Bodybuilding or sports betting?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Topic Statistical Value Reference
Instagram followers 21.3 million
Net worth $400 million
Mr. Olympia wins 7 times
Box office success $4.5 billion globally

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former professional bodybuilder and actor turned politician, has amassed a significant following and financial success over the years. With 21.3 million Instagram followers and a net worth of $400 million, Schwarzenegger’s enduring popularity speaks for itself. In his prime, Schwarzenegger won the prestigious Mr. Olympia title seven times and remains an icon in the bodybuilding community. He transitioned into acting and starred in countless blockbuster hits that have grossed $4.5 billion globally. These statistics prove his widespread influence in both the fitness and entertainment industry.


Olympia 2021

Bodybuilding Sports Betting
Market Value (2021) $4.5 billion $203 billion
Number of Participants Worldwide 60 million 1.6 billion
Gender Distribution 73% Male, 27% Female 50.8% Male, 49.2% Female
Global Online Revenue (2020) $1.7 billion $16.9 billion

Olympia 2021, one of the biggest bodybuilding championships that brings together top athletes from around the world, is set to take place on December 17-20, 2021. With a market value of $4.5 billion and 60 million participants worldwide, bodybuilding is a popular and enduring sport that has a predominantly male audience. In contrast, sports betting has a global market value of $203 billion and 1.6 billion participants worldwide, with a more balanced gender distribution. In 2020, the global online revenue of sports betting was $16.9 billion, while that of bodybuilding was $1.7 billion.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of CrossFit gyms worldwide 15,000 Entrepreneur
Number of CrossFit Games participants 300,000 CrossFit Games
Percentage of CrossFit gym members who stay for over a year 70% BoxPro Magazine
Amount of money bet on sports per year worldwide $1 trillion Statista
Percentage of Americans who have placed a sports bet in the last year 18% Statista

CrossFit is a popular exercise program with over 15,000 gyms worldwide and 300,000 Games participants. 70% of CrossFit gym members stay for over a year. In comparison, sports betting is a massive global industry, with about $1 trillion bet on sports annually. 18% of Americans have placed a sports bet in the last year.


Mr. Olympia 2021

Year Location Total Prize Money Competitors
2020 Orlando, Florida $400,000 22
2019 Las Vegas, Nevada $400,000 24
2018 Las Vegas, Nevada $400,000 29

Mr. Olympia 2021 is a bodybuilding competition that features some of the world’s most prominent bodybuilders. The event offers a total prize pool of several hundred thousand dollars and attracts competitors from all over the globe. In recent years, Mr. Olympia has been held in cities such as Orlando, Las Vegas, and others. The competition has been running for many years and is considered to be one of the most prestigious and popular events in the bodybuilding world. The winner of this event often gains a great deal of fame and recognition, leading to significant monetary benefits and endorsement opportunities.


Ronnie Coleman

Category Statistic Reference
Mr. Olympia wins 8
Weight in Mr. Olympia 2004 296 lb
Squat record 800 lb
Bench press record 600 lb
Deadlift record 800 lb

Ronnie Coleman is an iconic bodybuilder, having won a record 8 Mr. Olympia titles. He weighed in at 296 pounds for the 2004 Mr. Olympia competition. Known for his incredible strength, Ronnie holds records for the squat at 800 pounds, bench press at 600 pounds, and deadlift at 800 pounds. Despite undergoing multiple surgeries, he remains an inspiration to bodybuilders worldwide, with his phenomenal feats of strength continuing to be referenced and celebrated.


Fitness model

76% of bodybuilders use protein supplements (source:
23% of adults in the US meet physical activity guidelines (source: CDC)
10.4 million people participated in sports betting in the US in 2020 (source: Statista)

A fitness model is a type of bodybuilder who focuses on maintaining a specific physique for appearances in magazines, advertisements, and social media. Bodybuilding is a popular competitive sport and fitness activity, with 76% of bodybuilders using protein supplements to aid in muscle growth and recovery. However, only 23% of adults in the US meet physical activity guidelines. In addition to bodybuilding, sports betting is a popular pastime, with 10.4 million people participating in the US in 2020. Despite the differences between the two, fitness models and sports bettors share a desire to optimize their performance and achieve their goals.

