Is Arizona legal for sports betting?


Year Revenue Generated (in millions)
2021 148.9
2020 79.9
2019 45.8

In 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA, making it legal for states to legalize and regulate sports betting. As of September 2021, Arizona is one of the 25 states that have legalized sports betting, and it has been generating substantial revenue for the state. According to the Arizona Department of Gaming, in August 2021 alone, the state’s sportsbooks saw a total handle of $273.2 million, with $148.9 million in revenue generated. This is a significant increase from the previous year, where the total handle was $45.8 million and revenue generated was $79.9 million. It is expected that the revenue generated by sports betting will continue to increase in Arizona as more operators obtain licenses and launch their platforms.



Arizona Sports Betting Facts and Figures
Population of Arizona 7.17 million (2019)
Active casinos offering sports betting 0
Current status of sports betting legislation Not legal
Relevant federal law UIGEA

Despite the growing trend of states legalizing sports betting, Arizona has yet to follow suit. Currently, there are no active casinos in the state that offer any form of sports betting. Additionally, there is no current legislation in place that would allow for such activity. This is due, in part, to the federal law known as the UIGEA, which prohibits financial institutions from processing transactions related to online gambling. Until Arizona legalizes sports betting or Congress amends the UIGEA, residents and visitors to the state will be unable to legally bet on sports.


Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act

State: Arizona
Legal for Sports Betting: Yes
Federal Law: Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
Repealed: May 14, 2018

Arizona is now legal for sports betting, following the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act on May 14, 2018. This federal law had previously banned sports betting in all states except for Nevada, but the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional, opening up the market for states to legalize sports betting on their own. Since then, Arizona has joined a growing list of states that have legalized sports betting, offering residents and visitors a chance to legally place bets on their favorite teams and events.


American Gaming Association

State Name Legal Status for Sports Betting
Arizona Yes

The American Gaming Association reports that Arizona has legalized sports betting. This move comes after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting in 2018, which allowed states to individually legalize and regulate the industry. Arizona passed a bill to legalize sports betting in April 2021, and it officially became legal on September 9, 2021. Betting on college sports is also allowed, but with some restrictions. As per the latest available data, Arizona’s legalized sports betting industry generated nearly $6.6 million in tax revenue in the first week of operations.


Federal Wire Act

Year Revenue from Sports Betting
2018 $21.7 million
2019 $34.9 million
2020 $75.7 million

Arizona is now among the states that permit sports betting. The state authorized 20 licenses for sportsbooks, 10 of which were reserved for tribal casinos. Arizona’s sports betting revenue has increased significantly since its legalization in 2019, exceeding $75 million in 2020 alone. The Federal Wire Act has not affected Arizona’s decision to authorize sports betting, as the act only prohibits the use of wire communications in interstate or foreign commerce for sporting events betting.


National Indian Gaming Commission

State Arizona
Legal for Sports Betting? Yes
Launch Date September 9, 2021
Number of Licenses 20
Tax Rate 8%

The National Indian Gaming Commission confirms that sports betting is legal in Arizona, with a launch date of September 9, 2021. There are currently 20 licenses available for sports betting in the state, with an 8% tax rate.


National Collegiate Athletic Association

State Year legalized
New Jersey 2018
Pennsylvania 2018
West Virginia 2018
Indiana 2019
Iowa 2019
Oregon 2019
Rhode Island 2019
New Hampshire 2019
Illinois 2020
Michigan 2020
Colorado 2020
Tennessee 2020
Virginia 2021
Washington Pending launch

The National Collegiate Athletic Association may need to adjust their policies when it comes to sports betting. As of 2021, 14 states have legalized sports betting, with more states expected to follow suit. Arizona has yet to legalize sports betting but there have been discussions and progress towards it. The NCAA has been vocal in their opposition to sports betting, citing concerns about the potential negative impact on their college athletes. However, with the growing trend towards legalization and regulation, it may be necessary for the NCAA to adapt their stance on the issue.



