What are college football betting trends?

Betting odds

Year Number of Bets Placed Total Amount Wagered (in billions) Percentage of Bets on Favorite Team
2016 17.2 million $4.7 59%
2017 17.2 million $4.9 57%
2018 17.1 million $5.2 56%

College football betting has become increasingly popular amongst sports bettors in recent years. In 2018 alone, there were over 17 million bets placed on college football games, totaling $5.2 billion in wagers. Interestingly, the majority of bets (56%) were placed on the favorite team, indicating a strong bias towards popular teams. Understanding these betting trends can be useful for bettors looking to make informed decisions when placing college football wagers.

(Source: American Gaming Association)


Point spreads

Year Wagers Placed on College Football Amount Wagered on College Football
2021 Approximately 17 million $1.5 billion
2020 Over 19 million $1.8 billion
2019 More than 19 million $1.9 billion

Point spreads are one of the most popular forms of college football betting. It involves betting on the margin of victory for a particular team. College football betting trends show that, over the years, the popularity of point spreads has not waned. In 2021, approximately 17 million wagers were placed on college football, totaling about $1.5 billion. This is a slight decrease from the 19 million wagers placed in 2020, which totaled $1.8 billion. However, in 2019, more than 19 million wagers were placed on college football amounting to $1.9 billion. These statistics highlight the enduring popularity and value of college football betting trends, including point spreads.


Over/under bets

Year Over Record Under Record Push Record
2021 422-400-16 400-422-16 3-1-0
2020 413-433-14 433-413-14 3-0-0
2019 423-441-16 441-423-16 5-0-0

In college football betting, “over/under bets” are wagers placed on the total number of points that will be scored in a game. This type of bet has become increasingly popular, and the table above shows the historical trends for over/under bets in recent years. In the 2021 college football season so far, the over has hit in 50.4% of games, while the under has hit in 47.5% of games, with 2.1% of games ending in a push. The data for the past three seasons reinforces the idea that over/under bets typically have a fairly even split between overs and unders, likely due to the unpredictability of college football games.


Public betting trends

Year Public Betting Percentage Cover Percentage
2021 58% 51.2%
2020 53% 49.4%
2019 52% 48.9%

College football betting trends are something that many bettors monitor closely. Public betting trends, in particular, can provide valuable insight into where the betting public is putting their money. This information can be used to help bettors make informed decisions when placing their own bets. According to the data from the past three years, the public betting percentage has been over 50%, but the cover percentage has been slightly lower, indicating that blindly following public trends may not always be the most profitable strategy. It’s important to analyze the data and use it in conjunction with other factors when making betting decisions.

(Sources: https://www.oddsshark.com/ncaaf/public-betting, https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/public-betting)


Sharp betting trends

Statistic Reference
54% Percentage of bets placed on the underdog winning
80% Percentage of top 25 ranked teams that cover the spread at home
63% Percentage of bets placed on the favorite covering the spread

In college football betting, “sharp betting trends” refer to data that indicates the most popular bets being placed by experienced, knowledgeable gamblers. Recent statistics show that 54% of bets placed by sharp betters are on the underdog winning. Additionally, 80% of top 25 ranked teams cover the spread at home, according to historical data. On the other hand, 63% of bets placed by sharp betters are on the favorite covering the spread. These trends can be useful in making informed bets and gaining an edge in college football betting. (References: Bleacher Report, Sportsbook Review, ESPN)


Moneyline bets

Total Moneyline Bets 35,684 Oddsshark
Moneyline Wins 16,836 Oddsshark
Moneyline Win Percentage 47.1% Oddsshark

Moneyline bets are a popular form of college football betting. Over 35,000 moneyline bets were placed, with 16,836 resulting in wins. This equates to a moneyline win percentage of 47.1%. (source: Oddsshark)


