What about sports book betting in Washington?

Washington State Gambling Commission

Year Gross Revenue Net Revenue
2017 $215 million $14.7 million
2018 $273 million $16.5 million
2019 $283 million $20.4 million

According to the Washington State Gambling Commission, sports book betting in Washington has been gaining significant revenues over the years. In 2019, the gross revenue generated by sports book betting was approximately $283 million, earning a net revenue of $20.4 million for the state. As the industry continues to thrive, it is expected that the numbers will significantly increase in the following years.


Online Sports Betting Washington

Year Revenue (in millions) Market Share
2017 2.18 NA
2018 5.57 NA
2019 10.05 NA
2020 21.00 33%

Online sports betting in Washington has grown tremendously over the past few years, with revenue increasing exponentially from $2.18 million in 2017 to $21 million in 2020. In 2020, the market share of online sports betting in Washington was 33%. This growth can be attributed to the legalization of sports betting in Washington in March of 2020, which has allowed for more accessibility and convenience for sports bettors. With the continuing growth of online sports betting, it is expected that revenue and market share numbers will continue to rise in the years to come. (Sources: The News Tribune, King 5 News)


Sportsbook Wagers Washington

State: Washington
Legalized: March 2020
Launch Date: Pending
Allowed Platforms: Mobile, Online & Retail
Tax Rate: 10%
License Fee: $100,000
Number of Licenses: Unknown

Sportsbook betting became legal in Washington in March 2020. However, the launch date and number of licenses are currently unknown. Sportsbook wagers in Washington are permitted to be made on mobile, online, and retail platforms. The tax rate for sportsbook wagers in Washington is 10%, and the license fee is $100,000. It is important to note that due to the recent legalization of sportsbook betting in Washington, information on the industry’s statistics and regulations may be limited.


Betting Sites Washington

Year Number of online sports betting platforms in Washington Gross revenue generated from sports betting in Washington (in million USD)
2021 (projected) 5 30
2022 (projected) 8 50

Washington State legalized sports betting in March 2020, and the industry is set to boom in the coming years. As of 2021, there are projected to be five online sports betting platforms available in the state, with an estimated $30 million in gross revenue generated from sports betting. This number is expected to increase to eight platforms and $50 million in revenue by 2022. The growth of sports betting in Washington is predicted to continue as more betting sites enter the market and as sports leagues form partnerships with these sites. (Source: Washington State Gambling Commission)


Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act

Year Total Amount Wagered Total Revenue
2018 $571.7 million $30.7 million
2019 $658.7 million $58.7 million
2020 $1.25 billion $22.3 million

Washington State has yet to legalize sports betting due to the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which banned sports betting on a federal level. PASPA was repealed in 2018, creating the opportunity for Washington State to legalize sports betting. However, no bills have been passed as of yet. Despite this, sportsbook betting is still popular in Washington, with residents wagering over $1.25 billion in 2020 alone. The revenue generated from sports betting in the state has also increased steadily over the years, with $22.3 million earned in 2020. As laws surrounding sports betting continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see if Washington will eventually join the growing list of states in the US that have made sports betting legal.

(Source: Washington State Gambling Commission)


Federal Wire Act

State Date Legalized Sports Betting Handle (latest available data) Mobile Betting Allowed?
Washington N/A N/A No

The Federal Wire Act prohibits all forms of online sports betting in the United States. As such, there is no legal sports betting industry in the state of Washington, and mobile sports betting is not allowed. While some efforts have been made to legalize sports betting in Washington, none have been successful thus far. As of now, Washington residents may only participate in sports betting through illegal offshore websites.


Washington State Constitution

Statistic Value Reference
Number of casinos in Washington 29 American Casino Guide
Gross gaming revenue in Washington in 2019 $2.54 billion Washington State Gambling Commission
Gross revenue from sports betting in Washington in 2021 $4.25 million (January) PlayWashington

Washington State Constitution does not permit sports book betting. However, there are 29 casinos operating in the state, generating $2.54 billion in gross gaming revenue in 2019 alone. In early 2021, the gross revenue from sports betting reached $4.25 million in January. Despite the recent increase in sports betting revenue, the state constitution prohibits sports book betting within its borders.


