What about Shreveport sports betting?

Louisiana Gaming Control Board

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board oversees the regulation and licensing of all gaming operations in the state, including Shreveport sports betting. In 2020, the state’s total gaming revenue amounted to $1.67 billion, with over $800 million generated by casinos in the Shreveport-Bossier City area alone. The industry also employs over 15,000 people in the region, making it a vital part of the local economy. Additionally, Louisiana is one of only a handful of states that allows mobile sports betting, offering even greater opportunities for growth in the industry. (Sources: Louisiana Gaming Control Board, American Gaming Association)


Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Sportsbooks 1 Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport
Number of Betting Kiosks 18 Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport
Types of Sports Available for Betting Pro Football, College Football, Pro Basketball, College Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Auto Racing Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport
Minimum Betting Age 21+ Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport

Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport offers a sportsbook with one location and 18 betting kiosks. The sportsbook accepts bets on a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, and auto racing. The minimum age to place a bet is 21 years old.


Diamond Jacks Casino

Category Statistic Reference
Revenue from sports betting in Louisiana $13.4 million legalsportsreport.com
Number of sportsbooks at Diamond Jacks Casino 1 americancasinoguidebook.com
Number of TVs for sports betting at Diamond Jacks Casino more than 50 shreveporttimes.com

Diamond Jacks Casino in Shreveport, Louisiana offers sports betting options for visitors. According to legal sports report, revenue from sports betting in Louisiana has reached $13.4 million. Diamond Jacks Casino has only one sportsbook, but it has more than 50 TVs for visitors to watch and bet on their favorite sports games. Visitors to Diamond Jacks Casino can enjoy the fun and excitement of sports betting while enjoying the other amenities that the resort has to offer.


Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino

Total Population of Shreveport, LA 192,036
Number of Casinos in Shreveport-Bossier City Area 6
Projected Size of US Sports Betting Market by 2025 $8 billion
Number of States with Legalized Sports Betting 30

Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino is situated in the heart of Shreveport, a city in Louisiana, USA, with a population of 192,036. As of 2021, there are six casinos in the Shreveport-Bossier City area, offering various forms of betting entertainment. With the legalization of sports betting in 30 states, the sports betting market in the US is projected to reach $8 billion by 2025. Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino can take advantage of this opportunity by offering quality sports betting services that cater to local and visiting customers.


Harrah’s Louisiana Downs

Total Amount Wagered on Sports Betting in Shreveport, Louisiana $7.3 million Source: Louisiana Gaming Control Board (2019)
Estimated Annual Revenue from Sports Betting in Louisiana $330 million Source: American Gaming Association (2020)
Harrah’s Louisiana Downs’ Total Revenue (2019) $94 million Source: Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Harrah’s Louisiana Downs is a Shreveport-based racino that offers live horse racing, slot machines, and sports betting. In 2019, Louisiana residents placed $7.3 million in sports wagers within Shreveport alone. The estimated annual revenue generated by sports betting in Louisiana is $330 million. As for Harrah’s Louisiana Downs itself, the racino had a total revenue of $94 million in 2019(Source: Caesars Entertainment Corporation).


Louisiana State Legislature

Statistic Value Reference
Number of sports betting bills passed in Louisiana 1 Louisiana State Legislature
Number of casinos in Shreveport 6 World Casino Directory
Projected annual revenue from Louisiana sports betting $245 million Legal Sports Betting

Shreveport, Louisiana has a strong presence in the casino industry, with 6 casinos located in the area. The Louisiana State Legislature recently passed a sports betting bill, allowing residents to partake in this popular form of gambling. The projected annual revenue from sports betting in Louisiana is $245 million. This new legislation is expected to boost the local economy and provide greater entertainment options for Shreveport residents and visitors.


Louisiana Senate

Statistic Value Reference
Market size of US sports betting industry $1.5 billion Statista
Projected size of US sports betting industry by 2025 $8 billion Forbes
Number of states with legal sports betting 30 ESPN

Shreveport is a city in Louisiana where sports betting has been a topic of discussion. The Louisiana Senate recently legalized sports betting in the state, which is expected to generate significant revenue. The US sports betting industry is currently valued at $1.5 billion, with a projected size of $8 billion by 2025. Thirty states have legalized sports betting, indicating its widespread acceptance. The Louisiana Senate’s decision to legalize sports betting will likely have a positive impact on the state’s economy by creating new job opportunities and generating revenue.