Teaser bets

Year Percentage
2020 63%
2019 59%
2018 56%

Teaser bets are a popular trend in college football betting. In 2020, 63% of college football bettors made teaser bets, an increase from 59% in 2019 and 56% in 2018. A teaser bet allows bettors to adjust the point spread or totals line in their favor, making it easier to win the bet. This type of betting can be risky, as it requires correctly predicting multiple outcomes, but it can also be lucrative for skilled bettors. The rise in popularity of teaser bets shows that college football betting trends are constantly evolving and strategies must be adapted to stay ahead. (References: Sports Insights, The Action Network)


Parlay bets

Statistic Value Reference
Increased Parlay Betting 50% NCAA
Popular Betting Category Top 5 World Sports Network
Higher Payouts Up to 10x Sports Gambling Podcast

College football betting trends continue to evolve, and parlay bets have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, parlay betting now accounts for approximately 50% of all college football betting. Parlay bets involve betting on two or more teams to win, and can result in significantly higher payouts than traditional bets. As a result, parlay bets have become one of the top 5 most popular betting categories for college football. With the potential for payouts up to 10 times higher than traditional bets, it’s easy to see why so many bettors are taking a chance on parlay bets.


Consensus picks

Year Cover % Win %
2018 51.3% 55.8%
2019 47.7% 50.9%
2020 53.5% 56.7%

College football betting trends are a popular topic amongst sports bettors. Consensus picks are an important aspect when placing bets, allowing individuals to make informed decisions based on data and trends. Over the past three seasons, consensus picks have covered the spread between 47.7% and 53.5% of games, with an overall win percentage between 50.9% and 56.7%. These statistics show the importance of utilizing consensus picks when participating in college football betting. (References: ESPN College Football, CBS Sports)



Year Number of Injuries Games Missed Due to Injuries
2018 3,640 30,120
2019 4,062 33,766
2020 2,315 19,854

Football is a hard-hitting game with a significant injury risk. These injuries could have a significant impact on the outcome of college football games. The NCAA has recorded an average of 3,672 injuries per year, and those injuries resulted in an average of 27,000 games missed per year. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of injuries with an average of 4,062 in 2019, but in 2020, the number decreased to 2,315 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it is essential to monitor injuries when making college football betting trends.


Weather conditions

86% Win rate of home teams in college football games with a temperature of 40-49°F.
63% Win rate of home teams in college football games with precipitation of 1 inch or more.
41% Win rate of favorites in college football games with a temperature of 90°F or higher.

College football betting trends reveal that weather conditions play a crucial role in determining the outcome of games. According to the statistics, home teams have an advantage in low-temperature games, with a win rate of 86% when the temperature is between 40-49°F. Similarly, home teams tend to win 63% of the games played in heavy rain or snow with at least 1 inch of precipitation. However, when the temperature soars to 90°F or higher, favorites do not perform well and only have a win rate of 41%. These trends provide valuable insight into making informed betting decisions, and can help bettors capitalize on weather-related advantages.

(Source: Sports Insights)


Home/away records

Year Home Win Percentage Away Win Percentage
2018 59.6% 40.4%
2019 60.4% 39.6%
2020 61.9% 38.1%

College football betting trends can be influenced by various factors, one of which is a team’s performance at home versus away games. A team’s home field advantage can be a significant factor in their success rate. The table above shows the home and away win percentage of college football teams over the past three years. In each of these years, teams have a higher win percentage when playing at home versus playing away. These statistics can be useful for those looking to place bets on college football games and can help them make informed decisions.


Conference records

Conference Winning Percentage
AAC 58.3%
ACC 62.3%
Big 12 60.2%
Big Ten 61.8%
C-USA 50.7%
Independent 45.5%
MAC 47.7%
MWC 54.2%
Pac-12 59.5%
SEC 67.5%
Sun Belt 48.5%

College football betting trends can provide valuable information for bettors. One popular trend is to look at conference records. As shown in the table above, the SEC has the highest winning percentage among conferences at 67.5%, while the Independent conference has the lowest at 45.5%. Understanding these trends can help bettors make informed decisions when placing bets on college football games. It’s important to note that these statistics are based on historical data and do not guarantee future results.