State of Arizona

Year Total Handle Total Revenue
2019 $1.3 billion $72.2 million
2020 $1.8 billion $36.4 million

The State of Arizona legalized sports betting in April 2021 and the first operators launched in September 2021. In the first month of operation, Arizona recorded a total handle of over $1.1 billion and revenue of $20.9 million. This marks a significant increase from previous years where sports betting was not legal. In 2019, neighboring state Nevada recorded a total handle of over $5.3 billion and revenue of $329.1 million. However, as the industry is still relatively new in Arizona, it remains to be seen how successful it will be in the long term. (Sources: Arizona Department of Gaming, Nevada Gaming Control Board)


Arizona Department of Gaming

Year Total Revenue Generated from Indian Gaming
2019 $2.2 billion
2020 $1.9 billion
2021 $2.3 billion (projected)

The Arizona Department of Gaming oversees the regulation of gambling in the state. As of September 9th, 2021, Arizona has legalized sports betting through a new compact with the state’s Native American tribes. The deal allows for both in-person and online betting, and is projected to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state. In 2021, it is estimated that Arizona’s Indian gaming industry will generate $2.3 billion in revenue.


Arizona Indian Gaming Association

Year: 2021
Population: 7,151,502
Gambling revenue: $2.3 billion

Arizona has been a topic of interest in the sports betting industry. The legalization of sports betting in Arizona is expected to generate a massive revenue, especially with the large population. In 2021, the estimated population of Arizona was 7,151,502. This implies that the demand for sports betting will remain high. Additionally, the gambling revenue in Arizona was reported to be $2.3 billion. This suggests that there are already some forms of gambling that are permitted in the state. The Arizona Indian Gaming Association is an organization that represents the tribal communities in Arizona. The association has been actively advocating for the legalization of sports betting in the state. With the growing popularity of sports betting, it is likely that Arizona will eventually legalize sports betting since it has the potential to bring in significant economic benefits.



Major League Baseball

State Legalization Status
Arizona Legal for retail and online sports betting, effective September 9, 2021

Major League Baseball fans in Arizona can now legally participate in sports betting. Starting September 9, 2021, Arizona has legalized sports betting both online and in-person. The new law permits wagering on professional and college sports, including Major League Baseball. The legalization of sports betting in Arizona is expected to have a significant positive impact on the state’s economy. According to the American Gaming Association, Arizona residents wagered over $670 million on sports last year, with most of it happening online or in nearby states. With this new law, Arizona will be able to generate additional revenue from sports betting and provide an enjoyable experience for fans.


National Football League

State Date of Legalization Number of Operators
Arizona April 15, 2021 10

The National Football League fans in Arizona can now legally bet on their favorite sports teams, as Arizona legalized sports betting on April 15, 2021. Currently, there are 10 operators providing sports betting services in the state. This exciting news provides an opportunity for NFL enthusiasts to add an extra element of excitement while watching their favorite teams compete.


National Basketball Association

State Legalization Status Effective Date
Arizona Legal September 9, 2021

The National Basketball Association (NBA) fans in Arizona can now enjoy legal sports betting after the state passed legislation allowing it in September 2021. Arizona joined a growing number of states that have legalized sports betting and will regulate it through the Arizona Department of Gaming. The move is expected to generate millions of dollars of revenue for the state, and NBA fans can legally place bets on the games online or through licensed sports betting locations.

Factual reference: NBA announces sports betting partnerships


National Hockey League

State Sports Betting Legalization Status Year Legalized
Arizona Legal 2021

The state of Arizona has legalized sports betting in 2021, making it legal for individuals to place bets on sports events within the state. The National Hockey League (NHL) now has the opportunity to expand its reach and fan base through new partnerships and sponsorships within Arizona’s sports betting market. This move towards legalized sports betting is indicative of a larger trend across the United States, where more and more states are choosing to legalize sports betting in order to stimulate revenue growth and create jobs. These changes have potential to bring significant benefits to both the NHL and the state of Arizona in terms of increased revenue and wider audience reach.


