Horse bets book locked?


Statistic Value Reference
Number of active users 4 million Statista
Annual revenue $2 billion Business Wire
Number of daily transactions 7 million Betfair
Percentage of in-play bets 80% Gambling Commission

Betfair is a leading horse bets book with 4 million active users, generating $2 billion in annual revenue. The platform processes 7 million daily transactions. 80% of bets on Betfair are placed in-play, according to the Gambling Commission.



Total number of horse betting options available on Bovada 65+
Percentage of Bovada users that engage in horse betting 25%
Bovada’s maximum payout for horse betting $250,000

Bovada offers over 65 horse betting options, making it an ideal platform for equestrian enthusiasts. With 25% of its users engaging in this activity, Bovada provides an experience catered specifically to the needs of horse betters. Moreover, Bovada offers a maximum payout of $250,000 for horse betting, enabling significant profits to be made. Bovada’s commitment to horse betting can further be seen through its comprehensive betting strategies and expert analysis.


William Hill

Statistic Reference
Total Revenue in 2020 $2.5 billion
Number of Employees Approximately 12,500
Number of Countries Operating In 10
Total Number of Active Customers 4 million
Number of Licensed Betting Offices Over 1,400

William Hill is a well-known bookmaker that specializes in horse bets. The company has been operational for over 80 years and generates an annual revenue of approximately $2.5 billion. With over 12,500 employees, William Hill operates in 10 countries and has more than 4 million active customers. The company also owns over 1,400 licensed betting offices, making it one of the most prominent bookmakers in the world.



Year Revenue (£ million) Profit (£ million) Number of Employees
2016 1.5 billion 204 million 15,000
2017 1.6 billion 212 million 16,000
2018 1.7 billion 211 million 16,500

Ladbrokes is a UK-based horse racing company that offers betting services. In 2018, the company generated £1.7 billion in revenue and made a profit of £211 million. The company has over 16,500 employees. With a significant presence in the UK horse betting scene, Ladbrokes is a well-known and reputable brand. (Sources: Racing Post, Ladbrokes corporate website)


Paddy Power

Statistics Reference
Total revenue in 2020 $5.87 billion
Number of employees 10,000+
Active online customers 2+ million
Number of betting shops 600+

Paddy Power is a well-known bookmaker, having over 2 million active online customers and more than 600 betting shops. In 2020, the company generated revenue of $5.87 billion. With a team comprising of over 10,000 employees, they offer a wide range of betting markets to their customers.



Total Number of Markets 50+
Accepted Currencies 20+
Live Streaming Available Yes
Mobile App Availability Android/iOS

Bet365 is a popular horse betting book that offers 50+ markets and accepts over 20 currencies. With live streaming available and mobile apps for both Android and iOS, the platform provides an optimized user experience for horse racing enthusiasts. Its reputation as a reliable and trusted betting book has made it a popular choice for those looking to place horse bets online.



Year Established 1926
Number of Employees 10,000+
Annual Revenue £1 billion+
Number of Retail Shops 1,800+
Online Betting Markets 30+

Coral is a well-established horse betting book locked company that has been in existence since 1926. They have a massive workforce of over 10,000 employees and generate annual revenues of over £1 billion. Coral operates more than 1,800 retail betting shops across the United Kingdom. They offer over thirty online betting markets and have a reputation for providing excellent customer service. With a long history of success and a strong presence in both online and retail markets, Coral is a reliable and trustworthy choice for horse betting enthusiasts.



Year Revenue (in millions) Number of Locations
2018 £634 1,650
2019 £691 1,600
2020 £372 1,420

Betfred is a prominent horse betting bookmaker in the UK with a presence in over 1,400 locations. However, the company’s revenue has been falling in recent years, with a significant decrease from £691 million in 2019 to £372 million in 2020. Despite these challenges, Betfred remains a reputable and trusted brand in the industry, offering a wide range of betting options and maintaining a loyal customer base. (Factual reference: The Guardian)



Year Established 1999
Number of U.S. States Where Allowed 30+
Total Wagered in 2020 $1.1 billion
Available Platforms Mobile and Desktop

TVG is a horse bet book locked in operation since 1999, and currently available in over 30 US states. In 2020, a total of $1.1 billion was wagered on the platform. TVG is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices.



Total Horse Races Covered More than 300 tracks worldwide
Years in Operation Over 10 years
Mobile App Downloads Over 500,000 downloads
Customer Support Availability 24/7 support

TwinSpires is a reputable online platform for horse betting. They offer horse racing odds and a wide selection of races from over 300 tracks worldwide. The platform has been operational for over 10 years with over 500,000 downloads of their mobile app. They also provide 24/7 customer support for their users. TwinSpires is a reliable and trustworthy option for anyone interested in horse betting.


Horse Racing Nation

Statistic Value
Number of daily visitors Over 50,000
Number of horse races covered Over 400
Number of expert handicappers on staff Over 20

Horse Racing Nation is a website designed for fans, handicappers, and everyone involved in horse racing. It covers over 400 horse races and provides valuable insights from more than 20 expert handicappers. With over 50,000 daily visitors, Horse Racing Nation is a trusted source of horse racing information for many enthusiasts. So, if you want to stay updated with the latest horse racing news, pick your winners, and place your bets, Horse Racing Nation is the place to be.



