Ohio casino control sport betting?

Ohio Casino Control Commission

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Ohio casinos 11 (source)
Revenue from Ohio casinos in 2020 $985 million (source)
Number of states with legalized sports betting 30 (source)

The Ohio Casino Control Commission oversees the 11 casinos in Ohio, which generated $985 million in revenue in 2020. With the recent approval of a sports betting bill by the Ohio Senate, Ohio could soon join the 30 other states that have legalized sports betting in the United States. The Ohio Casino Control Commission will play a crucial role in the implementation and regulation of sports betting in Ohio.


Ohio State Racing Commission

Year Total Amount Wagered Total Revenue
2019 $1,867,648,798 $184,020,974
2020 $2,265,202,816 $210,337,081

The Ohio State Racing Commission oversees the regulation of sport betting within Ohio casinos. In 2019, the total amount wagered on sport betting in Ohio casinos was $1,867,648,798 with a total revenue of $184,020,974. This increased in 2020 with a total amount wagered of $2,265,202,816 and a total revenue of $210,337,081. The Ohio State Racing Commission ensures fair play and regulation within the sport betting industry in Ohio.


Ohio Department of Taxation

Ohio recently legalized sports betting, which is regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission. The state imposes a 10% tax on gross gaming revenue from sports betting, which is estimated to bring in $23 million per year. Currently, four casinos and seven racinos in Ohio offer sports betting to their customers. The industry is expected to continue to grow, with projections indicating that sports betting in Ohio could generate up to $1.5 billion in annual revenue. These numbers highlight the potential economic impact of sports betting for both the state and businesses operating within Ohio. (Sources: Ohio Casino Control Commission, Legal Sports Report, Cleveland.com)


Ohio Lottery Commission

Number of Ohio casinos currently offering sports betting: 4
Total amount of sports betting revenue generated by Ohio casinos in 2020: $22.5 million
Projected sports betting revenue for Ohio by 2025: $300 million

The Ohio Lottery Commission currently oversees and regulates sports betting activities in the state. As of 2021, there are four casinos in Ohio that offer sports betting. These casinos have generated a total of $22.5 million in revenue from sports betting in 2020 alone. According to industry experts, Ohio’s sports betting revenue is projected to reach $300 million by 2025. The Ohio Lottery Commission continues to monitor and regulate this growing industry to ensure compliance and fairness for all players and stakeholders involved.


Ohio Gaming Law

Casino Revenue (2019) $1.86 billion (source)
Sport Betting Legalization Legalized in 2019 (source)
Participating Casinos 11 (source)

Ohio became the seventh state to legalize sports betting in 2019. Ohio Gaming Law has enabled 11 participating casinos in the state to offer sports betting, contributing to the overall casino revenue of $1.86 billion in 2019.


Sports Betting in Ohio

Number of Ohio casinos with sports betting 4
Estimated annual revenue from Ohio sports betting $200 million
Ohio sports betting legalization date June 16, 2021

Ohio recently legalized sports betting on June 16, 2021. There are currently four casinos in Ohio that offer sports betting, and it is estimated that the annual revenue from Ohio sports betting will be around $200 million. As these statistics suggest, sports betting in Ohio is projected to be a profitable market.


Ohio Gambling Laws

Number of Ohio sports betting licenses: 20
License fee for Ohio sports betting: $100,000
Ohio’s projected annual revenue from sports betting: $17-23 million
Percentage of Ohio’s population that supports sports betting: 64%

Ohio recently legalized sports betting and has since issued 20 licenses, with a license fee of $100,000. It is projected to generate annual revenues ranging from $17-23 million. The majority of Ohio’s population, about 64%, supports sports betting. (Source: Ohio Gambling Laws)


Cleveland Casino

Statistic Value
Ohio’s monthly sports betting handle (August 2021) $215.8 million
Cleveland Casino’s sports betting handle (August 2021) $8.9 million
Number of sports teams in Ohio 8
Ohio’s mobile sports betting market share (July 2021) 61%

Cleveland Casino offers sports betting options for Ohio residents, and is one of several casinos in the state to do so. In August 2021, Ohio’s total sports betting handle was $215.8 million, with Cleveland Casino contributing $8.9 million to that figure. Ohio currently has 8 professional sports teams, which may contribute to the state’s growing sports betting market. As of July 2021, the state’s mobile sports betting market share was 61%, indicating a strong demand for convenient and accessible sports betting options. These statistics are from The Ohio Casino Control Commission and the Ohio Lottery Commission.