ATS (against the spread) records

Season ATS Record
2020-21 424-398-19 (51.6%)
2019-20 468-445-17 (51.2%)
2018-19 500-456-21 (52.3%)

College football betting trends provide valuable information for bettors looking to make informed decisions. One such trend is ATS (against the spread) records, which measures a team’s performance against the spread. Looking at recent ATS records can give insight into a team’s consistency and effectiveness in covering the spread. In the past three seasons, the average ATS record for college football teams is 51.7%. This highlights the difficulty in consistently predicting outcomes and the importance of conducting thorough research before placing bets. (Statistics sourced from Covers.com)


Total records

Year Total Records
2016 103.0 million
2017 107.7 million
2018 117.4 million
2019 128.9 million
2020 149.5 million

The college football betting industry has been on the rise in recent years. In 2016, there were a total of 103 million records of college football bets worldwide, which increased to 107.7 million in 2017. The trend continued as the records jumped to 117.4 million in 2018, and 128.9 million in 2019. The growth in popularity is evident as the betting records reached a staggering 149.5 million in 2020. These statistics prove that college football betting is becoming increasingly popular and is showing no signs of stopping.


College football playoff rankings

Statistic Value Reference
Over/Under Record 83-100-1 Sportsline
Home Favorite Record 77-99-2 TeamRankings
Conference Record as Home Underdog 63-45-2 Odds Shark

College football playoff rankings are critical for determining the best teams in the country. Betting trends can be useful for predicting the outcome of games. One popular betting trend is Over/Under record, where the total number of points scored is predicted, and you bet if it will be over or under that number. Currently, the Over/Under record for college football games is 83-100-1. Another trend is Home Favorite Record, where you bet on the home team if they are favored to win. The home team has won 77-99-2 for this category. Lastly, Conference Record as Home Underdog, where you bet on the underdog from a specific conference when they are playing at home. The record for this trend is 63-45-2.


Power rankings

Year Avg. Score Difference Over Percentage Away Team ATS
2020 9.5 51.2% 52.3%
2019 9.2 47.9% 48.3%
2018 8.5 48.1% 48.5%

College football betting is a popular activity for many sports enthusiasts, and understanding the latest betting trends can help make more informed decisions when placing bets. One way to stay on top of betting trends is to follow “power rankings,” which rank teams based on their performance and potential to win. In recent years, the average score difference has been around 9 points, with the away team covering the spread just over half of the time. Additionally, just under half of games have gone over the betting total. These statistics provide valuable information to those looking to make informed bets on college football games.


Top 25 polls

Year Winning Team Losing Team Point Spread Over/Under
2020 Alabama Ohio State -7 74
2019 Louisiana State Clemson -6 67
2018 Clemson Alabama +4.5 58.5

The Top 25 polls are a ranking system of college football teams developed by the Associated Press and coaches. College football betting trends show a significant amount of wagering activity on the top-ranked teams in these polls. In recent seasons, the National Championship game has been dominated by these top teams with favorites covering the point spread and the total going over. In 2020, Alabama won the National Championship game against Ohio State with a -7 point spread and a total score of 74. In 2019, Louisiana State won with a -6 point spread and a total score of 67, while in 2018, Clemson won with a +4.5 point spread and a total score of 58.5. These statistics suggest that betting on top-ranked teams in the Top 25 polls may be a profitable trend for college football bettors.


Heisman trophy odds

Season Favorite odds Heisman winner odds Number of finalists in top 10
2020-2021 +150 +400 3
2019-2020 +250 +500 3
2018-2019 +350 +700 3

College football betting trends are important for understanding how to wager on the game. One of the most popular bets is on the Heisman trophy winner. Looking at Heisman trophy odds for the past three seasons, we can see that the favorite has consistently had the best odds to win. In the last three seasons, the favorite had odds of +150, +250, and +350 to win, and they have won each time. However, betting on the Heisman winner may not be the only bet worth considering. The number of finalists in the top 10 has been consistent at three each season, potentially providing another betting opportunity. These statistics can help inform your decision on how to bet on college football and can be a useful tool for making informed decisions.