Daily Racing Form

Year Founded 1894
Number of Employees 100-200
Monthly Website Visits 2.5 million
Monthly Unique Visitors 795,000

Daily Racing Form is a horse racing newspaper founded in 1894 with a monthly website visit of 2.5 million and 795,000 unique visitors. The company has 100-200 employees who offer expert analysis, handicapping, and insights for bettors. Daily Racing Form is considered a reputable source for horse racing information due to its long-standing reputation and expertise within the industry.



Year Revenue (in million USD) Number of Employees
2018 23 100
2019 21 97
2020 18 90

BloodHorse is a popular source for horse racing news, breeding and sales information, and handicapping products. In recent years, BloodHorse’s revenue has been declining from 23 million USD in 2018 to 18 million USD in 2020, with a decreasing number of employees from 100 to 90 during the same period. Despite this decline, BloodHorse remains a go-to source for those interested in horse racing and is often cited in media publications and industry discussions.


Racing Post

Total number of horse races covered 300,000+
Number of countries covered 40+
Number of daily bets offered 50,000+

Racing Post provides a comprehensive horse racing betting service, with over 300,000 races covered across 40+ countries. With their extensive coverage and expertise, they offer a staggering 50,000+ daily bets for their users, making them a trusted and reliable source for all your horse racing betting needs.

– Racing Post website
– Annual report of Horseracing Bettors Forum (HBF)
– Global Horse Racing Market Report 2020.



Keyword Search Volume Competition Ranking Difficulty
Horse bets book locked 10 0.2 12
Equibase 1000 0.5 42

Equibase is a provider of horse racing data and statistics. Horse bets book locked? is a search term with only 10 monthly searches and low competition. However, Equibase has a high search volume of 1,000 and moderate competition. This suggests that Equibase is a popular and valuable resource for those interested in horse racing.



Year Revenue Net Income
2018 $10.5 million $2.5 million
2019 $11.2 million $2.8 million
2020 $12.6 million $3.2 million

Timeform, the horse racing data and content provider, has shown consistent revenue and net income growth over the past three years, with a revenue of $12.6 million and a net income of $3.2 million in 2020. As a trusted source for horse racing enthusiasts, Timeform provides up-to-date information on races, form, and betting tips. With over 70 years of experience and a database containing over 350,000 horses, Timeform continues to provide valuable insights to horse racing fans across the world.


Thoroughbred Racing Dudes

Total number of Horse Bets Books locked 50
Number of Thoroughbred Racing Dudes Horse Bets Books locked 5
Percentage of Horse Bets Books that are locked 35%

Thoroughbred Racing Dudes provides specialized Horse Bets Books that are locked for an improved gaming experience. Out of the 50 Horse Bets Books locked, 5 of them belong to Thoroughbred Racing Dudes. Locked Horse Bets Books account for 35% of all the Horse Bets Books available. Thoroughbred Racing Dudes’ Horse Bets Books are popular among horse racing enthusiasts due to their improved accuracy and useful betting strategies.


DRF Bets

Statistic Value
Number of DRF Bets daily unique visitors 76,000
DRF Bets monthly online revenue $1.2 million
Number of DRF Bets mobile app downloads Over 10,000

DRF Bets is a horse racing betting platform with a strong online presence. The website receives an average of 76,000 daily unique visitors and generates around $1.2 million in monthly online revenue. The DRF Bets mobile app has also been downloaded over 10,000 times. This indicates that DRF Bets is a well-established and popular horse betting platform for users to use.



Total Revenue (2019) $464.2 million
Active Customers Over 100,000
Number of Tracks Covered 300+
Mobile App Downloads Over 400,000

Xpressbet is a leading online horse race betting platform that offers services to over 100,000 active customers. The platform has coverage of 300 plus tracks from across the globe, facilitating global betting. Xpressbet also has a mobile app with over 400,000 downloads, allowing users to conveniently place their bets on-the-go. In 2019, the total revenue for Xpressbet was reported to be $464.2 million, making it a reliable option for horse race betting enthusiasts. These statistics are collected from commonly accessible references.



Annual Revenue $1.2 billion
Number of Active Users 100,000
Total Bets Processed 30 million/year

NYRA Bets is a horse betting book that has an annual revenue of $1.2 billion. With a large customer base, they have around 100,000 active users. They are known for processing a high volume of bets, with a total of 30 million bets processed per year. These statistics show that NYRA Bets is a reputable and successful horse betting book.



Statistic Value
Number of Horse Racing Tracks Covered over 450
Minimum Bet Amount $1
Betting Pools Offered Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6
Mobile App Availability Yes
Live Video Streaming Yes

AmWager is a popular horse betting book that covers over 450 horse racing tracks and allows bets as low as $1. They offer a wide variety of betting pools such as Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6. AmWager has a mobile app available for download and provides live video streaming of horse races. With its comprehensive coverage and low minimum bet amount, AmWager is an ideal book for horse racing enthusiasts.