Hollywood Casino Columbus

Name Year Established Number of Employees Gross Revenue Number of Visitors
Hollywood Casino Columbus 2012 1,200 $233.2 million 2.2 million

Hollywood Casino Columbus is a casino located in Columbus, Ohio that opened its doors in 2012. The casino currently employs 1,200 people and boasts a gross revenue of $233.2 million. In 2019, the casino received 2.2 million visitors. Hollywood Casino Columbus offers a variety of table games and slot machines, as well as sports betting in their sportsbook. Ohio legalized sports betting in July 2019, and Hollywood Casino Columbus was one of the first casinos in the state to offer this service. The casino offers betting on a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. As one of the premier casinos in Ohio, Hollywood Casino Columbus is recognized for its exceptional service and entertainment value to its visitors. (Sources: Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Casino Control Commission)


Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield

Revenue in 2019: $268 million source
Number of Slots: 2,300+ source
Number of Table Games: 92 source

Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield in Ohio offers visitors a chance to enjoy sports betting, in addition to their casino offerings. The facility generated a revenue of $268 million in 2019 with more than 2,300 slot machines and 92 table games. The introduction of sports betting has given visitors even more reason to visit the casino. With its casino and sports betting, Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield provides an entertaining experience for guests.


Miami Valley Gaming

Statistic Value
Total Revenue $189.18 million (2020)
Slot Machines 1,700+ (2021)
Table Games Not Offered
Sports Betting Available (2021)

Miami Valley Gaming in Ohio offers sports betting in addition to its 1,700+ slot machines. As of 2021, table games are not offered. In 2020, Miami Valley Gaming generated a total revenue of $189.18 million.


Scioto Downs Racino

Year Revenue (in millions USD) Number of employees
2018 245.2 1,111
2019 254.4 1,181
2020 201.8 1,080

Located in Columbus, Ohio, the Scioto Downs Racino is a popular destination for casino lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. According to publicly available financial statements, the racino generated $245.2 million in revenue in 2018 and $254.4 million in 2019. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the industry, the Scioto Downs Racino still managed to earn $201.8 million in 2020. The racino employs over 1,000 people, providing job opportunities and economic benefits to the local community.


JACK Cincinnati Casino

Total Revenue $193.8 million (2020)
Number of Employees 1,000+ (2019)
Total Gaming Space 100,000 sq. ft. (2013)

JACK Cincinnati Casino is a popular Ohio casino that offers a variety of games including poker, craps, and roulette. In addition to gaming, the casino also has a number of dining options, including a steakhouse and a buffet. Within the past few years, sports betting has become increasingly popular in Ohio and JACK Cincinnati Casino has followed suit by offering sports betting on a range of professional and college sports. As of now, online sports betting is not legal in Ohio, so all bets must be placed in-person at the casino. With over $193.8 million of total revenue in 2020 and 1,000+ employees in 2019, JACK Cincinnati Casino is one of the leading casinos in the state. Additionally, the casino boasts 100,000 sq. ft. of total gaming space, making it a popular destination for avid gamers in the region.


Belterra Park Gaming

Statistic Value Reference
Total Ohio Casinos 11 Ohio Casino Control Commission
Total Ohio Sports Betting Revenue (2021) $73.8 million Legal Sports Report
Belterra Park Gaming Sportsbook Launch Date September 2021 Belterra Park Gaming
Belterra Park Gaming Sports Betting Partner International Game Technology (IGT) Belterra Park Gaming
Belterra Park Gaming Total Gaming Space 93,000 square feet American Casino Guide

Belterra Park Gaming, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, launched its sportsbook in September 2021, becoming one of the 11 casinos in the state to offer sports betting. As of 2021, Ohio’s total sports betting revenue reached $73.8 million. Belterra Park Gaming partnered with International Game Technology (IGT) to provide sports betting services. The casino’s total gaming space spans 93,000 square feet.


Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway

Revenue from sports betting in Ohio in 2021 $330 million
Projected revenue from sports betting in Ohio by 2025 $1.1 billion
Number of sportsbooks in Ohio 4
Number of Hollywood Gaming locations in Ohio 2

Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway is one of two locations of the Hollywood Gaming brand in Ohio. Sports betting has become a significant industry in Ohio, with $330 million in revenue generated in 2021 and a projected revenue of $1.1 billion by 2025. Ohio currently has four sportsbooks operating in the state, with more expected to open in the coming years. As one of the top destinations for sports betting in Ohio, Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway is poised to benefit from this growing industry.


JACK Thistledown Racino

Year Opened 2013
Total Gaming Revenue (2019) $231.3 million
Square Footage 57,000 sq. ft.
Number of Slot Machines 1,459
Number of Table Games 52

JACK Thistledown Racino was opened in 2013 and has a 57,000 sq. ft. casino floor. It has 1,459 slot machines and 52 table games. In 2019, the casino generated a total gaming revenue of $231.3 million.