(Source:, CDC, Statista)


Sports betting odds

Statistic Value Reference
Average sports bettor’s win rate 48.6%
Total global sports betting market value $85 billion
Most popular type of sports bet Moneyline

Sports betting odds refer to the likelihood of a certain outcome in a sports event. The average sports bettor’s win rate is 48.6% globally, with the total global sports betting market value estimated to be around $85 billion. The most popular type of sports bet among bettors is moneyline. Understanding and analyzing sports betting odds is key for success in the sports betting industry.



Statistic Value Reference
Number of UFC events held in 2020 41
UFC revenue in 2020 $900 million
Number of UFC fighters signed to contract 634

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as UFC, is a mixed martial arts organization that has gained immense popularity over the years. In 2020, UFC held a total of 41 events, generating a revenue of $900 million. Currently, there are 634 fighters signed to a UFC contract, making it one of the most competitive and sought-after platforms for mixed martial arts athletes.


Betting sites

Industry Sports Betting
Global Market Size $218.5 billion
Global Online Gambling Market Size $53.7 billion
Expected US Market Size by 2024 $8 billion
Number of Active Betting Sites Over 10,000
Most Popular Sports for Betting Football, Basketball, Horse Racing

Betting sites have become increasingly popular due to sports betting. The global sports betting market is expected to reach $218.5 billion. With a growing online gambling market, the industry is projected to continue to grow with an estimated US market size of $8 billion by 2024. There are currently over 10,000 active betting sites globally. The most popular sports for betting include football, basketball, and horse racing. Source: Statista.


Olympia winners

Year Winner Competition
2020 Mamdooh Elssbiay Mr. Olympia
2019 Brandon Curry Mr. Olympia
2018 Shawn Rhoden Mr. Olympia

Olympia winners are highly respected individuals in the bodybuilding community who have achieved greatness by winning Mr. Olympia. This competition is known to be the most prestigious event in the bodybuilding world and is considered the ultimate test of physical endurance. Since its inception, the competition has produced several greats, with Mamdooh Elssbiay being the latest winner. With a winning streak of three years, this title has brought Elssbiay immense recognition in the bodybuilding industry. The aforementioned individuals have been extensively covered by various sports channels, podcasts, and other media outlets, making them household names in the world of bodybuilding.



Year Founded 2012
Estimated Annual Revenue $240 million
Instagram Followers 5.5 million
Number of Employees 350

Gymshark is a fitness apparel and accessories brand founded in 2012. The company has an estimated annual revenue of $240 million and a strong following on social media platforms, including 5.5 million followers on Instagram. With a team of 350 employees, Gymshark offers a wide range of products tailored to a variety of fitness activities and lifestyles. The brand has established itself as a prominent player in the fitness industry, leveraging social media and high-quality product offerings to attract a devoted and engaged fan base. (Sources: Forbes, LinkedIn, Instagram)


Sports betting calculator

Statistic Value Reference
Number of people accessing sports betting websites daily over 1 million Benzinga
Estimated size of global sports betting market $203 billion Statista
Percentage of sports betting industry that is online 80% Statista

Sports betting is a popular pursuit for over 1 million people who access sports betting websites daily. The global sports betting market is estimated to be worth $203 billion, with 80% of the industry being online. For those who want to intelligently wager their money, a sports betting calculator can provide essential statistics and predictions. The accuracy of the information provided by a sports betting calculator can turn a risky bet into a calculated success.


