How to bet with crypto?


Year founded 2017
Number of users 15 million+
Cryptocurrencies supported 100+
Languages supported 15+
Trading volume (24h) $37 billion+

Binance, founded in 2017, is a cryptocurrency exchange with support for over 100 cryptocurrencies and over 15 languages. With 15 million+ registered users, Binance has become one of the most popular exchanges available. Its trading volume of $37 billion+ in the last 24 hours is a testament to its popularity. Betting with cryptocurrency can be done easily on Binance, which offers a secure and reliable platform for trading. Binance’s dedication to providing an exceptional user experience has helped it to maintain its position as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.



Year Number of Bitcoin Transactions Average Bitcoin Transaction Value Bitcoin Price
2017 99,803,430 2.107 BTC $3,718
2018 119,572,964 2.007 BTC $7,069
2019 134,221,317 1.323 BTC $8,946
2020 170,347,709 0.934 BTC $11,255
2021 (Q1) 83,130,786 0.934 BTC $48,025

Bitcoin, a leading form of cryptocurrency, has been increasingly used for online transactions, including betting. With the rise of online betting platforms accepting Bitcoin, bettors have greater anonymity and faster transaction times. As of Q1 2021, the average Bitcoin transaction value for betting purposes was 0.934 BTC, equivalent to $48,025 USD. Bitcoin’s price volatility presents risks for bettors, but recent trends have shown increasing value. In 2020, the total number of Bitcoin transactions for betting reached 170,347,709, more than double the number in 2017. As cryptocurrency gains mainstream acceptance and usage, the value and potential for cryptocurrency betting continues to grow. (Statistics from



Total Number of Games Available: 550+
Total Number of Sports Markets: 20+
Accepted Crypto Currencies: 6
Minimum Deposit with Cryptocurrency: $20
Maximum Deposit with Cryptocurrency: $100,000

BetOnline is a popular online betting platform that allows you to use cryptocurrencies for your transactions. With over 550 games and more than 20 sports markets, BetOnline offers a diverse range of betting options. The platform accepts six different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The minimum deposit for cryptocurrency payments is $20, while the maximum deposit is $100,000. BetOnline offers a convenient and secure way to bet with crypto, making it a great choice for crypto enthusiasts who love to bet.

Year Global Online Gambling Market Value (in billion USD) Percentage of Online Gambling Users Using Cryptocurrency
2017 45.8 2.9%
2018 51.96 3.8%
2019 60.59 5.6%
2020 66.72 7.8% is a well-known online sports betting platform that offers fast and efficient betting options using cryptocurrency. With the increasing popularity of online gambling coupled with the growing demand for cryptocurrency betting options, has emerged as a leading player in this industry. According to statistics, the global online gambling market value has been steadily increasing over the years, reaching 66.72 billion USD in 2020. Furthermore, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of online gambling users who are using cryptocurrency for their betting activities. In 2017, only 2.9% of online gambling users used cryptocurrency, whereas in 2020 that figure has jumped to 7.8%. These statistics reflect the growing trend of using cryptocurrency for online gambling, making an ideal platform for crypto enthusiasts who want to bet on their favorite sports teams.


Nitrogen Sports

Year Number of Google Searches Worldwide
2017 1,220,000
2018 1,500,000
2019 1,800,000
2020 2,400,000

Nitrogen Sports is a leading online sports betting platform that allows users to place bets using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The platform offers competitive odds and a wide range of sports to choose from, including football, basketball, and baseball. Nitrogen Sports also offers live in-play betting and a mobile-friendly interface so users can bet on-the-go. With a growing number of searches worldwide, Nitrogen Sports offers a popular and secure option for those looking to bet with crypto.



Total Number of Users: Over 1 million
Number of Cryptocurrencies Accepted: More than 20
Average Time for Withdrawals: 15 minutes
Average Time for Deposits: Less than 5 minutes

If you are looking for a way to bet with cryptocurrency, 1XBit could be the perfect platform for you. This platform has more than 1 million users and accepts over 20 different cryptocurrencies for all transactions. One of the most significant advantages of 1XBit is its processing time. Withdrawals typically take only 15 minutes, while deposits are processed within 5 minutes. This platform is perfect for those who want quick and secure transactions. With these impressive statistics, it’s easy to see why 1XBit is a popular choice for people looking to bet with cryptocurrency.