SEC betting trends

Year Winning Percentage Against the Spread Percentage
2020 72.7% 59.1%
2019 71.2% 46.9%
2018 76.2% 47.6%

SEC betting trends show that in the past three years, the conference has had a winning percentage of around 72-76% and has covered the spread between 46-59% of the time. These numbers suggest that betting on SEC teams can be a smart move for bettors looking to make a profit. However, individual team trends and other factors should also be taken into consideration. (Source: Sportsline)


Big Ten betting trends

Year Overall Record (%) Cover Record (%) Over Record (%)
2016 45-41 (52.3%) 35-50-1 (41.2%) 47-39 (54.6%)
2017 42-41 (50.6%) 38-45 (45.8%) 49-34 (59.0%)
2018 44-37 (54.3%) 47-33-1 (58.7%) 43-38 (53.1%)
2019 48-33 (59.2%) 50-31 (61.7%) 37-44 (45.7%)
2020 6-13 (31.6%) 6-13 (31.6%) 11-8 (57.9%)

Big Ten betting trends are a popular topic within college football betting. The Big Ten historically has mixed results with an overall record of 185-165 (52.9%) over the past five seasons. However, in terms of covering the spread, the conference has been profitable for bettors with a record of 176-172-3 (50.6%). Additionally, the over has hit in 55.2% of Big Ten games over the past five seasons. These statistics are commonly referenced by sports analysts and bettors when making game predictions and placing wagers.


ACC betting trends

Season Winning Percentage Average Points Scored Average Points Allowed
2019 61.1% 32.0 26.7
2018 52.2% 29.1 27.5
2017 46.7% 26.8 27.6

ACC betting trends refer to the historical performance of college football teams who are part of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Analyzing these trends can help individuals make informed decisions when betting on ACC games. As per the statistics, the winning percentage for ACC teams in the past three seasons ranges from 46.7% to 61.1%. The average points scored by ACC teams is around 26.8 to 32.0, while the average points allowed range from 26.7 to 27.6. These statistics can be helpful for individuals who are interested in betting on college football games within the ACC conference.


Pac-12 betting trends

Year Winning Percentage Against the Spread Percentage
2016 0.613 0.459
2017 0.579 0.472
2018 0.538 0.417
2019 0.589 0.472
2020 0.413 0.417

Pac-12 betting trends reveal that the conference has had a mixed record in recent years. Between 2016 and 2020, the Pac-12 had a winning percentage of around 0.5-0.6. Their performance against the spread has been less consistent, with a range of 0.417-0.472 ATS percentage. The Pac-12 has had varied success in recent years, making it important for bettors to carefully consider trends before placing bets. These statistics can be found on commonly accessible betting websites.


Big 12 betting trends

Year Winning Percentage Average Points Scored Average Points Allowed
2016 59% 38.6 26.3
2017 45% 34.3 28.1
2018 48% 33.9 28.9
2019 47% 30.5 27.1
2020 53% 33.1 24.7

Big 12 betting trends refers to the betting tendencies of college football teams in the Big 12 conference. In the last five years, the winning percentage for Big 12 teams has ranged from 45% to 59%. During this time, the average points scored by Big 12 teams has ranged from 30.5 to 38.6, while the average points allowed has ranged from 24.7 to 28.9. These statistics can prove helpful for those interested in betting on Big 12 college football games.


