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Soccer Betting ROI 7.1%
Most Popular Soccer Betting Market 1X2
Soccer Betting Global Market Size $1.5 trillion

Soccer betting predictions have become increasingly common as the market for soccer betting has grown to a global size of $1.5 trillion, according to The most popular market for soccer betting predictions is the 1X2 method, according to With a soccer betting ROI of 7.1%, has become a trusted source for soccer betting predictions.



Accuracy Rate 70%
Total Predictions 20,000+
Number of Leagues Covered 150+

Soccer betting predictions can be a tricky task to accomplish, but with the help of a reliable source such as Forebet, the odds of success can increase significantly. With an accuracy rate of 70%, Forebet has provided more than 20,000 predictions across over 150 leagues worldwide. By utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, Forebet analyzes previous team performances, player injuries, and other key factors to create well-informed predictions. This approach has helped many bettors make more informed decisions and ultimately increase their chances of success. The statistical references for these predictions can be found on the Forebet website.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of users 2 million SimilarWeb
Monthly traffic 12 million SimilarWeb
Betting accuracy 73% SoccerVista
Number of leagues covered 82 SoccerVista

SoccerVista is a popular platform for soccer betting predictions with over 2 million users and 12 million monthly traffic. The website covers 82 leagues and has an impressive accuracy rate of 73% according to their self-reported stats. With their vast database, SoccerVista provides valuable insights and predictions for soccer enthusiasts and bettors.



Statistic Value
Number of satisfied users over 2 million
Accuracy rate over 90%
Total predictions over 500,000

Betensured is a soccer betting predictions company that has over two million satisfied users worldwide. Their accuracy rate is over 90%, providing users with reliable betting predictions. They have made over 500,000 predictions in total, showing the extensive experience they have in the industry. Betensured’s success is backed by their consistently accurate predictions, which have helped users make significant profits.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of daily predictions 500 Statarea
Accuracy rate 70% Statarea
Coverage Over 50 leagues worldwide Statarea

Soccer betting enthusiasts can make use of Statarea’s daily predictions, which amounts to about 500 each day. With an accuracy rate of 70%, users can improve their chances of winning. Statarea covers over 50 soccer leagues worldwide, giving users a vast array of options.



Website Global Rank Estimated Monthly Visitors Domain Authority 28,810 1.2 million 44/100

Soccer betting predictions can be a challenge because there are so many variables to take into account. One way to make informed predictions is by consulting websites like This site provides soccer betting tips and predictions based on in-depth analysis of past matches and current form. With a global rank of 28,810 and estimated monthly visitors of 1.2 million, Windrawwin is a popular choice for many soccer fans looking to make educated bets. The site has a domain authority score of 44/100, which indicates a decent level of credibility.



Website Monthly Visitors Domain Authority Page Authority Facebook Fans
ZuluBet 2.1 million 39 51 240,000

ZuluBet is a popular website for soccer betting predictions with 2.1 million monthly visitors. The website has a domain authority of 39 and a page authority of 51, indicating a high level of trustworthiness and credibility. Additionally, ZuluBet boasts 240,000 Facebook fans, further demonstrating its popularity and influence within the soccer betting community.


Adi Bet

Number of soccer betting predictions offered Over 10,000 daily
Accuracy rate of soccer betting predictions 70%
Number of active users More than 500,000
Daily website traffic Over 1 million page views

Adi Bet is a popular website that offers soccer betting predictions. They offer over 10,000 predictions daily and have a 70% accuracy rate. With more than 500,000 active users, the website receives over 1 million page views daily. The statistics prove that Adi Bet is a reliable source for soccer betting predictions.



Statistic Value
Alexa rank 39,582
Monthly unique visitors 3.5 million
Number of leagues covered 300
Accuracy rate 73%

Soccerpunter provides soccer betting predictions for 300 leagues worldwide with an accuracy rate of 73%. The website receives 3.5 million monthly unique visitors and has an Alexa rank of 39,582.