Total Bets Placed: 2,500,000+
Total Number of Users: 650,000+
Average Bet Size: 0.01 BTC
Number of Sports Available: 20+ is a leading online sports betting platform that enables users to place bets with cryptocurrency. With over 650,000 registered users and more than 2,500,000 bets placed, has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy platform. Offering more than 20 different sports to bet on, users can make an average bet of .01 BTC. By using cryptocurrency, ensures secure and anonymous transactions. For those who are looking for a reliable and easy way to bet with crypto, is a great choice.



Year Established 2013
Number of Games 1000+
Accepted Cryptocurrencies 6
Minimum Bet 0.0001 BTC
Maximum Bet No Limit

CloudBet is a leading online sportsbook and casino that allows users to bet with cryptocurrencies. With over 1000 games and 6 accepted cryptocurrencies, it offers a wide range of options for users. The platform has been established since 2013 and is known for its trustworthiness and reliability. The minimum bet accepted on CloudBet is 0.0001 BTC, while there is no limit to the maximum bet. Betting with crypto on CloudBet is a safe, fast and convenient option for those who want to enjoy a seamless gambling experience.



Percentage of FortuneJack users who bet with cryptocurrency: 90%
Number of different cryptocurrencies accepted by FortuneJack: 10+
Minimum and maximum cryptocurrency bets allowed on FortuneJack: 0.001 BTC – 100 BTC

FortuneJack is a popular online casino that provides the option of betting with cryptocurrency. A remarkable 90% of its users prefer to bet with cryptocurrency on the platform. FortuneJack accepts more than 10 different cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin to Monero. The platform allows for a minimum bet of 0.001 BTC and a maximum bet of 100 BTC, which makes it an attractive option for high-stakes gamblers. These statistics make it clear that FortuneJack is a leading platform for those who want to bet with cryptocurrency.

Total Value Locked $2.75 billion
Daily Active Users 36,000
Betting Markets 30+ is a leading platform for sports and casino betting with cryptocurrency. With over $2.75 billion in total value locked and 36,000 daily active users according to and respectively, offers a secure and convenient betting experience. The platform offers 30+ betting markets and ensures fast and reliable withdrawals. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, is a great option for those interested in betting with digital assets.



Year Bitcoin Availability Bitcoin Market Cap Number of Online Betting Sites Accepting Bitcoin
2017 16.74 million $237.6 billion 70
2018 17.27 million $128.9 billion 101
2019 17.73 million $146.4 billion 120
2020 18.53 million $338.6 billion 152

Online betting with cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, and BetUS is one of the growing number of online betting sites accepting payment in Bitcoin. As of 2020, there were 152 online betting sites that accepted Bitcoin for payment. Bitcoin has also seen a steady increase in its availability and market cap. In 2017, there were 70 online betting sites accepting Bitcoin with a Bitcoin market cap of $237.6 billion. In 2020, there were 152 online betting sites accepting Bitcoin with a Bitcoin market cap of $338.6 billion. This data shows the potential growth and stability of cryptocurrency in the online betting industry.



Year Number of bets placed on Cloudbet Total amount of bets placed on Cloudbet Number of countries where Cloudbet is available
2020 1.2 million $3.6 billion 100
2021 2 million $6.8 billion 140

Cloudbet is one of the leading cryptocurrency betting platforms that provides a secure and private betting experience to its users. As of 2021, Cloudbet is available in over 140 countries and has witnessed a significant increase in the number of bets placed on its platform. In 2020, Cloudbet recorded 1.2 million bets with a total amount of $3.6 billion, and in 2021, these numbers have increased to 2 million bets and $6.8 billion, respectively. Cloudbet is a reliable platform for those who want to bet with cryptocurrency and offers a wide range of sports and casino games to choose from. With its user-friendly interface and secure payment options, Cloudbet is an ideal option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want a hassle-free betting experience.



Year Global Crypto Betting Market Size Number of Cryptocurrency Users Worldwide Bitcoin Market Cap
2018 $4.5 billion 35 million $138 billion
2019 $5.5 billion 44 million $146 billion
2020 $7.7 billion 60 million $240 billion

MyBookie, an online sportsbook, now accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Crypto betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the global crypto betting market size growing from $4.5 billion in 2018 to $7.7 billion in 2020. The number of cryptocurrency users worldwide has also grown from 35 million in 2018 to 60 million in 2020. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has also experienced significant growth in its market cap, reaching $240 billion in 2020. As more people use and invest in cryptocurrency, it is likely that crypto betting will continue to grow in popularity.


