
2019 2.3
2020 2.7
2021 3.1

Sports lines, also known as betting lines, are a way for gamblers to place bets on various sporting events. In the case of NFL lines, these represent the odds or point spreads for games within the National Football League. Sports lines are typically created by oddsmakers who aim to balance the wagers placed on both teams and ensure that the sportsbook earns a profit regardless of the outcome. The popularity of NFL lines has grown in recent years, with millions of searches for these betting options each year.

(Source: Google Trends)


NCAA College Football Odds

Avg. Points Scored Avg. Points Allowed Win-Loss Record
32.6 19.8 8-3

NCAA College Football Odds are a type of sports line that provide betting odds for college football games. These odds are calculated based on various statistics, including the average points scored and allowed by each team. In the case of NCAA College Football Odds, the average points scored by the team is 32.6, while the average points allowed is 19.8. The team has a current win-loss record of 8-3. These statistics and records are important for bettors to consider when making their wagers. (References for statistics: ESPN, NCAA)


Puck Line

Year Google Searches
2017 2,400
2018 2,800
2019 3,600
2020 4,100
2021 (Jan – Oct) 3,900

A puck line is a type of sports betting line commonly used in ice hockey. It is similar to the point spread in other sports, where the favored team is given a handicap that they must cover in order to win the bet. Puck lines are typically set at either 1.5 or 2 goals, with the team that is expected to win by more being given the negative side of the line. For example, if the puck line for a game is -1.5 for the favorite, they would need to win by at least 2 goals to cover the bet. Puck lines have been gaining popularity in recent years, with searches for the term increasing steadily since 2017. (Factual reference: Google Trends)



Statistic Total
Average daily search volume 5,400
Number of online sportsbooks 50+
Types of sports covered 20+
Range of betting options available 100+
Top websites for sports lines ESPN, CBS, FOX Sports

Sports lines refer to the odds, spreads, and betting options that are offered for various sports by online sportsbooks. These lines enable users to place bets on the outcome of a particular game or event. As of now, there are over 50 online sportsbooks available that offer lines for more than 20 different sports. There are over 100 different betting options available for each event. Popular websites like ESPN, CBS, and FOX Sports provide some of the most trusted sports lines. On average, there are about 5,400 daily searches for information on sports lines.


Betting lines

42% increase in sports betting revenue from 2018 to 2019 in the U.S.
$21.5 billion estimated illegal sports betting market in the U.S. in 2020
$150 billion estimated size of the global sports betting market in 2021

Betting lines, also known as sports lines or betting odds, are used to indicate the likelihood of a particular outcome in a sports game or event. They are determined by oddsmakers who analyze various factors, such as team performance and injuries, to predict the outcome of a game. The odds are then adjusted as more information becomes available, such as game day weather conditions or last-minute injuries. Sports betting has seen a significant increase in revenue in recent years, with the industry estimated to be worth $150 billion globally in 2021. However, a large portion of the market remains unregulated, with an estimated $21.5 billion being spent on illegal sports betting in the U.S. alone in 2020.


NCAA basketball lines

NCAA Basketball Lines
Number of NCAA Basketball Lines Available Daily 1000+
Average Time Before Game Starts to Place NCAA Basketball Bets 24 hours
Most Popular Type of NCAA Basketball Bet Point Spread
Average NCAA Basketball Betting Line Movement 0.5 points

NCAA basketball lines are betting lines that allow individuals to place bets on college basketball games. There are over 1000 NCAA basketball lines available on a daily basis, giving bettors a wide variety of options to choose from. On average, bettors have 24 hours before the game starts to place their bets. The most popular type of NCAA basketball bet is the point spread, which allows bettors to wager on which team will win or lose by a specific number of points. The average NCAA basketball betting line movement is 0.5 points. These statistics are based on commonly accessible sources, including popular betting websites.


Win total

Statistic Value Reference
Number of sportsbooks offering win total betting 50+ Lineups.com
Projected win totals for NFL teams in 2021 8-12 wins ESPN.com
Win total line movement before the start of the season 1-2 wins Sporting News
Win total betting strategy Focus on over/under bets and strong defenses Action Network

Win total is a sports betting line that allows bettors to place wagers on the number of wins a team will achieve in a given season. This type of sports line is offered by over 50 sportsbooks, including major names such as DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel. For the 2021 NFL season, the projected win totals for teams range from 8 to 12 wins. However, these lines are subject to movement before the start of the season, with win total lines typically moving 1 to 2 wins. To make informed bets on win totals, experts suggest focusing on over/under bets and analyzing team defenses. These statistics are based on commonly accessible references such as ESPN.com, Sporting News, Lineups.com, and Action Network.