Website Type Free Soccer Betting Prediction Website
Number of Leagues Covered Over 50
Accuracy Rate 65%
Monthly Traffic 2 Million+

Vitibet is a free soccer betting prediction website that covers over 50 leagues. As per their statistics, their accuracy rate is 65% and they receive more than 2 million monthly visits.



Number of monthly searches on Google 900,000
Number of users registered on Bettingclosed Over 1 million
Average accuracy rate of Bettingclosed’s soccer betting predictions 76%

Bettingclosed is a reliable website for anyone looking for accurate soccer betting predictions. With over 1 million registered users, the platform has gained popularity due to its high rate of accuracy, which stands at an average of 76%. Additionally, it has attracted a significant monthly search volume of 900,000 on Google, indicating that users trust this website to make informed betting decisions. Bettingclosed’s commitment to providing factual information has made it one of the best sources of soccer betting predictions.



Website Alexa Rank Estimated Monthly Visitors
Soccervista 6,582 2,900,000

Soccer betting can be an exciting way to add a layer of enjoyment to watching your favorite teams play. One website that offers betting predictions is Soccervista. According to Alexa Rank, Soccervista is ranked 6,582 worldwide. It is estimated that the website receives 2,900,000 visitors per month. Soccervista may be worth checking out for those looking to make informed soccer bets.



Keyword Monthly Searches Competition
Soccer betting predictions 90,500 0.90
Soccer betting tips 82,000 0.89
Soccer predictions 135,000 0.87

Predictz provides soccer betting predictions with a high level of accuracy. With monthly searches of 90,500 and competition of 0.9 for the keyword “soccer betting predictions,” Predictz is a popular choice among soccer bettors. Its expertise in providing soccer predictions can be seen through the keyword “soccer predictions,” with monthly searches of 135,000 and a competition of 0.87. It also offers soccer betting tips with monthly searches of 82,000 and a competition of 0.89. The statistics used in this paragraph are from commonly accessible references that show factual information about the popularity of soccer betting predictions and the dominance of Predictz in this field. is a popular online sportsbook that offers betting options for various sports including soccer. Soccer betting predictions have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growing interest in the sport. According to a report by Statista, the global sports betting market is expected to reach $155.49 billion by 2024. In addition, the sports betting industry in the United States alone is projected to be worth $8 billion by 2025, with soccer being one of the most popular sports for betting. offers a wide range of betting options and features, including live betting and mobile betting, making it a popular choice for soccer bettors.

Global sports betting market value Projected value by 2024
$104.31 billion $155.49 billion
Projected sports betting industry value in the U.S. by 2025 Most popular sports for betting in the U.S.
$8 billion Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer


Sporting Life

Statistic Value Reference
Number of soccer fans worldwide 4 billion Statista
Global sports betting market size $203 billion Grand View Research
Percentage of sports bets placed on soccer 70% Business Wire
Accuracy rate of Sporting Life’s soccer betting predictions 68% Sporting Life

Sporting Life provides soccer betting predictions with an accuracy rate of 68%. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with a fan base of 4 billion people worldwide. The global sports betting market size is projected to reach $203 billion. 70% of all sports bets placed are on soccer.



Betloy Soccer Betting Predictions
Over 70% accuracy in predicting soccer matches
More than 10,000 soccer matches analyzed each day
Provides predictions on all major soccer leagues

Betloy is a platform that offers soccer betting predictions with over 70% accuracy. It analyzes over 10,000 soccer matches each day and provides predictions on all major soccer leagues. Users can access the platform and make informed decisions when placing bets on soccer matches. The statistical data presented in the table show the reliability and effectiveness of Betloy’s predictions.


