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Making money with sports betting is not easy at all - often money is lost due to emotion-driven action.
On SportsBettingQuant we promote a different approach which makes use of algorithms for sports betting. This allows to fully test betting and trading strategies on historical data and automate everything with betting and trading bots.

Betting Strategies - Tested on Historical Data

We want to become the largest database of publicly discussed betting and trading strategies that are solely based on algorithms.

Horse Racing

Back the Favourite in Horse Races

How often does the favourite win a horse race? And is it profitable to back the favourite in each race? With a simple backtest we investigate this simple approach on historical data.

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Lay the Draw in Football

Lay the draw is probably the most popular trading strategy for inplay football betting markets. Some readers reported having some success when applying this strategy in the past. Based on this, we conducted a more systematic backtest to see if this popular approach is still profitable.

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Horse Racing

Lay Bets in the Range of 1.01 - 1.07 in Horse Racing Markets

After observing a couple of UK / IRE horse racing markets on Betfair, we noticed that shortly after the creation of the market lay bets were placed in the range between 1.01 and 1.07.

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On SportsBettingQuant you find valuable information about using algorithms as fundamental part of betting & trading strategies. Our approach is to backtest strategies on historical data and deploy fully automated betting and trading bots.

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