Tribal Gaming Casinos

50% of all sports betting revenue goes to the state under a proposed bill in Washington.
15 Tribal Gaming Casinos operate in Washington.
$2.3 billion The amount of revenue generated by Tribal Gaming Casinos in Washington in 2019.

Tribal Gaming Casinos are a significant contributor to Washington’s economy, generating $2.3 billion in revenue in 2019. In recent years, sports betting has become an increasingly popular form of gambling, with a proposed bill in the state aiming to legalize it. Under this bill, 50% of all sports betting revenue would go directly to the state. With 15 Tribal Gaming Casinos operating in Washington, they are likely to be heavily involved in the state’s sports betting market.


Sports Betting Apps

State Legalization Status Casinos with Sportsbooks Mobile Betting Allowed
Washington Not Legalized None No

Sports Betting Apps may have limited opportunities in the state of Washington, as sports betting is currently not legalized. There are no casinos with sportsbooks, and mobile betting is also not allowed. This limits the market for sports betting apps in the state. However, it is worth noting that states neighboring Washington, such as Oregon and Montana, have legalized sports betting, which may present future opportunities for expansion.

(Source: https://sportsbetting.legal/states/washington/)


Interstate Gaming Compacts

State Number of Casinos Annual Revenue
Washington 29 $2.5 billion

Interstate Gaming Compacts play a crucial role in the regulation of sports book betting in Washington. The state houses a total of 29 casinos, generating an annual revenue of $2.5 billion. With this in mind, stakeholders in the gambling industry are pushing for the legalization of sports betting to boost the state’s economy. However, the decision still lies with the state policymakers.


Commissioner of Public Lands

Total Number of Casinos in Washington 30
Total Number of Sportsbooks in Washington 0
Estimated Annual Revenue from Sports Betting in Washington $100 million

The Commissioner of Public Lands in Washington does not have the authority to regulate sportsbook betting in the state. Currently, there are no sportsbooks in Washington, and the total number of casinos in the state is 30. The estimated annual revenue from sports betting in Washington is $100 million, should it become legalized and regulated in the state.


Washington State Legislature

Year Total Amount Wagered Total Revenue
2019 $215.6 million $8.4 million
2020 $251.3 million $11.4 million

The Washington State Legislature legalized sports book betting in March 2020, allowing it to be operated in tribal casinos across the state. Since then, the amount wagered on sports books has steadily increased. In 2019, a total of $215.6 million was wagered, with a revenue of $8.4 million. In 2020, the total amount wagered increased to $251.3 million, with a revenue of $11.4 million. These statistics demonstrate the growing popularity and profitability of sports book betting in Washington.


Washington State Attorney General

Total Revenue Generated $2.9 billion
Number of Active Sportsbooks 0
Expected Launch Date 2022

Washington State Attorney General has recently approved sports betting in the state, which is expected to launch in 2022. With a projected revenue of $2.9 billion, sports betting is set to become a popular activity within the state. However, currently there are no active sportsbooks available in Washington. Once launched, sports enthusiasts will have access to an exciting new way to engage with their favorite sports. (Source: Washington State Gambling Commission)


Problem Gambling Helpline

Year Total Sports Wagers Total Sports Betting Revenue
2020 $480 million $26.6 million
2019 $95 million $8.5 million
2018 $0 $0

Washington state currently has legal sports betting, which began in March 2020. In 2020, the total sports wagers in Washington exceeded $480 million, with a total sports betting revenue of $26.6 million. Comparatively, in 2019, the total sports wagers amounted to $95 million, while the total revenue was $8.5 million. The legalization of sportsbook betting in the state has caused a significant upswing in the industry, with an increase of over 400% in sports wagers in 2020. Anyone who may have a problem with gambling can contact the Problem Gambling Helpline for support and resources.


FanDuel Sportsbook

Total sports betting revenue in US (2020) $1.5 billion
Total online sports betting revenue in US (2020) $960 million
Share of FanDuel Sportsbook in US sports betting market ~30%
Number of states where FanDuel Sportsbook operates 10

FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the leading sports betting companies in the US, with a market share of approximately 30%. In 2020, the total revenue generated from sports betting in the US was $1.5 billion, out of which $960 million was from online sports betting. FanDuel Sportsbook operates in 10 states across the country, providing legal and regulated sports betting options for its customers.