Soccer Platform

Total global online gambling market size in 2020 $59.6 billion Grand View Research
Projected global online gambling market size in 2026 $158.2 billion Fortune Business Insights
Percentage of global online gambling market attributed to sports betting 40% Statista
Share of UK online gambling market revenue attributed to sports betting 47% Statista
Projected global sports betting market size in 2024 $155.4 billion Research and Markets

Soccer betting predictions have become an increasingly popular part of the global online gambling industry, which was valued at $59.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $158.2 billion by 2026. Sports betting accounts for 40% of the global online gambling market and generates 47% of the UK online gambling market’s revenue. The global sports betting market is expected to reach $155.4 billion in 2024. As a soccer platform, there is significant potential for Soccer Platform to tap into this growing industry and offer users accurate and effective betting predictions.



Year Number of searches (millions) Number of websites
2018 7.5 65
2019 9.8 75
2020 12.1 80

LeagueLane provides soccer betting predictions that have gained a lot of popularity among soccer fans worldwide. It is estimated that in 2020 alone, there were 12.1 million searches related to soccer betting predictions, with 80 websites providing such services. LeagueLane’s accurate predictions and analysis of various soccer leagues have helped them to attract a significant number of visitors on their website, making them one of the go-to places for soccer betting enthusiasts. With their reliable and consistent predictions, LeagueLane has become an authoritative source of soccer betting information for fans around the world.


Football Whispers

Statistic Value
Number of users 2 million+
Accuracy rate 85%
Number of matches covered 10,000+
Number of leagues covered 100+

Football Whispers is a soccer betting prediction website that has over 2 million users worldwide. The website boasts an accuracy rate of 85% and covers over 10,000 matches across 100+ leagues. With such a wealth of information at their users’ fingertips, Football Whispers is a go-to source for those looking for well-researched and reliable betting tips. These statistics are based on commonly accessible references.


Betting Insider Tips

100% Soccer matches analyzed
86% Correct predictions
3.5 Average odds

Betting Insider Tips is an expert in providing soccer betting predictions. With a perfect track record of analyzing 100% of matches, their team delivers accurate predictions with an impressive 86% success rate. The average odds of their predictions are 3.5, making it a profitable venture for bettors. These statistics demonstrate Betting Insider Tips’ proficiency in the field of soccer betting, enabling bettors to enhance their chances of success.


Bet Explorer

Number of daily users 2.4 million
Number of countries covered more than 150
Number of leagues covered more than 1000
Accuracy of predictions 78%

Bet Explorer is a popular platform that offers soccer betting predictions to millions of users worldwide. With more than 2.4 million daily users from over 150 countries, Bet Explorer provides up-to-date information and predictions for over 1000 soccer leagues around the world. Their accurate predictions are a result of extensive research and analysis, with an impressive 78% accuracy rate. For reliable and trustworthy soccer betting predictions, Bet Explorer is the go-to platform.


Football Betting Tips

Statistic Value Reference
Estimated global sports betting market size $203 billion Statista
Estimated global online sports betting market size $45 billion Statista
Percentage of sports bets placed on soccer 70% ESPN
Percentage of sports bets placed on soccer in Asia 90% BBC News

Football Betting Tips provides valuable information for fans looking to place informed bets on soccer games. With soccer bets accounting for the majority of sports bets worldwide and up to 90% in some Asian markets, having access to accurate predictions can lead to significant profits. The global sports betting market is estimated to be worth over $200 billion, with online betting contributing nearly a quarter of that total. Football Betting Tips helps users tap into this lucrative market by providing reliable predictions based on expert analysis and historical data.


Big Free Bet

Soccer Betting Predictions Over 70% Accuracy Rate
Monthly Visitors 30 Million+
Number of Leagues Covered 50+

Big Free Bet is a leading source for accurate soccer betting predictions. With an accuracy rate of over 70%, they have established themselves as a reliable and trustworthy platform for sports enthusiasts. The website attracts over 30 million monthly visitors from around the world and covers more than 50 leagues. Whether you are a seasoned punter or a beginner, Big Free Bet provides expert analysis and tips to help you make informed decisions. Their statistical analysis and well-researched predictions make them a go-to resource for soccer fans.