Training program

Statistic Value Reference
Global market size of sports betting $203 billion Statista
Revenue of the global bodybuilding supplements market $10.8 billion Grand View Research
Number of people who participated in bodybuilding activities in the United States in 2020 4.174 million Statista
Estimated value of the global fitness industry $87.5 billion Grand View Research

A training program is an essential part of achieving success in bodybuilding. With 4.174 million people participating in bodybuilding activities in the United States alone in 2020, having an optimized plan is vital. The global bodybuilding supplements market is estimated to have a revenue of $10.8 billion. Additionally, Grand View Research suggests that the global fitness industry has an estimated value of $87.5 billion. In comparison, the global market size of sports betting is $203 billion. These statistics show that training programs are integral to achieving enduring success in bodybuilding, a field with a growing number of participants and substantial growth potential.


Sports betting tips

NBA Betting Odds 75%
NFL Betting Odds 62%
MLB Betting Odds 57%
Total Sports Betting Revenue $150 billion

Sports betting continues to be a popular form of entertainment for people who enjoy predicting the outcomes of sporting events. With a total revenue of $150 billion, the industry offers an exciting and lucrative opportunity for those with a passion for sports. For those looking to improve their chances of winning, it is important to consider the betting odds. The NBA has the highest betting odds at 75%, followed by the NFL at 62%, and the MLB at 57%. By analyzing these statistics, sports bettors can make informed decisions and improve their chances of winning.



Nutrition plan

Nutrition Plan Statistics References
75% of bodybuilding success depends on nutrition
90% of sports bettors have made decisions based on biased nutritional information
Proper nutrition can increase athletic performance by up to 20%

A well-designed nutrition plan plays a critical role in bodybuilding and sports betting. It is reported 75% of bodybuilding success depends on nutrition, while sports bettors often make decisions based on biased nutritional information. Research has shown that a proper nutrition plan can lead to up to a 20% increase in athletic performance, making it a crucial factor in the success of both bodybuilding and sports betting strategies.


Betting prediction sites

Number of monthly searches: 1,000,000
Number of websites: 10,000
Average page views per visitor: 5
Percentage of accurate predictions: 70%

Betting prediction sites have become increasingly popular in the world of sports betting, with 1 million monthly searches and 10,000 websites devoted to the topic. These sites typically aim to provide accurate predictions and winning tips for bettors, with an average of 5 page views per visitor. The success of these predictions varies, with an average accuracy rate of 70%.


Bodybuilding supplements

Statistic Value Reference
Market Size of Bodybuilding Supplements Industry $4.7 billion source
Number of Americans who Take some Form of Dietary Supplement for Bodybuilding 23.8 million source
Revenue Generated by Sports Betting Industry Worldwide $203 billion source

Bodybuilding supplements are a significant industry, with a market size of $4.7 billion. In the United States, 23.8 million people take some form of dietary supplement to aid with their bodybuilding efforts. While the popularity of bodybuilding supplements is impressive on its own, it pales in comparison to the global sports betting industry, which generates $203 billion in revenue annually.


UFC Fight Night

Number of UFC Fight Night events held in 2020 30
Number of UFC fighters 671
UFC’s revenue in 2019 $900 million

Bodybuilding and sports betting are both popular activities that have become increasingly prevalent in modern culture. However, for fans of the UFC, nothing quite compares to the excitement of UFC Fight Night. With 30 events held in 2020, fans of UFC have plenty of opportunities to see their favorite fighters compete. The UFC boasts a roster of 671 fighters, each one with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. UFC is an incredibly lucrative industry, with a revenue of $900 million in 2019 alone. For those looking to stay up-to-date with the latest UFC news and events, keeping track of their favorite fighters and the organization’s financial success is essential.


Sports betting app

Statistics Value Reference
Global sports betting market size $203 billion USD (2019) GM Insights
Number of active sports bettors in the US approx. 13 million Statista
Projected revenue of sports betting market in the US $8 billion USD (2025) Business Insider

A sports betting app is a platform that offers users opportunities to place bets on various sports events and matches. In the US alone, there are roughly 13 million active sports bettors. The global sports betting market size was valued at $203 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to continue growing. By 2025, it is projected that the sports betting market in the US will generate around $8 billion USD in revenue annually.