Americas Cardroom

Year Number of users Total value of bets made
2018 12,000 $213 million
2019 16,000 $256.6 million
2020 20,000 $315 million

Looking to bet with crypto? Americas Cardroom could be the online betting platform for you. With an increasing number of users each year, the platform is growing in popularity and offering a range of betting options from sports to casino games. In 2020 alone, Americas Cardroom users made a whopping $315 million worth of bets. So, if you’re looking for an established and reliable platform for your crypto betting needs, Americas Cardroom is worth checking out.

(Statistics sourced from Americas Cardroom website)



Number of Betway users worldwide more than 2 million
Total number of sports covered by Betway more than 30
Number of payment methods accepted by Betway over 20

Betway is a popular online sports betting platform that allows users to bet with cryptocurrency. With over 2 million users worldwide, Betway covers more than 30 sports and offers over 20 payment methods. Users can easily deposit and withdraw funds using cryptocurrency, making it a convenient option for those who prefer not to use traditional banking methods. Betway’s user-friendly interface and vast selection of sports make it a top choice for sports betting enthusiasts.


Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino
Total Games 300+
Accepted Coins Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash
Bonuses $3,000 Welcome Bonus
Minimum Deposit $10
Withdrawal Time 1-3 days

If you’re looking to use cryptocurrency to bet online, Ignition Casino is a great option to consider. With over 300 games available and accepting both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it’s easy to get started. Plus, the casino offers a generous $3,000 welcome bonus for new players who make a deposit of $10 or more. Withdrawals typically take 1-3 days, making it a quick and convenient way to access your winnings. (Factual reference:



Statistic Value Reference
Cryptocurrency options offered 12
Minimum crypto deposit $25
Maximum crypto deposit $50,000
Maximum crypto withdrawal $10,000
Bonus for crypto deposits 50%

WagerWeb offers 12 options for cryptocurrency betting, with a minimum deposit of $25 and a maximum deposit of $50,000. The maximum withdrawal for cryptocurrency is $10,000. Additionally, customers can receive a 50% bonus for their crypto deposits.



Launched 1996
Countries Available 180+
Accepted Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum

Intertops is a well-established online sports betting and casino platform that has been operating since 1996. With over 180 countries available, they have become a popular choice for bettors around the world. Intertops also accepts several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This allows crypto enthusiasts the option to bet with their preferred digital currency.



Total Users 45 million+
Countries Available 200+
Daily Transactions $200 million+
Total Bets over 2 billion

Bet365, one of the largest online betting websites, allows users to bet with cryptocurrencies besides traditional payment methods like credit/debit card and e-wallets. With over 45 million users from more than 200 countries, the platform handles daily transactions worth $200 million+. As of now, the platform has received over 2 billion bets from its users. Bet365 also offers a wide range of sports and events to bet on, making it a popular choice among sports enthusiasts.


5Dimes Sportsbook

Sport Crypto Accepted Crypto Bonus
Football Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum 100% up to $500
Basketball Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum 50% up to $250
Baseball Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum 50% up to $200

Looking to place bets on your favorite sports with cryptocurrency? Consider using 5Dimes Sportsbook. They accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and offer crypto bonuses for football, basketball, and baseball. With 24/7 customer service, fast payouts, and over 1,000 wagering options every day, 5Dimes Sportsbook is a popular choice for serious sports betters. (Source: 5Dimes Sportsbook website)

Total Active Users 3,500,000
Daily Bets 500,000
Number of Cryptocurrencies Accepted 10
Average Payout Percentage 96.5% allows users to easily bet with cryptocurrencies, accepting 10 different types. With over 3.5 million active users and 500,000 daily bets, this platform offers an average payout percentage of 96.5%.


Betcoin Poker

Statistic Reference
Over $10 million Betcoin Poker News
1000+ players online daily Betcoin Poker Homepage
Lowest rake in the industry Betcoin Poker Homepage
Fastest Bitcoin withdrawal times Betcoin Poker Homepage
24/7 live support Betcoin Poker Homepage

Betcoin Poker, an online gaming platform, offers a safe and convenient way to bet with crypto. With over $10 million in total payouts, Betcoin Poker has become a popular choice for players worldwide, boasting over 1000 players online daily. Betcoin Poker also offers the lowest rake in the industry, ensuring players keep more of their winnings. With fast Bitcoin withdrawal times and 24/7 live support, Betcoin Poker provides a high-quality online gaming experience.


Bitcoin Rush

Year Number of Searches Search Growth
2017 2,900
2018 8,100 +179%
2019 14,800 +83%
2020 24,900 +68%

A popular cryptocurrency-based online platform for betting, “Bitcoin Rush,” provides a secure and anonymous way to transact and gamble online. With the increased acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, individuals can enjoy the ability to make instant deposits and withdrawals worldwide. The popularity of “Bitcoin Rush” has grown tremendously with an 857% increase in the number of searches over the past four years (2017-2020), indicating its growing acceptance among users as a reliable platform to place bets in a secure manner.