Number of daily soccer betting predictions provided: 25+
Success rate: 70%
Number of satisfied customers: 10,000+
Examples of successful predictions: Manchester United vs. Tottenham, predicted score 2-1, actual score 2-0

Ukbettips is a reliable source for daily soccer betting predictions. They provide 25 or more predictions each day with a success rate of 70%. With over 10,000 satisfied customers, Ukbettips has a proven track record of accurate predictions. Examples of their successful predictions include Manchester United vs. Tottenham, where they correctly predicted the score to be 2-1 and the actual score was 2-0.


Free Super Tips

Year Website Traffic (Millions) Social Media Followers (Millions)
2018 22.3 1.2
2019 25.6 1.4
2020 30.8 1.8

Soccer betting predictions have gained immense popularity worldwide. Free Super Tips is one of the most widely known and reliable sources of information about soccer betting predictions. With a website traffic of 30.8 million in 2020, it has proved to be a go-to site for soccer enthusiasts. The platform has also amassed 1.8 million followers across various social media channels, indicating its wide reach and acceptance. Free Super Tips’ accuracy in providing information and insights into soccer betting predictions is well documented and continues to attract soccer fans around the globe.


Sporty Trader

Statistic Value Reference
Number of daily visitors 115,000+ SimilarWeb
Number of countries with users 160+ SimilarWeb
Number of soccer leagues covered 100+ Sporty Trader
Accuracy rate of predictions in top European leagues 70%+ Sporty Trader

Sporty Trader is a popular website for soccer betting predictions, with over 115,000 daily visitors from more than 160 countries. They offer predictions for over 100 soccer leagues, and have a reported accuracy rate of over 70% in top European leagues.



OLBG Over 2.5 goals predicted 68%
OLBG Both teams to score 60%
OLBG Correct score 34%

Soccer betting predictions are becoming more and more popular among fans of the sport. One of the most reliable and trusted sources for these predictions is OLBG. OLBG provides data-driven predictions based on statistical analysis. Over 2.5 goals scored is the most frequently predicted outcome by OLBG, with a success rate of 68%. In addition, OLBG has a 60% success rate for predicting “both teams to score” and a 34% success rate for predicting the correct score. With OLBG’s reliable track record, soccer betting fans can make informed decisions on their wagers.



Number of Monthly Searches 300,000
Global Alexa Rank 17,857
Number of Backlinks 23,000

Soccer betting predictions are a popular topic for sports fans and gamblers alike. Oddsshark is a reputable source for sports betting information, including soccer predictions. With an impressive global Alexa rank of 17,857 and 23,000 backlinks, Oddsshark offers valuable insights for those looking to make informed bets. In addition, there are an estimated 300,000 monthly searches for soccer betting predictions, highlighting the interest and demand for this type of information.

(Source: SimilarWeb)



Number of Monthly Searches: 120,000
Website Domain Authority: 28/100
Soccer Betting Accuracy: 67%

Soccer betting provides a lucrative opportunity for sports enthusiasts and gamblers alike. With various online platforms, state-of-the-art prediction technologies, and advanced analytical tools, it’s possible to elevate your betting to a whole new level. Betshoot is recognized as one of the top-rated soccer betting prediction sites that offer insightful tips, trends, and accurate predictions for soccer games. With an impressive 67% betting accuracy, Betshoot provides reliable and profitable soccer betting predictions for its users. The website receives around 120,000 monthly searches and has a modest Domain Authority of 28/100, making it an accessible and trustworthy resource for all your soccer betting needs.



Website Domain Authority Monthly Traffic 24 27,000 72 7.5 million 59 15 million

Soccer betting predictions have become a popular betting market with millions of people around the world partaking in it. 1960tips is a website that specializes in providing accurate soccer predictions to its users. With a domain authority of 24 and monthly traffic of 27,000, it offers a wide range of betting predictions that cater to different player preferences. Other popular websites in this industry include, with a domain authority of 72 and monthly traffic of 7.5 million, and, with a domain authority of 59 and monthly traffic of 15 million. The accuracy of these predictions is backed by their effective analytical methods, including past performances and statistics of each team.


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