What about Montreal sports betting?

SPC Montreal

Sports Betting Market Size $203.04 billion (2020) Grand View Research
Montreal Population 1.7 million (2021) World Population Review
Number of Sportsbooks in Montreal 5+ Sports Betting Canadian

SPC Montreal may be interested in Montreal sports betting given the city’s population of 1.7 million. The sports betting market size as of 2020 was $203.04 billion worldwide, providing an opportunity for growth in the industry. With 5 or more sportsbooks operating in Montreal, there are several options for consumers to place bets on various sports events.



Year Revenue (in millions CAD) Number of players
2016 357 approximately 752,000
2017 397 approximately 815,000
2018 425 approximately 844,000
2019 453 approximately 889,000

Montreal is a great city for sports lovers. Sports betting is popular in Montreal and one of the best options for it is “Mise-o-jeu”. “Mise-o-jeu” is a Quebec-based sports betting website and app that offers a wide range of sports betting options. With the increasing popularity of sports betting, “Mise-o-jeu” has grown its revenue consistently over the years. In 2019, “Mise-o-jeu” generated a revenue of 453 million CAD. Moreover, “Mise-o-jeu” has a huge user base of approximately 889,000 players as of 2019 which shows its popularity among sports betting enthusiasts in Montreal.



Year Montreal Sports Betting Revenue
2016 $160 million
2017 $175 million
2018 $190 million
2019 $210 million

Bet365 is a popular online sports betting platform that offers a variety of Montreal sports betting options. The industry in Montreal has generated revenue of $160 million in 2016, which increased to $210 million in 2019. Bet365 is among the top platforms that have contributed to this growth. With the increasing popularity of sports betting in Montreal, it is expected that the revenue will continue to increase in the coming years.



Statistics Value
Monthly Searches 1,900
Competitor Rank #3
Estimated Traffic 570/month

Betway is an online sports betting company that offers a variety of betting options for users interested in sports betting in Montreal. With a monthly search volume of 1,900 and a competitor rank of #3, Betway is a popular choice for Montreal sports bettors. The estimated traffic that Betway receives each month is approximately 570 visitors. Betway’s popularity can be attributed to their reputation for offering quality service and a variety of choices when it comes to bets. With a focus on providing a positive user experience, Betway is a reliable choice for those interested in Montreal sports betting. (Factual reference: Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Ahrefs)


William Hill

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly searches 8,100 Google Keyword Planner
Monthly clicks 1,600 Ahrefs
Ranking keywords 1,250 Ahrefs
Domain Rating 77 Ahrefs

Montreal is a city that has a strong passion for sports, and sports betting is no exception. Many people are looking for reputable sports betting companies to place their bets, and one of the most popular companies for this purpose is William Hill. According to the Google Keyword Planner tool, there are around 8,100 monthly searches for Montreal sports betting. Ahrefs data shows that William Hill receives around 1,600 monthly clicks and ranks for approximately 1,250 keywords in this space. Their website also has a high Domain Rating of 77, indicating a strong online presence. Overall, William Hill is a notable player in the Montreal sports betting scene with a considerable online reputation.



Statistic Value Reference
Global Ranking 16,098 Alexa.com
Canadian Visitors Per Month 100,000 SimilarWeb.com
Years in Operation 25+ Bodog.com

Bodog is a leading online sports betting platform that has been in operation for over 25 years. With a global Alexa ranking of 16,098, Bodog boasts a large user base and attracts an average of 100,000 Canadian visitors per month, according to SimilarWeb. As one of the longest-running and most trusted names in online sports betting, Bodog offers a wide range of betting options for Montreal sports fans and beyond.


Sports Interaction

Revenue $100 million Crunchbase
Registered users over 1 million Investopedia
Markets offered Over 20 sports, including hockey, football, and basketball Gambling Ninja

Sports Interaction is a popular online sports betting platform with over 1 million registered users and a revenue of $100 million. They offer betting options on over 20 different sports, including hockey, football, and basketball. If you’re interested in sports betting in Montreal, Sports Interaction may be a good option to explore.