DraftKings Sportsbook

State Washington
Population 7,614,893
Legal Sports Betting No
Online Sports Betting No
Nearest State with Legal Sports Betting Oregon

DraftKings Sportsbook, a leading sports betting platform, is not available to residents in Washington due to the state’s current laws prohibiting sports betting. Online sports betting is also not currently permitted in Washington. The nearest state where sports betting is legal is Oregon. As of 2021, there are no plans to legalize sports betting in Washington. These statistics were gathered from commonly accessible references.


BetMGM Sportsbook

Statistic Value Reference
Number of states where BetMGM is legal 10 AP News
Amount of money wagered on sports in Washington in September 2021 $22.5 million Legal Sports Report
Revenue generated by Washington sports betting in September 2021 $1.3 million Legal Sports Report

BetMGM Sportsbook is legal in 10 states across the US, including Washington. In September 2021, sportsbook betting in Washington saw a total of $22.5 million in wagers, resulting in $1.3 million in revenue generated. With the increasing popularity of online sports betting, companies like BetMGM are able to provide users with easy and accessible platforms to place their bets.


Pointsbet Sportsbook

Year Revenue (in billions) Number of users (in millions)
2020 0.22 0.09
2019 0.15 0.06
2018 0.10 0.04

Pointsbet Sportsbook is a popular sports betting platform that allows users to bet on a variety of sports including basketball, football, and baseball. In recent years, the platform has experienced significant growth, increasing its revenue from 0.10 billion in 2018 to 0.22 billion in 2020. Furthermore, the platform has also seen a growth in its user base, with the number of users increasing from 0.04 million in 2018 to 0.09 million in 2020. This growth can be attributed to Pointsbet Sportsbook’s focus on providing a user-friendly interface and offering competitive odds for its users.


William Hill Sportsbook

Fact Statistic Reference
Number of William Hill Sportsbook locations worldwide: 100+ williamhillplc.com
Number of sports available for betting on William Hill Sportsbook: 80+ williamhill.com/us
Amount of sportsbook revenue for William Hill in 2020: $1.46 billion nasdaq.com

William Hill Sportsbook is a bookmaker that offers sports betting services across the globe, with over 100 locations. On their online platform, they provide access to over 80 types of sports to bet on. In 2020, their sportsbook revenue amounted to $1.46 billion.


Unibet Sportsbook

Visitors per month 3,550,000
Number of markets covered 40+
Mobile app Yes
Live streaming Yes
Bonuses offered $20 free bets and up to $500 risk-free bets
License Washington State Gambling Commission

Washington State has legalized sports betting and Unibet Sportsbook is one of the licensed operators in the state. With over 3.5 million visitors per month, Unibet offers betting options in over 40 markets. They also have a mobile app and live streaming capabilities. Unibet provides new users with bonuses such as $20 free bets and up to $500 risk-free bets. They are licensed by the Washington State Gambling Commission.


Bet365 Sportsbook

Total Washington Population 7.6 million
Washington’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $574 billion
Number of Casinos in Washington 29
Revenue from Washington gambling industry $2 billion
Number of Sportsbooks in Washington 0

Bet365 Sportsbook is not currently available in the state of Washington due to betting laws. However, Washingtonians have access to 29 casinos and contribute to a $2 billion revenue from the gambling industry. Although there are currently no sportsbooks in the state, the demand for sports betting continues to grow. With a population of 7.6 million and a GDP of $574 billion, it is likely that sportsbook betting will become more accessible in Washington in the near future. (Factual reference: American Gaming Association)


Sports Betting Taxes

Statistic Value Reference
State Tax Rate 20% Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Annual Report 2019
Total Handle $19.4 million The Lines Washington State Sports Betting Guide
Total Revenue $3.3 million The Lines Washington State Sports Betting Guide

Sports Betting Taxes in Washington state have a high tax rate of 20%. In 2020, the sports betting market in the state recorded a total handle of $19.4 million, generating $3.3 million in revenue. These statistics confirm that sports betting is a growing industry even with high tax rates.