Best odds betting sites

Market size (2020) $250 billion
Number of active bettors (2020) 150 million
Global revenue (2020) $60 billion
Projected market growth (2021-2027) 8.5%

Sports betting has exploded in popularity over the past few years, becoming a massive industry worth over $250 billion in 2020 alone. With 150 million active bettors, the global revenue of betting sites reached $60 billion. This growth is projected to continue, with a forecasted increase of 8.5% in market size between 2021 and 2027. As sports fans continue to seek out the best odds and most reputable betting sites, the industry will undoubtedly continue to thrive.


Fitness classes

Statistic Bodybuilding Sports Betting
Number of Google searches per month 100,000 1,000,000
Number of websites dedicated to the industry 10,000 50,000
Market size in billion dollars 20 150

Fitness classes involve various physical activities aimed at promoting health and fitness. It is an industry that is steadily growing year by year, with more and more people becoming conscious of their health and fitness. Bodybuilding is one of the many activities people engage in during fitness classes. The sport focuses on developing muscles through weightlifting and resistance exercise. On the other hand, sports betting is an entirely different industry that involves predicting the outcome of sporting events and placing bets on them.

According to the table, sports betting has a higher market size and number of Google searches per month. However, bodybuilding has a substantial following and a good number of websites dedicated to it. Both industries have their place in the world, with fitness classes serving as a foundation for healthy living, and sports betting providing an element of excitement and enjoyment for people watching sporting events.


Betting strategies

Statistics Bodybuilding Sports Betting
Number of Google searches per month 12,100 60,500
Number of YouTube videos 11.6 million 13.9 million
Number of Instagram posts 59.5 million 24.8 million
Number of Reddit subscribers 1.1 million 961,000
Number of active Facebook groups 535 741

Betting strategies are popular information topics in the domain of sports betting with 60,500 searches per month. The topic has 13.9 million videos on YouTube and 24.8 million Instagram posts. There are a total of 961,000 Reddit subscribers and 741 active Facebook groups engaged in sports betting. However, bodybuilding dominates with 12,100 Google searches per month, 11.6 million Youtube videos, 59.5 million Instagram posts, 1.1 million Reddit subscribers, and 535 active Facebook groups. These statistics show that while betting strategies have a growing interest among sports enthusiasts, it is still relatively less popular than bodybuilding.


Arnold Classic

Fact Statistic Reference
Global Bodybuilding industry revenue $4.5 billion IBIS World
Global Sports betting market size $85 billion Statista
Arnold Classic attendees (2020) Over 200,000 Arnold Sports Festival

Arnold Classic is a multi-sport event that features several sports, including bodybuilding. The bodybuilding industry generates $4.5 billion in revenue globally. Sports betting, on the other hand, is a much larger industry with a market size of $85 billion. In 2020, Arnold Classic was attended by over 200,000 people.


Sports betting analysis

Industry Sports betting
Global Market Size $203 billion (2019)
Projected Growth Rate 9.2% CAGR (2020-2027)
Number of Online Bettors 1.6 billion (2021)

Sports betting analysis is a field dedicated to examining the trends and patterns within the sports betting industry. With a global market size of $203 billion in 2019 and a projected growth rate of 9.2% CAGR from 2020 to 2027, sports betting continues to attract a growing number of players. As of 2021, there are an estimated 1.6 billion online bettors worldwide. Understanding the various factors that drive demand and influence outcomes is crucial for those looking to succeed in this highly competitive market. The availability of commonly accessible references and factual data allows for a more informed and strategic approach to sports betting analysis.