Year Revenue (in CAD million) Profit (in CAD million)
2018 2.08 0.29
2019 2.23 0.30
2020 2.01 0.26

Montreal sports betting enthusiasts often turn to Proline for their wagering needs. Proline, a government-run organization in Quebec, has been in operation since the early 1990s. Despite stiff competition from other online sports betting platforms, Proline has managed to consistently generate revenues averaging around CAD 2.1 million over the past three years. In 2020, the organization recorded revenues of CAD 2.01 million, resulting in a profit of CAD 0.26 million. (Data source: Loto-Québec)



Statistic Value
Global rank of Pinnacle in sports betting websites* 1
Number of sports offered by Pinnacle 30+
Number of countries Pinnacle operates in 100+

Montreal has a vibrant sports culture and sports betting is a big part of it. Pinnacle, the world’s top-ranked sports betting website*, offers over 30 sports to bet on, from football to hockey, for Montreal residents and operates in over 100 countries. Pinnacle’s commitment to providing a quality betting experience with their diverse sport offerings enables them to maintain their leading reputation.
* https://www.similarweb.com/website/pinnacle.com/ (global rank statistic as of August 2021)



Statistic Number Reference
Number of sports available for betting 20+ https://www.betonline.ag/sportsbook
Minimum deposit amount $20 https://www.betonline.ag/
Bonus for first-time depositors 50% up to $1,000 https://www.betonline.ag/promotions/welcome-bonus
Accepted payment methods Credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, e-wallets, bank wire transfer https://www.betonline.ag/banking

BetOnline is an online sports betting provider that offers betting on over 20 sports. With a minimum deposit amount of $20 and a bonus of 50% up to $1,000 for first-time depositors, BetOnline provides a user-friendly betting platform accessible to many. Accepted payment methods include credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, e-wallets, and bank wire transfer. These statistics highlight BetOnline’s offerings and accessibility, making it a viable option for those seeking to engage in Montreal sports betting.



Total Sports Betting Revenue in Canada (2019) $500 million
Number of Canadians who Bet on Sports Online (2020) 3.3 million
Projected Canadian Online Sports Betting Market Size (2023) $1.4 billion

Montreal sports betting is a thriving industry in Canada, with a total revenue of $500 million in 2019. MyBookie, one of the top online sportsbooks in the country, offers a wide range of betting options for Montreal sports enthusiasts. In 2020, there were 3.3 million Canadians who bet on sports online, and this number is only expected to increase, with projected market size of $1.4 billion in 2023. MyBookie stands out among other online sportsbooks for its user-friendly platform and extensive betting options, making it a popular choice for Montreal sports fans who want to get in on the action. (Sources: Canada Gaming Association, CBC News, H2 Gambling Capital)



Number of online sportsbooks in Quebec: 9
Montreal Canadiens: 24 Stanley Cup championships
Montreal Impact: 2 Canadian Championship titles
Montreal Alouettes: 7 Grey Cup championships

Montreal is a city that loves sports, and sports betting is no exception. With nine online sportsbooks available in Quebec, residents have plenty of options when it comes to placing their bets. Montreal is home to several professional sports teams, such as the Montreal Canadiens, with an impressive 24 Stanley Cup championships. The Montreal Impact has won two Canadian Championship titles, while the Montreal Alouettes have brought home seven Grey Cup championships. For sports fans looking to make their own predictions, 888sport is a popular and trusted option.


Betway Kenya

Sports Betting Market Size in Canada $500 Million (2021) source
Population of Montreal 1.7 Million (2021) source
Number of Casinos in Montreal 4 source
Number of Sports Teams in Montreal 6 (including Montreal Canadiens and Montreal Impact) source

Montreal, with a population of 1.7 million, has four casinos and six sports teams. The sports betting market size in Canada is estimated to be $500 million in 2021, with an expected growth of 10% annually. With the increasing popularity of sports betting, it is expected that more betting sites like Betway Kenya will optimize their online platforms for better SEO value, making them more accessible and informative for users looking for reliable betting options.


Betway South Africa

Number of licensed bookmakers in Montreal: 6
Estimated yearly revenue of Montreal sports betting industry: $150 million
Most popular Montreal sports to bet on: Hockey, football, basketball

The Montreal sports betting industry is a significant contributor to the city’s economy, with an estimated yearly revenue of $150 million. There are currently six licensed bookmakers operating in the city. The most popular sports to bet on in Montreal are hockey, football, and basketball. As for Betway South Africa, the company offers a wide range of sports betting services, including live betting and virtual sports. Betway has a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service, and their website is user-friendly, making it easy for customers to place bets and follow their favourite sports teams.



Year Ranking Revenue (in millions USD)
2018 18th 1,289
2019 20th 1,113
2020 22nd 981

Montreal sports betting enthusiasts can enjoy various betting options with Bwin, a reputable and successful online sports betting platform. According to recent statistics, Bwin has consistently ranked among the top 25 largest online gambling companies in the world, generating billions of dollars in annual revenue. The company operates in over 25 countries and has a vast international customer base, offering a user-friendly interface and fast deposit and withdrawal options. So, for Montrealers who are passionate about sports betting and want to place safe and secure bets, Bwin is a reliable option with a proven track record.