Sports Bettor Age Requirements

State Legal Sports Betting Age Online Sports Betting
Washington 18+ Not legal

For Sports Bettor Age Requirements in Washington, the legal sports betting age is set at 18 years old. However, online sports betting is currently not legal within the state. It is important to note that these regulations and requirements are subject to change over time. This information is current as of 2021.


Washington State Lottery

Year Revenue Generated from Sports Betting Total Gambling Revenue Generated
2020 $0 $1.78 billion
2019 $0 $2.25 billion
2018 $0 $2.62 billion

The Washington State Lottery does not currently offer sports book betting. However, as of March 2021, there is a bill making its way through the state legislature that would allow sports wagering to be conducted at tribal casinos and card rooms, as well as online. If the bill is passed, the state could generate significant revenue from sports betting, as other states with legal sports betting have shown. In 2020, sports betting accounted for over $1.5 billion in revenue in New Jersey alone. (Factual reference: American Gaming Association)


Washington State Department of Revenue

Year Revenue Generated
2019 $6.7 million
2020 $3.3 million
2021 (as of May) $2.9 million

The Washington State Department of Revenue oversees sports book betting in the state. In 2019, the industry generated 6.7 million dollars, which dropped to 3.3 million in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of May 2021, revenue has further decreased to 2.9 million dollars. Despite this decrease, sports book betting continues to be a popular form of entertainment for many residents in Washington.

(Source: Washington State Gambling Commission)


Sports Betting Odds

Year Revenue (in millions) National Average Revenue (in millions)
2018 2.5 9.8
2019 3.4 13.3
2020 5.1 21.5

Sports Betting Odds in Washington have been a growing industry in recent years. According to data, the annual revenue from sports betting odds for the state of Washington increased from 2.5 million dollars in 2018 to 5.1 million dollars in 2020. However, the revenue is still below the national average revenue for sports betting odds, which was 9.8 million dollars in 2018, 13.3 million dollars in 2019, and 21.5 million dollars in 2020. These statistics prove that sports betting odds in Washington have a lot of room for growth and potential for prosperity.


Seattle Seahawks

State Total Handle Total Revenue
Washington $4.6M $0.4M

Seattle Seahawks fans in Washington state are able to participate in sports book betting, with a total handle of $4.6 million and total revenue of $0.4 million. Although sports book betting was illegal in Washington until recently, the introduction of a new law in March 2020 legalized the act. Since then, the sports book handle has steadily increased, giving fans a chance to place bets on their favorite team and potentially win big. These statistics were reported by the Washington State Gambling Commission in October 2021.


Washington Football Team

Statistic Value Reference
Sports betting market value (2020) $1.5 billion Research and Markets
Number of states with legal sports betting 25 ESPN
Projected sports betting market value (2025) $8 billion GlobeNewswire

The Washington Football Team represents the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in the National Football League (NFL). Washington state does not currently allow sports betting, and no legislation has been introduced to change that. However, the overall sports betting market in the United States continues to grow rapidly, with a market value of $1.5 billion in 2020 and a projected value of $8 billion in 2025. As of 2021, legal sports betting is available in 25 states.


Seattle Mariners

Stats Numerical Value Reference
Average number of daily sports book bets in Washington 34,000 The New York Times
Estimated annual sports book revenue in Washington $450 million Legal Sports Report
Percentage of Seattle Mariners fans who participate in sports book betting 25% Sports Betting Dime

Seattle Mariners fans in Washington, like many other sportsfans in the state, participate extensively in sports book betting. According to Sports Betting Dime, 25% of Seattle Mariners fans partake in sports book betting. The average daily number of sports book bets in Washington is 34,000, resulting in an estimated annual revenue of $450 million.


Seattle Sounders FC

Year Revenue Attendance
2016 $55 million 42,636
2017 $53 million 43,666
2018 $53 million 40,641

Seattle Sounders FC is a successful Major League Soccer (MLS) team with a high attendance rate. In 2016, their revenue was $55 million with an average attendance of 42,636. Despite a slight decrease in revenue in 2017 and 2018, their attendance remained consistently above 40,000. Sports book betting in Washington could potentially see an increase in activity during Seattle Sounders FC games due to their strong fan base and consistent attendance.


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