Louisiana House of Representatives

Sport Betting Revenue in Louisiana (2020) $13.2 million
Number of Louisiana’s 52 Parishes that Legalized Sports Betting (2021) 55%
Projected Annual Revenue from Louisiana Sports Betting Industry (2025) $330 million

The Louisiana House of Representatives passed a bill legalizing sports betting in June 2021. Currently, 29 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes have legalized sports betting, with the industry projected to generate $13.2 million in revenue in 2020. This number is expected to increase significantly once all of the parishes adopt sports betting, with the state projected to generate $330 million annually by 2025. With the legalization of sports betting in Louisiana, Shreveport, home to several casinos and racetracks, is poised to become a significant player in the sports betting industry.


Louisiana Department of Health

According to Google Trends, the search interest in “Shreveport sports betting” has steadily increased since the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting in 2018. In Louisiana, sports betting was legalized in 2021, with the Louisiana Department of Health playing a crucial role in regulating it. As per the department’s report, the total gross revenue generated from sports betting in Louisiana in June 2021 was $15.2 million. Additionally, the report states that 18,041 individuals have registered for sports betting accounts in the state. These statistics suggest that the betting industry in Shreveport is poised for growth in the coming years.


Louisiana Department of Revenue

Total revenue generated by sports betting in Louisiana in 2020 $31.2 million
Projected annual revenue from sports betting in Louisiana $245 million
Number of sports betting licenses granted by Louisiana Department of Revenue 20

The Louisiana Department of Revenue has granted 20 licenses for sports betting in the state, which generated a total revenue of $31.2 million in 2020. However, it is projected that annual revenue from sports betting in Louisiana could reach as high as $245 million. This provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to invest in the growing industry.


Louisiana Department of Public Safety

Number of casinos in Shreveport 6
Total revenue generated by Louisiana casinos in 2020 $2.5 billion
Projected revenue from sports betting in Louisiana by 2025 $330 million

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety may be interested in the topic of Shreveport sports betting. Shreveport is home to six casinos and, according to publicly available data, Louisiana casinos generated a total revenue of $2.5 billion in 2020. By 2025, experts estimate that sports betting could generate $330 million in revenue for the state of Louisiana. This information highlights the potential economic impact of sports betting in the region, and may be of interest to those monitoring the intersection of gaming and public safety.


National Council on Problem Gambling

Statistic Value Reference
Total amount wagered on sports in 2021 $21.5 billion Legal Sports Report
Expected revenue from sports betting in 2025 $8 billion Business Wire
Percentage of adults with gambling problems in Louisiana 2.3% National Council on Problem Gambling

The National Council on Problem Gambling reports that 2.3% of adults in Louisiana exhibit signs of problem gambling. Despite potential risks, sports betting continues to gain popularity in the state. In 2021, over $21.5 billion was wagered on sports across the United States, with an expected revenue of $8 billion by 2025. To ensure responsible gambling practices, it is important for individuals to limit their betting and seek help if needed.


American Gaming Association

Below is a table summarizing relevant statistics about Shreveport sports betting:

Year Total Amount Wagered Gross Gaming Revenue
2019 $247,386,192 $21,992,348
2020 $206,798,910 $14,683,870

According to the American Gaming Association, Shreveport has experienced a decline in both total amount wagered and gross gaming revenue in 2020 compared to the previous year. In 2019, a total of $247,386,192 was wagered, while in 2020, this amount decreased to $206,798,910. Similarly, gross gaming revenue decreased from $21,992,348 in 2019 to $14,683,870 in 2020. These statistics suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic and corresponding shutdowns have had a significant impact on the sports betting industry in Shreveport.


Sports Handle

Year Revenue($) Total Handle($)
2020 9.2 million 78.6 million
2019 7.7 million 67.8 million

Sports betting in Shreveport has been on the rise in recent years. According to Sports Handle, the city’s sports betting revenue for 2020 was $9.2 million, with a total handle of $78.6 million. This is a significant increase from 2019, where the revenue was $7.7 million with a total handle of $67.8 million. Shreveport’s sports betting industry shows promising growth and has become an attractive destination for sports bettors. These statistics indicate a continuously growing and thriving sports betting market in Shreveport.



Ranking 7th
Population 188,987
Median Household Income $37,208
Number of Sportsbooks 2

ESPN reports that Shreveport, Louisiana has become a hub for sports betting, ranking 7th among all American cities. The population of Shreveport is just under 190,000, with a median household income of $37,208. Currently, Shreveport boasts two sportsbooks for visitors and locals alike to place bets.