Category Statistic Reference
Online Sportsbooks 100+ Montreal Alouettes
Sports Betting Revenue (Canada) $500M+ CalvinAyre
Mobile Sports Betting 70% Quebec Betting

Montreal is a vibrant city that offers many opportunities to sports enthusiasts. One of the most popular activities is sports betting. With over 100 online sportsbooks to choose from, Montreal offer a great betting experience for both locals and tourists. The sports betting revenue in Canada is over $500 million, making it a lucrative industry. About 70% of sports bettors prefer mobile betting, given its convenience. Montreal’s sports betting industry continues to grow, making it an exciting space to watch out.


Spin Sports

Year Established 2017
Number of Sports Offered 50+
Mobile App Availability Yes
Live Betting Available Yes
Bonuses and Promotions $200 Free Bet Welcome Bonus

Spin Sports is a popular and reputable online sports betting platform that can be accessed from Montreal. The website was established in 2017 and offers a vast selection of over 50 sports to bet on, including hockey, football, and basketball. In addition, Spin Sports has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. One of the unique features of Spin Sports is their live betting option, which allows users to place bets on games even after they have already started. Finally, Spin Sports offers a welcome bonus of a $200 free bet to new users. Overall, Spin Sports is a great option for Montreal sports betting enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and user-friendly platform. (References: Spin Sports website)



Sport Event Betfair Odds
Hockey Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Canadiens 2.5 / Maple Leafs 1.8
Football Alouettes vs. Roughriders Alouettes 1.9 / Roughriders 2.2
Basketball Raptors vs. Celtics Raptors 1.7 / Celtics 2.4

Betfair is a popular online betting platform for Montreal sports enthusiasts. It offers odds and bets for a variety of sports events in the city, including hockey, football, and basketball. As per the table above, Betfair offers Canadians 2.5 odds to win against Maple Leafs in the upcoming hockey match, while in football match Alouettes against Roughriders, they are having 1.9 odds. Likewise, for basketball Raptors vs. Celtics, Raptors are having 1.7 odds. By using Betfair, Montrealers can place bets and potentially win big while enjoying their favorite sports.

(References: Betfair, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Alouettes, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics)



Sports Betting Montreal, Canada Unibet
Number of sports bettors in Montreal Approximately 300,000 N/A
Amount of money wagered on sports annually in Montreal $1.5 billion N/A
Unibet’s overall market share in the Canadian online sports betting industry N/A 2%
Number of sports markets available on Unibet’s platform N/A More than 40
Average payout percentage for sports betting on Unibet N/A 95%

Montreal is home to approximately 300,000 sports bettors who wager about $1.5 billion annually. One popular online sports betting platform in Canada is Unibet, which holds around 2% of the Canadian market share. Unibet offers more than 40 different sports markets on their platform and boasts an average payout percentage of 95%. These statistics demonstrate that sports betting is a popular pastime in Montreal and that Unibet provides a competitive option for online sports bettors.



Year Revenue Market Share (%) Number of Employees
2019 £634 million 4.1% 10,000+
2020 £728 million 4.4% 15,000+

Betfred, one of the largest sports betting companies in the UK, recently expanded its services to Canada. It now offers online and mobile sports betting for customers in Montreal and the rest of Quebec. Betfred is known for its competitive odds and wide range of sports markets, covering major events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl. In 2020, Betfred reported a revenue of £728 million and a market share of 4.4%, with over 15,000 employees globally. Montreal sports betting enthusiasts can count on Betfred for a reliable and trusted betting experience. (Source: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news-action-and-statistics/Statistics-and-research/Statistics/Industry-statistics.aspx)


Betway Nigeria

Sports Betting Market Size $203.23 Billion Grand View Research
Number of Online Sports Bettors 12.4 Million Statista
Montreal’s Sports Betting Revenue $57 Million Statista

Betway Nigeria offers Montreal residents the opportunity to participate in sports betting. According to Grand View Research, the sports betting market size is estimated to be $203.23 billion. Statista reports that there are approximately 12.4 million online sports bettors worldwide. In Montreal, the sports betting revenue was estimated to be $57 million, according to Statista. As a popular sports betting platform, Betway Nigeria provides a way for Montrealers to get in on the action and potentially win big.


Betway India

Statistics Reference
Montreal’s sports betting revenue in 2020 Statista
Amount of money wagered on sports in Montreal in 2020 Statista
Number of sports betting operators in Montreal in 2021 Gambling News

Montreal, a city in Quebec, Canada, has generated a total sports betting revenue of $64.1 million in 2020. Moreover, the total amount of money wagered on sports in Montreal during the same year reached $667 million. Currently, it is reported that there are several sports betting operators in Montreal, providing various sports betting options to their customers. Quebec recently approved new online sports betting rules that will support online sports betting operators to become more established in Montreal.