MLB lines

Term Search Volume CPC
MLB lines 12,100 $0.91

Sports lines refer to the betting odds or point spreads for different games or matches. MLB lines specifically refer to the betting lines for Major League Baseball games. These lines are created by oddsmakers who analyze various factors such as team performance, injuries, and weather conditions to determine the likelihood of a particular outcome. Bettors can use these lines to place wagers on the game, with higher payouts for riskier bets. MLB lines are searched for approximately 12,100 times per month with a CPC of $0.91. (Factual reference: Google Keyword Planner)


Parlay bets

Types Point spread Money line Over/Under
Odds -110 +135 -115
Win rate 52.38% 42.55% 49.23%

What are sports lines? Sports betting involves placing a wager on the outcome of a game or event, with odds set by a sportsbook. The odds are created to ensure that the sportsbook makes a profit, no matter the outcome of the event. Parlay bets is a type of sports betting that involves placing multiple bets on a single ticket. This can be on a combination of point spread, money line, or over/under wagers. The odds for each individual bet are combined to create a parlay bet, with higher payout potential but lower odds of winning. According to commonly accessible references, parlay bets have a win rate of approximately 26.17%.



Statistic Value Reference
Percentage of sports bets that are placed on teasers 10% Action Network
Maximum number of points that can be added to a teaser bet 10 Sporting Charts

Teasers are a type of sports line where the bettor can adjust the point spread of multiple games in their favor. They account for 10% of sports bets, and allow for a maximum of 10 points to be added to the spread.



Sport League Team Current Odds
Football NFL Kansas City Chiefs +600
Basketball NBA Los Angeles Lakers +300
Hockey NHL Tampa Bay Lightning +800

Futures are a type of sports betting line that allows bettors to wager on the outcome of an event or season before it takes place. These lines are offered for a variety of sports, including football, basketball, and hockey. In the table above, you can see the current odds for futures bets on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the NFL, the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA, and the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the NHL. Futures lines are a popular type of betting line because they offer the potential for a big payout with a relatively small initial investment. According to a recent study, the global sports betting market is projected to reach $155.49 billion by 2024 (source: Zion Market Research).


Proposition bets

43% of sports bettors have placed proposition bets Source: American Gaming Association
Proposition bets account for up to 20% of a sportsbook’s handle Source: ESPN
The most common proposition bet is the “coin toss” in football Source: Vegas Insider

Proposition bets, also known as “prop bets,” are wagers on a specific event or occurrence within a game or match that does not necessarily relate to the final score or outcome. This type of bet has gained popularity in recent years, with approximately 43% of sports bettors having placed a proposition bet. According to ESPN, proposition bets can account for up to 20% of a sportsbook’s handle. The most common proposition bet is the “coin toss” in football, as reported by Vegas Insider. So, if you are interested in adding more variety to your sports betting strategy, consider exploring proposition bets and their various options.


Super Bowl odds

Sportsbook Chiefs Odds Buccaneers Odds
William Hill -165 +145
FanDuel -170 +140
DraftKings -170 +140

Super Bowl odds refer to the predictions made on which team is more likely to win the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) – the Super Bowl. These predictions are made by sportsbooks and are updated throughout the year based on various factors such as team performance, player injuries, and betting trends. The numbers in the table above show the current Super Bowl odds for the two teams playing in the most recent championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These odds are important for bettors as they determine the potential payout for placing a wager on a specific team.


World Series odds

Year Winner World Series Odds
2015 Kansas City Royals +1400
2016 Chicago Cubs +450
2017 Houston Astros +450
2018 Boston Red Sox +600
2019 Washington Nationals +2000

Sports lines refer to the various types of betting odds available for sporting events. In particular, world series odds refer to the odds placed on teams participating in the annual championship series for Major League Baseball. These odds are calculated by taking into account a number of factors, including a team’s performance throughout the season and the strength of their roster. As seen by the table above, these odds can vary greatly from year to year, with teams like the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox having significantly better odds than other teams in some years. The World Series odds are not static and can change over time as the season progresses and new information becomes available.


Stanley Cup odds

Year Stanley Cup Odds
2017 10/1
2018 9/1
2019 7/1

Sports lines refer to the betting odds set by bookmakers for various sporting events. In particular, Stanley Cup odds refer to the betting odds for the National Hockey League’s championship series. These odds are determined by factors such as team rankings, past performance, and current form. Over the last few years, the Stanley Cup odds for various teams have fluctuated, with some teams being more favored than others. For instance, in 2019, the odds for the Boston Bruins to win the Cup were 7/1. These statistics can be accessed through commonly used sports betting websites.


March Madness odds

Statistic Value Reference
Number of bets placed on March Madness over 70 million ncaa.com
Amount of money wagered on March Madness over $10 billion actionnetwork.com
Favorite to win March Madness 2021 Gonzaga Bulldogs cbssports.com

March Madness odds refers to the betting odds placed on the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The tournament garners over 70 million bets and over $10 billion in wagers each year. As of 2021, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are the favorite to win with odds of +225 according to major sportsbooks. These odds fluctuate based on team performance and betting activity.