CBS Sports

2 million estimated daily users of CBS Sports app
205 thousand monthly searches for “Shreveport sports betting”
54 percent increase in sports betting revenue in Shreveport in 2020

CBS Sports has an estimated 2 million daily users on their app. As sports betting can be a popular topic among sports fans, it is important to note that there have been 205 thousand monthly searches for “Shreveport sports betting”. Additionally, 2020 saw a 54 percent increase in sports betting revenue in Shreveport. These statistics demonstrate the potential for excitement and success in Shreveport’s sports betting industry.


USA Today Sports

Year Revenue Growth Rate
2018 $430 million N/A
2019 $920 million 114%
2020 $1.5 billion 63%

Shreveport, Louisiana has recently become a buzz in the world of sports as it now allows sports betting. According to the article published by “USA Today Sports”, the revenue generated by sports betting in Shreveport has surged in the recent years. In 2018, the revenue was $430 million, which significantly increased to $920 million in 2019 with a growth rate of 114%. The revenue from sports betting in 2020 reached $1.5 billion with a growth rate of 63%. These numbers suggest that Shreveport’s sports betting industry has a huge potential for growth and could be a profitable venture for entrepreneurs.


Bleacher Report

Year Total Revenue (in billions) Number of Employees
2019 1.3 50
2018 1.2 45
2017 1.1 40

Shreveport sports betting is becoming increasingly popular and Bleacher Report has been keeping a close eye on its growth. Bleacher Report is a sports media company that provides information about sports betting, and it is constantly updating its platform to provide users with the most accurate and reliable data. The company has a team of over 50 employees dedicated to providing a high-quality sports betting experience to its users. In 2019, Bleacher Report’s revenue was $1.3 billion, which is a significant increase from its revenue in 2018 and 2017. With a track record of providing expert analysis and up-to-date information, Bleacher Report is a trusted source for sports bettors looking to make informed decisions.


SB Nation

Statistic Value Reference
Total estimated value of global online sports betting market in 2021 $155.49 billion Statista
Number of US states with legalized sports betting as of September 2021 32 ESPN
Total amount of money wagered on sports in New Jersey in August 2021 $664.4 million NJ.com

SB Nation is a news and opinion website focused on sports. Shreveport is a city in Louisiana that has been considering legalizing sports betting. As of September 2021, 32 states in the US have legalized sports betting. The global online sports betting market is estimated to be worth $155.49 billion in 2021. In August 2021, $664.4 million was wagered on sports in New Jersey alone.


Odds Shark

Year Revenue Market Size
2018 $2.7 billion $150 billion
2019 $3 billion $250 billion
2020 $4 billion $350 billion

Odds Shark brings you the latest Shreveport sports betting news, odds, and trends. In recent years, the sports betting industry has seen a significant increase in revenue and market size. In 2018, the industry generated $2.7 billion in revenue and had a market size of $150 billion. In 2019, the revenue increased to $3 billion and the market size grew to $250 billion. By 2020, the industry reached $4 billion in revenue and a market size of $350 billion. These statistics highlight the growth potential for sports betting in Shreveport and beyond.
(Source: American Gaming Association)


Vegas Insider

Total Number of Sports Bettors in the US Revenue Generated by Sports Betting in the US Number of States in the US with Legal Sports Betting
21.5 million $1.5 billion 21

Shreveport may soon become a hotspot for sports betting enthusiasts. With the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, many states, including Louisiana, have passed legislation legalizing this form of gambling. As a city with several casinos, Shreveport is well-positioned to capitalize on this industry. According to Vegas Insider, the US currently has 21.5 million sports bettors, generating $1.5 billion in revenue. And with 21 states already embracing the trend, sports betting has quickly become a massive industry in the United States.



Number of sports betting markets in Shreveport, LA 9
Annual revenue of Louisiana sports betting market $250 million
Number of legal sportsbooks in Louisiana 20

Shreveport, LA offers 9 sports betting markets for individuals interested in sports betting. The Louisiana sports betting market generates an annual revenue of $250 million and features 20 legal sportsbooks. These statistics make it clear that sports betting is a popular and lucrative industry in Louisiana, and Shreveport plays an important role in it.


The Action Network

Total revenue generated by sports betting in Shreveport, Louisiana $8.2 million (Source: Louisiana Gaming Control Board)
Number of sports betting establishments in Shreveport 6 (Source: Louisiana Gaming Control Board)
Projected annual revenue from sports betting in Louisiana by 2025 $330 million (Source: Eilers & Krejcik Gaming)

Shreveport, Louisiana has 6 sports betting establishments that generated a total of $8.2 million in revenue. Looking ahead, it is projected that the state of Louisiana could see $330 million in annual revenue from sports betting by 2025. This increase in revenue could be attributed to the recent legalization of sports betting in the state and its potential as a growing industry.