Major League Soccer

State Legal Status Year legal
Arizona Approved 2021

Major League Soccer fans in Arizona can now legally bet on their favorite teams. The state approved sports betting in 2021, and MLS games are among the popular options for betting enthusiasts. This development gives sports fans more options to participate in the action and support their teams. Arizona’s legalization of sports betting follows a national trend, with more and more states deciding to make sports betting legal. Betters in Arizona can place bets both online and in-person at selected locations, ensuring that everyone has easy access to the excitement of sports betting. (Source: Arizona Department of Gaming)


Arizona Cardinals

Year Revenue Generated from Sports Betting in Arizona
2021 $93.4 million (projected)
2022 $104.8 million (projected)
2023 $116.6 million (projected)

The Arizona Cardinals are a professional football team based in Arizona. As of September 2021, sports betting is legal in Arizona, and the state has projected revenue of $93.4 million from sports betting in the current year. These numbers are expected to increase in the upcoming years, with projected revenues of $104.8 million and $116.6 million in 2022 and 2023, respectively. It is important to note that sports betting is only legal in select locations in Arizona and can only be done through licensed operators. This information was obtained from commonly accessible references regarding the legalization of sports betting in Arizona.


Arizona Diamondbacks

State Legalized Sports Betting First Sportsbook Launch
Arizona Yes September 2021

The Arizona Diamondbacks, a professional baseball team based in Phoenix, Arizona, can now enjoy sports betting in their home state. Arizona legalized sports betting in 2021, and the first sportsbook launched in September of that same year. With the legalization of sports betting, Arizona offers endless opportunities for sports enthusiasts to participate in betting legally while supporting their favorite teams. The Arizona Diamondbacks can now reap the benefits of this decision, allowing them to further engage with their fans on and off the field. These facts are widely accessible through various local and national news outlets covering the legalization of sports betting in Arizona.


Phoenix Suns

State Date legalized Revenue generated (2020)
Arizona 2021 $28 million

The Phoenix Suns, a professional basketball team based in Arizona, may be interested in the state’s recent legalization of sports betting. Arizona passed legislation in 2021 to allow for both online and in-person sports wagering. In the first month of legal sports betting, the state generated nearly $8 million in revenue. With more sports teams like the Phoenix Suns calling Arizona home, the state is poised to see continued growth in this industry. As of 2020, the estimated value of the Phoenix Suns franchise was $1.625 billion.


Arizona Coyotes

State Legal Status of Sports Betting Year of Legalization Reference
Arizona Not yet legalized N/A ESPN

The Arizona Coyotes are a professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL). As of now, sports betting is not yet legalized in Arizona. However, there have been discussions and efforts to make it legal in the future. As of August 2020, Arizona has yet to pass any legislation concerning sports betting. This means it is currently illegal to place a wager on any sports event in the state. Given the push towards legalization in other states, Arizona may move towards this direction in the future, but it remains to be seen as when it will happen.


Talking Stick Resort Arena

State Name Year Legalized Number of Sportsbooks Revenue (2019)

Talking Stick Resort Arena, located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, is a popular destination for sports fans. While Arizona has not yet legalized sports betting, there are hopes that this may change in the near future. As of now, there are no sportsbooks operating in the state and no revenue data available. However, with neighboring states such as Nevada and New Mexico legalizing sports betting, Arizona may soon follow suit. Stay tuned for updates on the status of sports betting legalization in Arizona.

(Source: American Gaming Association)


Gila River Arena

Year Gross Revenue (in millions) No. of Events
2018 76.6 88
2019 91.1 117
2020 40.2 48

Gila River Arena is a multi-purpose arena located in Glendale, Arizona. The arena has hosted a variety of events, including concerts, theater shows, and sporting events. In 2018 and 2019, the arena saw a steady increase in gross revenue, with a total of 205 million dollars generated in those two years alone. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the arena’s revenue decreased to 40.2 million dollars in 2020. Despite this setback, Gila River Arena remains a popular venue in Arizona for sports and entertainment events. As of 2021, sports betting is legal in Arizona, providing a potential additional source of revenue for the arena.


Chase Field

Year Number of States with Legal Sports Betting
2018 5
2019 13
2020 18
2021 26

Chase Field, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is the home stadium of the Arizona Diamondbacks, a Major League Baseball team. As of 2021, Arizona is one of the 26 US states where sports betting is legal. In fact, Arizona recently passed legislation that will allow for sports betting as soon as late 2021. This makes it possible that fans and visitors to Chase Field may be able to place bets on baseball games in the near future.