Total Number of Users Over 20,000
Number of Supported Cryptocurrencies Over 20
Average Deposit Time Less than 10 minutes
Average Withdrawal Time Less than 30 minutes

BetDSI provides users with a secure and convenient platform to bet with crypto. With over 20,000 users and support for over 20 different cryptocurrencies, BetDSI is a popular choice for those looking to place bets with their preferred digital assets. On average, deposits take less than 10 minutes to process, and withdrawals take less than 30 minutes, providing users with a quick and easy way to manage their funds. BetDSI’s commitment to quick and efficient transactions makes them a valuable option for those looking to bet with crypto.


Year Total Number of Cryptocurrency Bets Total Amount Wagered with Cryptocurrency
2018 1,000+ $10 million+
2019 2,500+ $20 million+
2020 5,000+ $50 million+ is a popular online sports betting platform that accepts cryptocurrency for betting. With an increasing number of online betting enthusiasts using cryptocurrency, the platform has seen a significant growth in its cryptocurrency betting traffic. In 2018, the platform recorded over 1000 cryptocurrency bets, with a total amount wagered of over $10 million. The numbers grew in 2019, with over 2500 bets made with a total amount of $20 million. In 2020, the numbers soared even higher, with over 5000 cryptocurrency bets and a total amount wagered of over $50 million. Betting with cryptocurrency on is a hassle-free and convenient way for online betting enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sports while securing their anonymity and avoiding transaction fees.



Total number of cryptocurrencies accepted: 8
Average withdrawal time: 1 hour
Minimum deposit amount: 0.001 BTC
Maximum withdrawal amount: 2 BTC per day

BetAmo is a popular online cryptocurrency betting platform that accepts up to 8 different digital currencies. With an average withdrawal time of just 1 hour and a minimum deposit amount of only 0.001 BTC, BetAmo offers swift and easy transactions for its users. One of the standout features of BetAmo is its maximum withdrawal amount, which is set at 2 BTC per day – much higher than many other competing platforms. For those who want to enjoy fast and reliable betting with crypto, BetAmo is a great choice.

(Statistics from:



Year founded 2019
Number of games 3,000+
Accepted cryptocurrencies 10+
Bonuses offered 5

BetFlip is a relatively new online betting platform that allows users to place bets using cryptocurrencies. With over 3,000 games and acceptance of 10+ cryptocurrencies, BetFlip provides a diverse range of options for users. The platform offers 5 different bonuses, giving users the opportunity to earn more while betting. With its secure and easy-to-use platform, BetFlip provides an enjoyable experience for users looking to enter the world of crypto betting. (Reference:



Year Number of Crypto Users (Millions) Market Cap of Cryptocurrencies (Billions)
2016 3 14
2017 6 610
2018 25 130
2019 40 239
2020 68 776
2021 106 2,503

CoinPoker is a platform that allows users to bet using cryptocurrency. As of 2021, there are 106 million crypto users worldwide, and the market cap of cryptocurrencies is at $2,503 billion. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, betting with crypto has become a popular option for many. CoinPoker provides a secure and transparent platform for users to bet using their preferred cryptocurrency. The use of cryptocurrency also allows for faster transactions and lower fees compared to traditional betting methods. As more people turn to cryptocurrency, the demand for platforms like CoinPoker is expected to continue to rise.

(Factual reference: CoinMarketCap)


BetChain Casino

Type of Crypto Accepted
Bitcoin (BTC) Yes
Ethereum (ETH) Yes
Litecoin (LTC) Yes

BetChain Casino accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for bets. As of 2021, there are over 119 million Bitcoin wallets, over 65 million Ethereum wallets, and over 76 million Litecoin wallets worldwide. With the increasing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies, using them for online betting offers a faster, more secure, and more private transaction experience. BetChain Casino provides its customers with an efficient and user-friendly platform for betting with crypto.




Year Established: 2014
Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 50+
Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
Minimum Bet: 0.0001 BTC
Maximum Bet: No Limit

1BTCXE is a trusted and secure platform to bet using cryptocurrency. Established in 2014, it supports over 50 different cryptocurrencies and has a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. The platform allows minimum bets as low as 0.0001 BTC and has no maximum bet limit, providing flexibility to users. With a focus on security, 1BTCXE ensures a safe and reliable platform for users to bet with crypto.


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