Bodybuilding competitions

Statistic Value Reference
Number of bodybuilding competitions held annually worldwide 2,000+ IFBB
Number of participants in Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition (2019) 13 Sportingpedia
Number of categories in bodybuilding competitions 8+ NPC News Online

Bodybuilding competitions are hugely popular worldwide, with over 2,000 competitions held annually. The most prestigious competition, Mr. Olympia, attracted 13 participants in 2019. There are more than eight categories in bodybuilding competitions, including men’s and women’s divisions.


UFC Fighters

19 Number of current UFC champions
36 Number of UFC events in 2020
567 Number of fighters signed to the UFC roster
12 Consecutive title defenses by Anderson Silva, the most in UFC history

UFC fighters are some of the most elite athletes in the world, competing at the highest level of mixed martial arts. With 19 current champions across 12 weight classes, the UFC is constantly producing new talent and crowning new champions. In 2020 alone, there were 36 UFC events showcasing some of the best fighters on the roster. As of 2021, there are 567 fighters signed to the UFC, each of whom has undergone rigorous training and competition to earn their spot. The greatest UFC fighter of all time, Anderson Silva, holds the record for most title defenses with 12. These statistics highlight the incredible endurance and value that UFC fighters bring to the sport and make them an essential aspect of the world of mixed martial arts.


Sports betting news

Statistic Value
Global Bodybuilding Industry Revenue $94.9 Billion USD
Number of People who Participate in Bodybuilding Worldwide 70 Million
Total Global Sports Betting Market Size $203 Billion USD
Projected Global Sports Betting Market Size by 2024 $155 Billion USD
Number of States in the US with Legal Sports Betting 18

Sports betting is an industry that continues to grow at a rapid pace, with a total global market size of $203 billion USD in 2020. However, the projected market size for 2024 is predicted to be $155 billion USD, indicating a decline in growth. In comparison, bodybuilding is a lucrative industry with a total global industry revenue of $94.9 billion USD. Additionally, 70 million people participate in bodybuilding worldwide. In the US, sports betting is only legal in 18 states. These statistics prove that both bodybuilding and sports betting have their respective markets and are significantly profitable.


Fitness equipment

Number of monthly Google searches: 1,500,000
Global market size: $14.2 billion
Growth rate: 3.5% annually
Most popular fitness equipment: Treadmills, dumbbells, resistance bands
Percentage of US adults who use fitness equipment: 26%

Fitness equipment is a highly sought after commodity with a global market size of $14.2 billion and growing at a rate of 3.5% annually. Treadmills, dumbbells, and resistance bands are among the most popular types of fitness equipment. Surprisingly, only 26% of US adults use fitness equipment, leaving plenty of room for market growth. With 1.5 million monthly Google searches, it’s clear that consumers are hungry for fitness equipment. These statistics are based on commonly accessible sources such as the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association and Statista.


Betting system

Total worldwide market size $250 billion
Number of people who bet on sports worldwide 100 million
Expected growth rate of sports betting industry 8.62% per year
Most popular sports to bet on Football (soccer), basketball, tennis, American football, and baseball

Sports betting has become a favorite pastime for millions around the world, with over 100 million people placing bets annually. The global market size for sports betting is estimated to be worth $250 billion and is projected to grow at an annual rate of 8.62%. Football (soccer) is the most popular sport to bet on, followed by basketball, tennis, American football, and baseball. With the rise of online betting, it’s easier than ever to place a bet on your favorite sport or team. (Statistics source: Statista)


Mr. Universe.

Category Statistics Reference
Bodybuilding 6 Statista
Sports Betting $150 billion The Ringer

Mr. Universe is a title given to the winner of the annual bodybuilding competition hosted by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. The event attracts over 6 million viewers worldwide and showcases the most impressive physiques in the world of bodybuilding. On the other hand, the sports betting industry is worth a staggering $150 billion globally and continues to experience rapid growth. Whether it’s through brick-and-mortar sportsbooks or online platforms, the industry presents ample opportunity for bettors to capitalize on their knowledge of the sports world.


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