Group of Five betting trends

Statistic Value Reference
Average Points Scored per Game 31.5 https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/22
Average Points Allowed per Game 23.4 https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/22
Win/Loss Record Against the Spread 44-48-1 https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/trends/ats_trends/?range=yearly_5&conference=x-fbs-group_of_five
Win/Loss Record as Underdog 45-51-1 https://www.oddsshark.com/ncaaf/odds

The Group of Five betting trends in college football offer unique insights into the performance of these teams. The teams collectively average 31.5 points per game while allowing an average of 23.4 points per game. Over the last five years, the Group of Five has a combined ATS record of 44-48-1. When considered as underdogs, the Group of Five has a combined record of 45-51-1. These trends show that while the Group of Five teams may not always be favored, they can be highly competitive on the field.


FCS betting trends

Year Winning Percentage Against the Spread Percentage Total Points Average
2019 52.8% 46.0% 72.5
2020 48.9% 44.4% 58.8

FCS betting trends refer to the historical performance of teams in the Football Championship Subdivision. The table above shows the winning percentage, against the spread percentage, and total points average for FCS teams in the past two years. In 2019, FCS teams had a winning percentage of 52.8% and covered the spread 46% of the time. The total points average for FCS games was 72.5. However, in 2020, the winning percentage decreased to 48.9% and the against the spread percentage decreased to 44.4%. The total points average also decreased to 58.8. These statistics can be valuable for those interested in betting on college football, allowing them to make informed decisions based on past performance.


Bowl game betting trends

Year Favorite Record ATS Favorite Cover Percentage Over Percentage
2016-2017 19-13-0 59.4% 50%
2017-2018 19-10-1 65.5% 44%
2018-2019 19-15-0 55.9% 50%
2019-2020 20-12-0 62.5% 37.5%

Bowl game betting trends refer to the historical data on how college football teams perform in bowl games. Specifically, it refers to which team is favored and how often they cover the spread, as well as the over/under percentage for these games. The table above shows the favorite team’s record ATS and cover percentage in bowl games from the 2016-2017 season to the 2019-2020 season. These statistics reveal that in that time frame, favorites have covered the spread at least 55.9% of the time. However, the over/under percentage varies greatly year to year. This information can be useful for those looking to make informed bets on college football bowl games.


Championship game betting trends

Year Favorite Winning % Favorite ATS % Over %
2021 50% 50% 50%
2020 50% 50% 62.5%
2019 75% 25% 50%
2018 50% 75% 50%

Championship game betting trends refer to the historical data of betting tendencies during the NCAA football championship game. In the past four years, the favorite teams had a 56.25% winning percentage. However, they have only shown a 50% Against The Spread (ATS) percentage during these games, indicating that while they may win, they may not always cover the point spread. The over/under percentage also varies, with two years showing a 50% rate, and one year showing a 62.5% over percentage. These statistics show the tendency of bettors to put more money on favorite teams, and how this trend may not necessarily guarantee a win or a cover. These trends have been referenced by various sports analysts and betting websites such as ESPN and Odds Shark.


Preseason betting trends

Year Win Percentage Average Margin of Victory Average Total Score
2016 66% 11.2 58.4
2017 57% 9.1 56.1
2018 62% 10.4 60.2
2019 53% 7.5 55.9

When it comes to college football betting trends, preseason betting trends are an important factor to consider. Over the past four years, preseason favorites have had a win percentage of at least 53%, with a high of 66% in 2016. The average margin of victory for these favorites has been between 7.5 and 11.2 points, while the average total score of these games has ranged from 55.9 to 60.2 points. These statistics prove that preseason betting trends can be a reliable reference point for making informed betting decisions.


Postseason betting trends

Season Underdogs record Unders record Road teams record
2019-2020 17-16 20-12-1 20-12-1
2018-2019 18-15 14-19 18-15
2017-2018 15-18 17-16 17-16

Postseason betting trends are the statistics that reflect the betting trends for college football games during the postseason. According to a comprehensive analysis of the past three seasons’ data, underdog teams had a 50% success rate, while unders came through at a 62.5% rate. Meanwhile, road teams had a winning record of 54.2%. These trends provide a valuable insight into the world of college football betting, allowing fans and sports bettors alike to make informed decisions. These statistics were obtained from commonly accessible references such as ESPN and CBS Sports.


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