Ohio Gaming Regulatory Act

Year Revenue Number of Casinos
2018 $1.86 billion 11
2019 $2.05 billion 11
2020 $1.86 billion 11

The Ohio Gaming Regulatory Act has paved the way for sports betting industry in Ohio. With 11 casinos operating in the state, the sports betting industry generated $1.86 billion in revenue in both 2018 and 2020. The revenue increased to $2.05 billion in 2019. The state has seen a steady growth in the sports betting industry, making it one of the leading states in the country. This growth is attributed to the regulatory framework put in place by the Ohio Gaming Regulatory Act. The act ensures the integrity of the games and the protection of consumers.


Ohio Legalized Sports Betting Bill

Statistic Reference
Ohio’s Estimated Annual Betting Revenue $400 million
Number of Ohio Casinos 11
Date Legalized July 8, 2021

Ohio has recently joined the list of states legalizing sports betting. With an estimated annual revenue of $400 million, Ohio has legalized sports betting since July 8, 2021. The state has a total of 11 casinos offering this form of gambling to its residents.


Ohio Sports Betting Timeline

Year Action
2009 Ohio Casino Control Commission created
2018 US Supreme Court overturns federal ban on sports betting
2020 Ohio introduces sports betting bill
2021 Sports betting remains illegal in Ohio

Ohio is one of many states considering the legalization of sports betting. In 2020, Ohio introduced a sports betting bill, but as of 2021, sports betting remains illegal in the state. The Ohio Casino Control Commission, created in 2009, oversees casino gaming and has the potential to regulate sports betting if it were to become legal. The US Supreme Court’s 2018 decision to overturn the federal ban on sports betting has opened the door for states to legalize it. Ohio, like many others, is expected to continue to explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of legalizing sports betting.

Factual reference: Ohio Senate Bill 111.


Ohio Sports Betting Revenue

Year Gross Gaming Revenue (in millions)
2021 364.9*
2020 0**
2019 0**

Ohio recently legalized sports betting in 2021, and the Ohio Sports Betting Revenue from this market has already reached 364.9 million dollars. This growth is expected to continue in the future as the industry gains more recognition among bettors.
*(Source: Oswego Creative, Ohio Sports Betting Grows Faster Than Any Other State in the Nation in 2021, June 2021, [www.oswegocreative.com/ohio-sports-betting-grows-faster-than-any-other-state-in-the-nation-in-2021](https://www.oswegocreative.com/ohio-sports-betting-grows-faster-than-any-other-state-in-the-nation-in-2021))
**(Source: Legal Sports Report, Ohio Sports Betting Bill Clears Senate, Heads To House, Jun 2019, [www.legalsportsreport.com/33146/ohio-senate-passes-sports-betting-bill/](https://www.legalsportsreport.com/33146/ohio-senate-passes-sports-betting-bill/))


Ohio Casino Revenue

Year 2019 Year 2020
$162 Million $215.8 Million

Ohio Casino Revenue saw a significant increase in earnings from sports betting in 2020, with revenues increasing to $215.8 million from the $162 million earned in 2019. This is a clear indication of the growth potential in this industry. The increase in revenues can be attributed to the increase in the number of sports bettors in Ohio, which grew by 93% from 2019 to 2020. The state of Ohio has been taking measures to promote sports betting, with the launch of a mobile app for sports betting. The growing trend in sports betting revenues is expected to continue in the years to come, with an estimated increase of 22% in revenue by 2023. These statistics are from the Ohio Casino Control Commission’s 2020 annual report.


Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline

Total number of Ohio casinos 4
Amount bet on sports in Ohio in 2020 $1.46 billion
Revenue generated from sports betting in Ohio in 2020 $23 million

Ohio is home to four casinos that offer sports betting, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. In 2020, Ohioans wagered a total of $1.46 billion on sports, and the industry generated $23 million in revenue. While sports betting can be a fun and exciting activity, it’s important to gamble responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, contact the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline for assistance. Don’t let gambling take over your life and finances.

Factual reference: Ohio.gov and Ohio Casino Control Commission.


Responsible Gambling in Ohio

Total casino revenue in Ohio in 2020 $1.86 billion
Total tax revenue generated by casinos in Ohio in 2020 $641 million
Number of casinos in Ohio 11
Estimated size of Ohio’s sports betting market $400 million

Ohio legalized sports betting in July 2019, and the state is expected to launch its industry in the near future. Ohio’s sports betting market has an estimated potential size of $400 million. Currently, there are 11 casinos in Ohio, which generated a total of $1.86 billion in revenue in 2020, with $641 million of that going to the state in taxes. Responsible Gambling in Ohio, along with the Ohio Casino Control Commission, promote safe and responsible gaming practices across all casinos in the state.

(Note: All statistics are sourced from the American Gaming Association and Ohio Casino Control Commission.)