DraftKings Sportsbook

Total revenue in 2020 $322 million
Number of active users in 2020 1.5 million
Number of states where it is legal 12
Market share 30%
Number of sports offered 60+

DraftKings Sportsbook is a popular choice for sports betting enthusiasts in Shreveport. In 2020, the platform generated $322 million in total revenue and had 1.5 million active users. Currently, DraftKings Sportsbook is legal in 12 states, holding a 30% market share. With over 60 sports offered, this platform has a lot to offer for sports betting enthusiasts.


FanDuel Sportsbook

Year Established 2009
Number of Sports Offered 16
Number of Active Users 6 million+
Total Bets Placed over 10 billion

FanDuel Sportsbook, a leading sports betting platform, was established in 2009. It offers a wide variety of sports options for users to bet on, with a total of 16 sports offered. The platform has over 6 million active users and has seen over 10 billion bets placed. Its popularity makes it one of the most reliable and famous sports betting platforms available today.



Total Sports Betting Market Size in the US (2020) $21.5 billion
Projected Sports Betting Market Size in the US (2025) $40 billion
Share of US Sports Betting Market held by BetMGM (2021) 13.5%
Number of States with Legalized Sports Betting 30

BetMGM, a leading provider of online sports betting, holds a 13.5% share of the rapidly growing US sports betting market. With a current market size of $21.5 billion in 2020, this figure is expected to more than double to $40 billion by 2025. Currently, 30 states in the US have legalized sports betting, offering a huge growth opportunity for BetMGM and other market players. As sports betting continues to gain popularity, BetMGM is poised for continued success in the years to come.

– https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/07/23/2270288/0/en/Sports-Betting-Market-Size-to-Reach-USD-21-86-Billion-by-2026-Rising-At-a-CAGR-of-9-3.html
– https://www.zionmarketresearch.com/report/sports-betting-market


William Hill US

Statistic Value Reference
Number of sportsbooks operated in Shreveport by William Hill US 2 William Hill US Locations
Number of employees working for William Hill US in Louisiana 600 The Shreveport Times
Revenue generated by William Hill US in 2019 $1.81 billion Las Vegas Review-Journal

William Hill US operates two sportsbooks in Shreveport, Louisiana and employs 600 people in the state. In 2019, the company generated $1.81 billion in revenue.



Statistic Data Reference
Number of PointsBet Sportsbooks in Shreveport 1 https://www.pointsbet.com/locations/louisiana/shreveport
Projected Annual Revenue of Louisiana Sports Betting Market $2.5 billion https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/2021/06/25/sports-wagering-plan-state-budget-wins-passage-acadiana-legislators/7786182002/
Current Market Share of PointsBet in Louisiana Unknown https://www.pointsbet.com/locations/louisiana/shreveport

Shreveport, Louisiana currently has one PointsBet sportsbook location. The Louisiana sports betting market is projected to generate annual revenues of $2.5 billion. However, the current market share of PointsBet in Louisiana is unknown.


Caesars Sportsbook

Statistic Value Reference
Number of casinos offering sports betting in Shreveport 5 LegalSportsBetting.com
Market share of Caesars Sportsbook in Louisiana 10% USA Today Sportsbook Wire
Estimated annual revenue from Shreveport sports betting $120 million Associated Press

Shreveport, Louisiana is a bustling hub for sports betting enthusiasts, with five casinos in the area offering various sports betting options. Caesars Sportsbook, one of the major players in Louisiana’s newly legalized sports betting market, holds a 10% market share. With an estimated annual revenue of $120 million coming from Shreveport’s sports betting industry, there’s no doubt that Caesars and the other casinos stand to profit from this exciting new opportunity.


Unibet Sportsbook.

Statistic Value Reference
Number of sports offered 20+ Unibet Sportsbook
Mobile app availability Yes Unibet Sportsbook
Promotions & bonuses offered Yes Unibet Sportsbook
Live/in-play betting availability Yes Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet Sportsbook is a top choice for sports betting in Shreveport, with over 20 sports offered and a user-friendly mobile app available for download. In addition, Unibet offers promotions and bonuses to keep players engaged and betting. Unibet also allows for live/in-play betting, adding an extra level of excitement to the experience. Overall, Unibet Sportsbook provides a comprehensive and enjoyable sports betting experience for anyone in Shreveport looking to explore the world of sports betting.


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