Year Revenue Active Users
2017 $84 million 150,000
2018 $92 million 160,000
2019 $100 million 180,000
2020 $110 million 200,000

HPIbet, a horse racing betting platform, has been steadily growing over the years. In 2020, the platform reported a revenue of $110 million with 200,000 active users. This marks a significant increase from its 2017 revenue of $84 million and 150,000 active users. The platform offers various racing events and betting options for users to choose from. With its consistent growth over the years, HPIbet has become a popular choice among horse racing enthusiasts.



Year Gross revenue (in millions) Number of active players (in thousands)
2020 269.4 60.1
2019 188.4 41.2
2018 147.5 31.4

4NJBets is a horse betting book that offers a convenient and secure way for individuals to place bets online. As one of the top betting sites in New Jersey, 4NJBets has seen a steady increase in revenue and active players over the years. In 2020, the company generated 269.4 million in gross revenue and had over 60,000 active players. This is a significant increase from 2019, which had 188.4 million in revenue and 41,200 active players. In 2018, the company had 147.5 million in revenue and 31,400 active players. These statistics show the success and popularity of 4NJBets in the horse betting industry.


Santa Anita Park

Location: Arcadia, California, United States
Opened: December 25, 1934
Owner: The Stronach Group
Number of Races: Approximately 8,000 annually
Track Type: Dirt and Turf
Notable Races: Santa Anita Handicap, Santa Anita Derby, Breeders’ Cup World Championships

Santa Anita Park is a racetrack located in Arcadia, California, United States. The track was opened on December 25, 1934, and is now owned by The Stronach Group. The park holds approximately 8,000 races annually on both dirt and turf tracks. Notable races held at Santa Anita Park include the Santa Anita Handicap, Santa Anita Derby, and Breeders’ Cup World Championships.


Churchill Downs

Year Revenue Net Income
2018 $1.16 billion $300 million
2019 $1.33 billion $278 million
2020 $1.59 billion $111 million

The Churchill Downs is a horse racing and betting company that offers various online and offline betting services to its customers. The company generates a revenue of $1.59 billion in 2020 with a net income of $111 million. Churchill Downs is a popular and well-known brand in the horse racing industry, and it has a good reputation for providing reliable and secure betting services to its customers. The company is committed to providing its users with an exceptional betting experience and is continuously improving its betting platform to meet the changing needs of its users. With its solid financial performance and commitment to providing high-quality services, Churchill Downs is poised to continue its growth in the highly competitive horse racing industry.

(References: Churchill Downs 2020 annual report, Bloomberg)


Gulfstream Park

Location Florida, USA
Opened 1939
Surface Dirt and turf
Notable Races Pegasus World Cup, Florida Derby

Gulfstream Park is a horse racing track located in Florida, USA that has been open since 1939. The track features both dirt and turf surfaces and hosts notable races such as the Pegasus World Cup and Florida Derby. Betting on races at Gulfstream Park is a popular activity, with millions of dollars wagered each year. As of 2021, the track has a purse of over $35 million dollars, making it a significant player in the horse racing industry.



Number of races hosted annually: 16
Average daily attendance: 20,000
Total horse betting handle in 2020: $1.146 billion

Keeneland is a popular horse racing venue known for its rich history of hosting top-tier races. The facility hosts 16 races on an annual basis and attracts an average daily attendance of 20,000 spectators. In 2020, the total handle for horse betting at Keeneland reached $1.146 billion in earnings. Its reputation as a premier horse racing facility has significantly increased in recent years, making it a go-to destination for horse racing enthusiasts.


Belmont Park

The Belmont Park is a renowned horse racing venue located in Elmont, New York with a capacity to accommodate over 100,000 spectators. Known as the “Test of the Champion,” Belmont Stakes, the third jewel in the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, takes place here annually. In 2020, Belmont Park generated over $1 billion in handle, which is the amount wagered on the races, and hosted 48 stakes races. The venue has a history that dates back to 1905 and has been recognized as the safest Thoroughbred track in America for its enhanced safety measures.


Saratoga Race Course

1,225,000 Monthly Google searches for “Saratoga Race Course”
350 acres Size of Saratoga Race Course property
1864 The year Saratoga Race Course was established
40,000 Approximate seating capacity of Saratoga Race Course grandstand

Saratoga Race Course is a historic horse racing track located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Established in 1864, the track boasts a 350-acre property and can seat approximately 40,000 people in its grandstand. With an average of 1,225,000 monthly Google searches, Saratoga Race Course remains a popular destination for horse racing enthusiasts.


Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

Year Revenue (in millions) Attendance (in millions)
2016 497.4 1.96
2017 568.3 1.99
2018 500.9 1.84
2019 528.9 1.76

The Horse bets book locked Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is a premier horse racing venue in California. Yearly revenues for the club from 2016 to 2019 ranged from $497.4 to $528.9 million. Attendance figures varied from 1.76 to 1.99 million in the same period. The club’s popularity as a destination for horse racing enthusiasts is evident from the consistently high attendance figures.


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