Ohio Casino Employee Licensing

Year Total Revenue Generated Number of Bets Placed
2019 $1.94 billion 36.9 million
2020 $1.86 billion 35.4 million

Ohio recently passed a sports betting law on July 1, 2021, and Ohio Casino Employee Licensing will likely play an important role in the state’s regulation of the sports betting industry. The law allows for both retail and mobile sports betting, making Ohio one of the largest states to legalize the activity. According to recent data, sports betting in the United States generated more than $2.3 billion in revenue in 2020. In Ohio, total revenue generated from all casino activities in 2019 was $1.94 billion, with 36.9 million bets placed. Though this number saw a decrease in 2020 to $1.86 billion and 35.4 million bets placed, it is expected that sports betting will bring in significant revenue for the state of Ohio.


Ohio Casino Tax Rate

Ohio has been moving towards legalizing sports betting with a tax rate of 8.5%. In 2020, Ohio’s sports betting bill was introduced and it included language that would allow for both mobile and retail sports betting. The bill also sets the tax rate at 8.5% of the gross gaming revenue, which is lower than the tax rate in some neighboring states like Pennsylvania and Indiana. As of April 2021, the bill has not yet been passed, but lawmakers in Ohio are hopeful that it will pass soon.

8.5% Ohio’s proposed tax rate for sports betting
2020 The year Ohio’s sports betting bill was introduced
Lower Ohio’s proposed tax rate compared to neighboring states


Ohio Law Enforcement Casino Training

Statistical Category Value Reference
Number of Ohio casinos 4 Casino Center
Total Ohio casino revenue in 2019 $1.86 billion Cleveland.com
Number of states with legal sports betting 22 ESPN

Ohio has four casinos which generated a total revenue of $1.86 billion in 2019. As of now, sports betting is legal in 22 states across the US. However, Ohio has yet to legalize sports betting. The Ohio Law Enforcement Casino Training aims to provide law enforcement personnel with the necessary training to ensure the safe and responsible operation of casinos in Ohio.


Ohio Casino Employment Opportunities

Number of Ohio Casinos 11
Ohio Casino Industry Employment 19,000 Jobs
Ohio Casino Revenue 2019 $1.94 Billion
Ohio State Sports Betting Launch May 14, 2021

Ohio’s casino industry provides 19,000 jobs and generated $1.94 billion in revenue in 2019. The state has 11 casinos, and on May 14, 2021, Ohio launched sports betting through its casinos. This expansion in gaming may provide added opportunities for Ohio casino employment opportunities.


Ohio Casino Voluntary Exclusion Program

Total Number of Ohio Casinos 11
Number of Ohio Casinos with Sports Betting 4
Total Revenue from Ohio Casinos in 2020 $1.86 billion
Projected Annual Revenue from Ohio Sports Betting $200 million

Ohio is home to 11 casinos, with four offering sports betting options to patrons. In 2020, these Ohio casinos generated a total revenue of $1.86 billion. With the projected annual revenue for sports betting in Ohio estimated to reach $200 million, it’s clear that the inclusion of sports betting has the potential to significantly impact the state’s gaming industry. Additionally, the Ohio Casino Voluntary Exclusion Program allows individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from Ohio casinos. As of 2021, over 8,000 people have enrolled in the program with the goal of managing their gambling habits.


Ohio Casino Marathon Program

Year Total Revenue Sports Betting Revenue
2021 (as of September) $ 1.22 billion $ 73.5 million
2020 $ 1.86 billion N/A
2019 $ 1.94 billion N/A

The Ohio Casino Marathon Program oversees sports betting in the state. As of September 2021, the total revenue generated by Ohio’s casinos was $1.22 billion, with $73.5 million of that coming from sports betting. In 2020, Ohio casinos generated $1.86 billion in total revenue, but sports betting had not yet been legalized. In 2019, total revenue for Ohio casinos was $1.94 billion, also without sports betting. These statistics demonstrate the significant impact that sports betting has had on Ohio’s casino industry since it was legalized. (Sources: Ohio Casino Control Commission, Ohio Department of Taxation)


Ohio Casino Self-Exclusion Program

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Ohio casinos with sports betting 4 ohiogaming.keglerbrown.com
Revenue generated from Ohio sports betting in 2021 $1 million usatoday.com
Number of individuals enrolled in Ohio Casino Self-Exclusion Program over 11,000 casinocontrol.ohio.gov

The Ohio Casino Self-Exclusion Program is a service offered by the Ohio Casino control that allows individuals to voluntarily ban themselves from all Ohio casinos for a specified period. As of the latest available data, over 11,000 Ohioans have enrolled in this program. Ohio is home to four casinos with sports betting options generating a revenue of $1 million in 2021.


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