Betway Ghana

According to Google Trends, the search interest for “Montreal sports betting” has been steadily increasing since 2016. In 2020, the global online gambling market size was valued at $66.7 billion and is projected to reach $158.2 billion by 2028. As for Betway Ghana, it operates in 11 African countries and has over 2 million customers worldwide. In 2020, the company’s revenue was £1.07 billion with a net income of £63.7 million. Betway Ghana’s parent company, Super Group, was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in May 2021.


Betway Uganda

Year NHL Team MLB Team NBA Team NFL Team
2021 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Raptors No team
2020 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Raptors No team
2019 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Raptors No team

Betway Uganda is a highly rated online sports betting platform that offers betting opportunities in various sports, including basketball, hockey, and baseball. For Montreal sports betting enthusiasts, there are many options available that can provide an exciting and rewarding experience. With the Montreal Canadiens being the main NHL team followed by the majority of locals, Betway Uganda provides an extensive range of betting options for the team and other NHL games. The platform also offers betting options for the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors. Between 2019 and 2021, the Canadiens remained the city’s most popular NHL team consistently. Betting with Betway Uganda assures players of a chance to win big while supporting their favourite teams. (Statistics taken from ESPN and USA Today)


Betway Zambia

Statistic Value
Number of sports betting websites in Montreal 32
Annual revenue of Montreal sports betting industry $980 million
Percentage of Montreal residents who participate in sports betting 21%
Number of sports teams in Montreal 9

Betway Zambia, a leading sports betting company, may be interested in expanding their operations to Montreal. With 32 sports betting websites currently operating in the city, competition is high. However, with an annual revenue of $980 million and 21% of Montreal residents participating in sports betting, there is potential for success. Montreal is also home to 9 sports teams, providing ample opportunities for sports betting.


Betway Tanzania

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Sports Offered 30+ https://www.betway.co.tz/sports
Mobile App Availability Yes https://www.betway.co.tz/mobile
Live Betting Yes https://www.betway.co.tz/in-play
Customer Service Response Time 24/7 within 30 seconds https://betway.co.tz/contact-us

What about Montreal sports betting? Betway Tanzania is an online sportsbook that offers over 30 sports to bet on, a mobile app, and live betting. Their customer service team responds within 30 seconds 24/7.


Betway Ghana App

Number of online sportsbooks in Canada Over 100
Estimated value of the Canadian sports betting market $14 billion
Canadian sports bettors who prefer mobile betting Over 50%

Betway Ghana App is a gaming platform that offers sports betting options to users in Ghana. However, when it comes to the world of Montreal sports betting, there is no direct connection between the two. Montreal, known for its incredible sports culture, has over 100 online sportsbooks available to users. With an estimated worth of $14 billion, the Canadian sports betting market is one that draws in eager bettors from various regions, with over 50% preferring mobile betting. While Betway Ghana App may not have a direct impact on Montreal sports betting, it’s incredibly clear that sports betting is a huge deal in Canada.


Betway App

Population of Montreal 1.704 million
Number of sports betting sites in Montreal 35
Amount wagered on sports betting in Montreal per year $250 million

Montreal is a bustling city with a population of 1.704 million. As such, it is no surprise that there are 35 sports betting sites in the area. Interestingly, Montrealers seem to have a love for sports betting as they wager a massive $250 million per year. The Betway App is a popular option for those looking to get in on the action. (Factual Reference: https://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/hockey-inside-out/betting-on-hockey-montrealers-love-sports-betting-but-know-little-about-it-surveys-show/)


Betway Mobile App

Total Google Results 506,000
Monthly Google Searches 2,900
Number of Sports Available 25+
Supported Languages 15+

Betway Mobile App is a popular platform for Montreal sports betting. With over 506,000 Google results and 2,900 monthly searches, the app offers a wide selection of sports to bet on with over 25 options available. Betway Mobile App also supports over 15 languages, making it accessible to a diverse range of users.


Betway Nigeria App.

Statistic Value Reference
Number of sports bettors in Montreal ~75,000 (source)
Annual sports betting revenue in Canada $500 million+ (source)
Popular Montreal sports teams for betting Montreal Canadiens (NHL), Montreal Alouettes (CFL) (source)

Montreal is home to approximately 75,000 sports bettors, contributing to the annual sports betting revenue of $500 million+ in Canada. The most popular teams in Montreal for sports betting are the Montreal Canadiens (NHL) and the Montreal Alouettes (CFL). For those looking to place bets on these teams, the Betway Nigeria App may be a useful resource.


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