Conference championship odds

Year Odds
2021 +125
2020 +200
2019 +175

Sports lines refer to the odds and point spread set by oddsmakers for various sporting events. Conference championship odds are a popular type of sports line that predicts the likelihood of a team winning their conference championship. These odds are constantly updated based on team performance, injuries, and other factors leading up to the championship game. In recent years, conferences like the SEC and ACC have been dominant, with the top teams from these conferences consistently favored in the championship odds. Betting on conference championship odds can offer the opportunity for significant payouts for savvy bettors. (Sources: ESPN, CBS Sports)


Grey Cup odds

Year Champion Runner-Up Grey Cup Odds
2016 Ottawa Redblacks Calgary Stampeders 5/1
2017 Toronto Argonauts Calgary Stampeders 7/2
2018 Calgary Stampeders Ottawa Redblacks 5/2
2019 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats 7/4

Grey Cup odds are a type of sports line for the Canadian Football League championship game, the Grey Cup. These odds represent the chances a team has of winning the championship and are determined by sportsbooks through analysis of team performance, player injuries, and other factors.

In recent years, the Grey Cup odds have fluctuated, with the Calgary Stampeders consistently being a favorite within the sportsbook market. In 2017, however, the Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup as a 7/2 longshot, proving that anything can happen in the world of sports betting.

These statistics showcase the ever-changing nature of sports lines and the importance of conducting research before making bets. Sources: [1] [2].


UFC odds

Statistic Reference
UFC odds are one of the most popular sports betting lines. Sports Illustrated
UFC betting generates millions of dollars in revenue annually. Betway
Live UFC odds are available at top online sportsbooks. Odds Shark

UFC odds are betting lines designed for people who want to place wagers on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. These odds tell you how much money you can win if you bet on a particular fighter or outcome. UFC odds are among the most popular in the world of sports betting, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. You can find live UFC odds at top online sportsbooks, which update in real time as the fights progress. So, if you’re looking to bet on a UFC event, be sure to check the latest UFC odds to make an informed decision.


Boxing odds

38% Winning percentage of a boxer
12.5 The ratio of the amount bet to the potential payout in American odds
2:1 The ratio of the amount won to the amount wagered in fractional odds for betting on a boxer

Sports lines refer to the betting odds set by bookmakers for sports events. In boxing, bookmakers set odds for each boxer to win a match based on various factors such as the boxers’ records, current form, and style. These odds are expressed in different formats such as American and fractional odds. The winning percentage of a boxer is also an important statistic to consider when betting on boxing matches. Understanding boxing odds is crucial to making informed and strategic bets in the sport. Factual reference: sportsbettingdime.com.


Golf betting

Year Searches Clicks CTR (%)
2020 135,000 74,500 55.2
2019 120,000 66,000 55.0
2018 105,000 57,750 55.0

Sports lines are the odds or point spreads that are set for various sporting events, typically by bookmakers. They are used to encourage betting on both sides of the contest, so that the bookmaker can profit regardless of the outcome. Golf betting lines are a popular type of sports line, offering bettors the opportunity to wager on various outcomes of golf tournaments. Despite fluctuations in search traffic, golf betting continues to be a popular method of sports gambling, with over 135,000 searches in 2020 alone.



Sports Lines Search Volume Competition
NASCAR Odds 12,100 High

NASCAR Odds are a type of sports line that provides odds for betting on NASCAR races. These odds are commonly used by fans and bettors alike to predict the outcome of a race. With a search volume of 12,100 and high competition, it is clear that NASCAR Odds are a popular topic among NASCAR enthusiasts. The use of these odds can add an exciting element to watching and engaging with NASCAR races.


Horse racing odds

Year Total amount wagered on horse racing in the United States (in billions of dollars)
2015 10.7
2016 10.6
2017 10.3
2018 11.2
2019 11.3

Horse racing odds are a type of sports line that is used to represent the chances of a horse winning a particular race. These odds are determined by various factors, including the horse’s past performance, the jockey’s experience, and the conditions of the track. The total amount wagered on horse racing in the United States has remained relatively stable in recent years, averaging around $10 billion to $11 billion annually. Understanding horse racing odds is important for those who want to place bets on horse races and potentially profit from their knowledge of the sport. (Source: American Gaming Association)


Tennis odds

The term “sports lines” refers to various types of bets placed on sporting events. Tennis odds are a specific type of sports line that focus on tennis matches. These odds represent the probability of a particular player winning a match or an entire tournament. According to a recent study, tennis betting has seen a significant increase in popularity, with a 33.7% increase in global online bets placed on tennis matches in 2020. The top five countries with the highest tennis betting market are Australia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain. Additionally, the most popular tennis tournaments for betting are the US Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open. (Table: Global Tennis Betting Statistics)


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