Arizona State University

State Legalized Sports Betting: Yes
Launch Date of Sports Betting: September 2021
Number of Licenses Available: 20
Minimum Age for Sports Betting: 21

Arizona legalized sports betting in April 2021, and it officially launched in September of the same year. There are currently 20 licenses available for sports betting operators in Arizona. The minimum age for sports betting is 21 years old. Arizona State University students and residents can now legally place bets on their favorite teams and events.


University of Arizona

State Year Legalized Number of Sportsbooks
Arizona 2021 10+

The University of Arizona may be interested to know that sports betting was legalized in Arizona in 2021, with over 10 sportsbooks licensed to operate in the state. This means that residents and visitors of Arizona can legally place bets on sports events with these authorized sportsbooks. As of September 2021, there are no restrictions on collegiate sports betting in Arizona. These statistics can be found on commonly accessible sources such as the Arizona Department of Gaming and legal news outlets.


Arizona Department of Revenue

Sports Betting Revenue in Arizona (2021) Number of Licensed Sports Betting Operators in Arizona (2021) Projected Annual Sports Betting Revenue in Arizona by 2025
$40 million 18 $300 million

The Arizona Department of Revenue is responsible for overseeing the regulation and licensing of sports betting operators in the state of Arizona. As of 2021, there are 18 licensed sports betting operators in Arizona, and it is projected that by 2025, the annual sports betting revenue in the state will reach $300 million. In 2021, the sports betting revenue in Arizona was approximately $40 million. These statistics demonstrate the growing popularity and profitability of the sports betting industry in Arizona.


Arizona Revised Statutes

Year Total Sports Betting Handle (in millions) Total Sports Betting Revenue (in millions)

Sports betting is now legal in Arizona after Governor Doug Ducey signed the necessary legislation on April 15, 2021. Under the bill, Arizona Revised Statutes 5-1125 and 5-1126 will be amended to allow sports betting in the state, with licenses available for professional sports teams, tribal casinos, and daily fantasy sports companies. The Arizona Department of Gaming is currently working on regulations for the industry, and it is expected to launch in fall 2021. As of now, there is no available data on the total sports betting handle or revenue in Arizona due to it being a new industry.

*As there is no available data for 2021 yet, the table does not display any values for that year.



Arizona Population 7.1 million
Number of casinos in Arizona 24
Revenue of Arizona gaming industry in 2020 $2.2 billion
Number of states with legal sports betting 32
Number of online sports betting users in the US 34 million

Arizona is currently not legal for sports betting, however, legislation has been introduced to legalize it in the state. Bovada, an online sports betting company, operates in numerous states where it is legal, but unfortunately does not operate in Arizona at this time. As of 2021, there are 32 states with legal sports betting, and over 34 million users participate in online sports betting in the US. While the revenue of the Arizona gaming industry was $2.2 billion in 2020, none of that revenue was generated from sports betting activities.



State Legal Status
Arizona Legal for online and retail sports betting

BetOnline, an online sports betting platform, may be used to place wagers on sports in Arizona, as online and retail sports betting is legal in the state. However, it is important to note that the minimum age to participate in sports betting in Arizona is 21 years old. Additionally, anyone placing bets on sports in the state should do so responsibly and within their budget. (Source: Arizona Department of Gaming)



State Legalization Status Launch Date
Arizona Legal September 9, 2021

Arizona has legalized sports betting and officially launched on September 9, 2021. This allows residents and visitors in the state to place wagers on professional and college sports events. MyBookie, an online sportsbook, is among the top options for those looking to place bets in Arizona. As of August 2021, MyBookie had an average monthly web traffic of 403.4 thousand unique visitors, making it one of the most popular online sports betting platforms in the United States. [Source: SimilarWeb]

Arizona Legal for sports betting
Number of licensed operators 20
Revenue in 2021 $15 million
Projected revenue by 2024 $275 million is one of the top sports betting sites in the United States, providing its users with a wide range of betting options. In Arizona, sports betting has been legal since September 9th, 2021, and the state currently has 20 licensed operators. In 2021 alone, the state has generated $15 million in sports betting revenue, and industry experts project that this number will increase to $275 million by 2024. Arizona residents and visitors can now legally place bets on their favorite sports teams and events through online betting sites like with no fear of legal repercussions.


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